Discipline in Russia #12 – Skipping Rope, In Cruel Hands – NETTLES

14 Sep

Part 1 M/2f; time: 23 minutes

Female athletes have been caught drinking beer and are confronted by ‘Coach Nicholai’ (actor Gerry Geroshvili); never a good thing to be challenged by this coach. Four pretty Russian girls are lined up in front of him, in the little black gym outfits we have become familiar with in this series.

Nicholai will concentrate on just two of the girls in this part, ‘Bobrova’ and ‘Ivanova.’ While the other girls watch, they must drop their shorts so they are naked from the waist down. The four are marched to a shower room, where brunette Bobrova must lie on a bench in the traditional spanking position. The girls have bee given jump ropes, and they tie Bobrova’s hands and ankles to the bench.

Nicholai gives a severe whipping with a doubled jump rope, if we are to believe the red loop marks and welts. Ivanova is then tied down and whipped in the same way–more tears and red face from her.

Part 2 .In Cruel Hands’ M/2f; time: 36 minutes

Two little Russian girls, ‘Olga’ and Kysenia,’ have been kidnapped and are brought into a room by the actor ‘Gerry Geroshvili,’ here wearing one of his camouflage outfits, and here in one of his nasty roles, easy for him.

Gerry removes the manacles on both of the girls and makes them lie face down on the floor. He pulls down both their pants. We are in the same shower room as part 1 of this film. He then pulls off the clothes of both of the girls, being assisted by ‘Krasulina, played by ‘Nadia Dozorova.’

The two naked girls are marched into a room with BDSM equipment on display. Olga is manacled to a ‘X’ frame on the wall, and Kysenia is bent over and locked into stocks.

Krasulina forces a string of big Ben-Waa balls into Kysenia’s anus, and Gerry goes to work with a lot of clothes pins on Olga, the usual places.

Cut to Kysenia on a bench, a pillow under her hips, ready for whipping, a nice bikini tan accenting a white bottom.

Cut to another scene–both girls are fastened to a bed. Olga is pulled into a hog-tie fastening; with her thighs spread, she squirms big time as Gerry forces home a large dildo.

After some whipping, the girls crawl around with dog collars and leashes, in the spa pool room we have seen in other films. Kysenia is whipped crwaling up a set of tile stairs and then pushed into the spa pool.

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