Shredded Pantyhose – NUWEST

14 Sep

MF/f; year: 2005; time: 7 minutes

Blond ‘Katie’ is hustled into the NU-WEST horse barn by ‘Vanna’ and quickly urged over a simple little spanking trestle we haven’t seen before, among their large collection of restraining devices. Katie kneels on the trestle, her wrists, the back of her knees, and the small of her back are strapped down. Vanna pulls her jodhpurs down to expose just pantyhose, then leaves her in  the shadowy barn to wait.

Ed Lee enters the darkened scene, ceremoniously as he does, with his bullwhip, Katie’s bottom waiting for him. He whips the pantyhosed-covered buttocks, eliciting her patented little squeals on each stroke. If he shredded the panythose, entirely plausible, we couldn’t see it in the dim light from our seat.

He leaves, stage-rear, Vanna returns, unfastens Katie, who gingerly climbs off the trestle, sobbing, and leaves. Nice

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