Potpourri #6 – NUWEST NWV-226

16 Sep

year: 1992; M/f;time: 24 minutes

Maybe we were in the mood, but this film especially caught our fancy.

‘The Paddling’: Graphics tell us NUWEST will recreate a school paddling from 1983, similar to the Kyrie Kelly film of a similar incident in ‘Dunn, NC.’ Sexy short-haired brunette actress ‘Amy’ is the unfortunate student here.

She reports to ‘Vice Principal Edward Lee’s Office.’ The female receptionist greets her. Amy explains she has been sent by a teacher for being late. “How many times?” “Three.” “Uh, oh, that’s not good…there’s a boy in there now for the same thing.” Amy looks sweetly worried. “Am I going to get the paddle?”

She has a seat to wait, and shortly we hear the thud of a paddle and sharp cries through the door. Presently, the door opens and a very unhappy boy leaves.

Ed Lee escorts her in, offers her a seat, and discusses her tardiness. It soon becomes evident that in fact a paddling will be required to settle this. A very unhappy Amy, nicely erotic, reluctantly stands, bends over the desk, and is instructed to grab and hang onto the edge. Lee, using a white wood fraternity paddle, whacks her slacks a dozen times, undeniably very hard. We’ll fantasize that the deadly cute Amy did not have padding. She chokes out the count.

At the conclusion she goes to the girls’ room and pulls down her pants, to expose red/yellow round paddle bruises. Wonderful and simple spanking, set up by the conversation with the reception and the sounds of the boy’s paddling.

In a completely separate 9 minute segment, blond actress ‘Kelly’ seems to have agreed to 50 strokes of the strap for payment of $200. Ed Lee explains that she can stop at any time, but there will be no payment if she doesn’t take the full 50. Kelly nods assent.

Kelly drops her pants and bends over the box. “Panties down too?” “I’ll do that.” Kelly is strapped into place. She will count the strokes, which are filmed mostly from a frontal oblique, providing us facials and a view of Lee’s slicing strokes. The 50 strokes seem to be coming slowly, until the last 10, one of Lee’s entertaining final flurries.

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