Discipline in Russia #11 – Boot Camp 1 – NETTLES

15 Sep

F/3f; time: 58 minutes

The ‘Discipline in Russia’ series is exactly similar to ‘Russian Slaves’ films–same sets, familiar actors, familiar themes, and we are ambivalent about this–the same screenwriters.

An SUV arrives at a gated house; a passenger gets out, opens the gate, and the vehicle enters. Three girls are escorted out of the vehicle. A nice opening for NETTLES–they took just a bit of effort to arrange this setup for what we know is going to happen.

The girls are marched across a shaggy lawn to the front of a log house we have seen before, both the exterior and interior. The girls have been sent to this punishment boot camp by their families for various infractions.

Staff member blond ‘Aleksandra’ lines up the girls for the camp commandant, ‘Nikolay.’ He will interview and inspect each girl, starting with blond ‘Irina,’ who is very reluctant to get within reach of Nikolay when she must approach him. So Nikolay summons camp medical consultant ‘Galina’ (the ever-present actress ‘Nadezda Dozorova’) In her presence, Irina is persuaded to describe her offense at home–she was attacked and apparently molested by some boys at school, and then blamed for it! (As she is being interviewed, her hair is blowing over her face, so in a film cut a baret suddenly appears.)

She is forced to raise her skirt, drop her panties, and bend over a small table, pry herself open, so that Galina can check to see if she is still a virgin. We could not discern from the subtitles if a conclusion was reached.

Blond Tatyana is interviewed next. Her family caught her smoking and distributing pot at home. She is made to strip naked–jeans, panties, top, bra, and spread to see if she is hiding any marijuana. A few little knee bends ensure she hasn’t tucked any away.

‘Galina Demina,’ a thin brunette, is third: she was caught masturbating. The commandant and Galina want her to demonstrate how she masturbated, which she refuses to do, so she earns extra punishment. She strips naked also.

The now naked girls hear their sentences. (We hope that they will be at the camp for a while and that we will see more of their daily life.) It appears to be a little chilly on the set–the other actors have jackets. Each girl will get 40 strokes of the birch, then 10 more for arguing and refusing to answer. That should help with the cool air.

Galina D. is the first to lie naked on the familiar low bench. Aleksandra and Galina whip her with birches, bundles of three sticks tied together. The usual marks, facials to allow some stroke relief to the actresses, and plenty of screaming. Irina and Tatyana get her 50 in the same fashion. We’ll look for follow-ups in this camp.

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