Ed’s Place -Joanne – NUWEST

17 Sep

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Wonderful oldie, featuring ‘Joanne Jameson,’ one of NU-WEST’s most svelte, inventive, courageous, and of course naughty actresses of the time. A number of girls made ‘Ed’s Place’ films, where Ed played with the girls in different ways.Ms. Jameson remains one of our favorite models as we advance our reviews. Bold, unabashed, clever.

Lee meets Joanne on the tiled sound stage; after a brief conversation, she stands and begins undressing, back to us of course, taking her time about it. Only NU-WEST took the film time to generate the anticipation like this. Joanne wears conventional street clothes–a long maroon knit dress which proves difficult to unbutton, pantyhose, bra, and panties. Quite matter-of-factly, she is soon naked. Her brown hair reaches the center of her back in this era.

Stark naked, Joanne looks very small. She quickly lies on her back on a couch and captures her legs bent into the diaper position, bent nearly double, her ankles around her head, pubic hair poking through her thighs. Lee whips her with a martinet, slashing forehand and backhand. Little squeals. Camera angles from both sides and overhead. “We’ll get you warmed up here.” For what? This is the main event.

Dissolve to Joanne kneeling on a chair, thighs spread, leaning over its back. Same angles for Lee’s whip. Joanne is very appealing from every aspect in this simple exercise.

Another dissolve; Joanne is now strung up, still naked of course, and we have a frontal view. Lee fondles. She stands back and leans forward on the rope, thrusting out her bottom. Lee uses the dog whip. Joanne never better.

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