Debra Meets Her Match – NUWEST NWV-328

17 Sep

MF/f; time: 26 minutes

Another oldie we have never reviewed here; ‘Debra,’ the actress now the curator of the remnants of the NUWEST tradition, and possibly a reader of ours, had no ‘match’ in her career, in the published opinions of many of us.

The scene opens on the barren soundstage. Ed Lee is seated in a chair and dominatrix/producer Dana Specht observes. Debra wears a pinafore, vest, white blouse, stockings, and, we’ll see the rest, garter belt and thong. After a brief OTK spanking from Ed, Dana takes over.

She pulls up Debra’s skirt. “Look at that pretty little bottom.” In this era, maybe not so ‘little’ any more, but more than pretty. Solid, firm, and you’d like to imagine a line of volunteer spankers form to see if they could wear it out. Dana taunts Debra, reminding her of a previous spanking, maybe in ‘Debra’s New Boss’ (NWV-326). The OTK spanking is filmed from the usual varied angles–overhead, oblique, facial, frontal, but for some reason the lighting and sound differ harshly from camera to camera. Lee watches, paces, walks off-set to fill his cocktail. If there ever was a bottom which should be left with a spanking machine over the lunch hour, this is it.

At one point, Lee kneels at Debra’s face, allowing her to nuzzle him as Dana spanks. In later films, hemight have taken his pants off here. Lee takes over again, and at one point they each take a buttock.

Dana switches to the famous NUWEST hairbrush, still recalled in CP literature.

Debra strips down to bustier, thong, garter belt,and stockings. Over a bar stool/trestle, one with an unusually wide leg base to handle this bedlam, for the cane. Can’t imagine Debra was much fazed by any of this.

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