Potpourri #2 – NUWEST

16 Sep

time: 30 minutes

Three independent scenes from early NUWEST, charming and erotic in their vintage crudeness.

‘Victorian Era Mistress-2 Servant Girls Soundly Thrashed’: The Mistress sits in a faux Victorian set (NW did not have access to the furniture and fixtures PARADOX, CALSTAR, and REDSTRIPE could come up with) with her head housekeeper. Both wear frilly white blouses and black skirts. If this is not their first acting job, it is the second or third.

The housekeeper is having trouble with two maids, and the Mistress is all too willing to help her out. The girls will be summoned, to kneel in penitence before the Mistress.

‘Diana’ arrives first, dressed like the others. She kneels, head down. She has been late for duties and left the house without permission. This actress begs for forgiveness, and we’d say she has NEVER acted before. The housekeeper recommends the strap, so it will be “25 of the strap.”

‘Louise’ is next, and because she objects to her punishment of “30 lashes with a heavy strap,” She earns then “20 with the whip.”

Fade to an empty studio, with just a spanking trestle. The Mistress is present, with another attendant. Diana strips naked in front of the trestle, down to black stockings and shoes, and distributes herself over the trestle/sawhorse like she has been here before. The attendant straps her. Diana kicks and struggles realistically. The Mistress is stoic, but she is enjoying this.

Fade to Louise, same stripping, a bit of naughty frontal not common in this film era. She is strapped over the trestle. For the whipping session, she is strung up with soft white rope to the ceiling, hauled up by hand. We’ll forgive the incongruous pale bottom and bikini tan. Fun stuff anytime you have a model willing to take her pants off. Long tawny hair down her back, she squeals under the martinet. This is a good Mistress, being so available to punish her staff on recommendation.

‘In Which a Naughty Schoolgirl Is Punished by the Headmaster’: very early NE actors, including the guy with the heavy beard and lots of hair, who probably loved the idea of spanking girls but didn’t want anyone to recognize him. Ed Lee arranged for him to smack a few bottoms.

A female teacher complains to the headmaster: ‘Wanda’ is a problem. She is called in–it is the actress ‘Mische,’ another of the early CP participants. She wears a tartan pinafore. The headmaster has a strap handy in his top desk drawer; while he spanks her over the desk, on the bare of course, she reads aloud the school policy and procedure on how strappings are administered.

‘In Which Two Pretty Nu-West Girls Show What They Do In Their Off-Time’: Another early depiction of NUWEST’s use of voyeurism in spanking. Two glamorous girls, roommates, more than roommates, narrate and demonstrate how they use spanking before bed to take the edge off a bad day.

In their apartment, we watch through the bedroom door then in the room itself, where they trade little sexy spankings on bare skin, in their little nighties, then some cold cream, before they climb into bed together. The camera suggests we are hiding in a closet. It is “erotic to go to bed with a tingling bottom.”

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