New Uniform Discipline #1 – PARADOX

14 Sep

M/2f; time: 53 minutes

Vintage Paradox stuff, employing almost all the traditional fetish cues, with a few wrinkles, where they are always found. Pretty blond nurse ‘Miss Burnham; fidgets outside ‘Dr. Stenson’s Waiting Room’ in full uniform of course. ‘Dr. Stenson’ is seen in his office, on his computer, making her wait. This film comes in two parts, which have been released separately. We have reviewed ‘Dr. Stenson’s Lines’ elsewhere.

Nurse Burnham is called in; she has been a student nurse for just two months, has been flirting with doctors, mistreating patients, and probably doing other things for patients you hear rumors about. Stenson will give her a second chance, but only after some corporal punishment. “What do you mean?” she puzzles.

After she gets what it is, Stenson asks her to remove her knickers. “I can’t do that.” He takes her OTK and starts on her black panties, uniform skirt up. Stethoscope applied to her bottom! He does the panties himself. The actress has one of those great CP bottoms–PARADOX exploits it with front shots of the action which makes your palms tingle. Red bottom. She wrings her hands.

She kneels on a couch for a brief tawsing, then: “Take your clothes off.” “Here…everything?” You wonder why a nurse would mind…after all, he IS a doctor. Maybe that stethoscope alerted her. She is soon naked but for her little cap, stockings, and heels. Naughty. Back on the couch, full screen bottom, great.

“How old are you, Miss Burnham?” “Twenty-one, sir.” An excellent number we know, and you wonder why any girl with her bottom bare to the breeze would ever tell the truth in this response. Move to hands-on-hassock for the cane. About 15 strokes, Stenson rubs her bottom with ice cubes, which he just happens to have in a cooler at hand. Then 5 more strokes and Burnham is finished. She dresses painfully and leaves.

A diminutive mulatto girl, ‘Miss Jenkins,’ chews her lip in the same anxiety. Even though she is here for medical reasons, she has probably heard something about Stenson. She is called in. She has pains. He examines her, which includes a bend-over for a rectal temperature, which Jenkins takes in stride. She’s probably willing to give him this to get what she wants.

“All seems fine to me.” Assuming she is faking and just seeks a doctor’s note, he’ll give a her a spanking, something to really complain about. OTK, panties down, more stethoscope, and rectal temperature again to see if conditions are changing.

She has to strip naked; OTK, he spanks her with a studded leather sole. Long fondles, hands-on-head, another rectal. Only certain kinds of girls would return to Stenson.

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