Spanking Machines at PAIN4FEM

22 Sep

P4F; nine episodes here, some we have already reviewed.

We’ve found a number of episodes from this wonderful website; their electronic adjustable spanking and whipping machine remains unparalleled in our investigation.

A blonde in top  and shorts strips and is attached to the inverted ‘V’ padded trestle, after she is forced to watch the machine’s stiff leather strap attachment smack a practice pillow in the position where her bottom will soon be. She climbs into position, is fastened down, and the strap slaps her with the motion of a fly swatter, except with the intensity to bring immediate tears. One of our absolute favorite P4F films. (12 Minutes)

A blonde wearing just a bit of lingerie is stripped and attached to the tilted frame. Peter sets and Helen runs the machine. A strap attached. (9 minutes)

A more statuesque runway-like blonde, in a holding cell in front of the machine, in a sort of sarong. Peter and Helen in uniform; the girl strips naked, flashing her tended landing strip; a lot of girl attached to the tilted frame. The lanyard on the machine brings immediate cries. The first strokes begin lower-thigh and ladder up her buttocks. Helen oils. Pater caresses. (11 minutes)

A very buxom little blonde is brought in and strips waist-down, leaving on only her halter. She is attached to the lattice trestle, almost bigger than she is. Peter measures the distances to her bottom, teases, the Helen clicks on the machine. (11 minutes)

Some of these machine whippings can get a little mean. A  blonde is stripped and tied to a post, facing us for her own version of being burned at the stake. Helen ties her legs so she can’t wiggle, because she is going to try. Hands fastened overhead. Peter measures to her impressive boobs with the lanyard. In this unfortunate position, she can watch all the preparations. The lanyard lashes her oiled breasts. Very sexy (13 minutes)

A blonde in eyeglasses is stripped to the waist, fastened to the ‘T’ cross, her hands above and behind her head. Her majestic breasts get a whipping, and if her nipples are any indication, this went well for her.

‘Brunette  naked’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) A lovely and demure ponytailed brunette is brought into the punishment. Helen removes her handcuffs. Peter stands by. The girl strips naked, averting eye contact. She is spectacular of course. Handcuffs back on in front for the moment.

Closeups of the machinery. A stiff stick is attached this time. Some practice strokes are tried on a pillow placed at the trestle apex. The girl has to watch. Helen replaces the handcuffs with leather cuffs. The girl gives an involuntary little shiver doing this. We repeated to be sure it really happened. A morsel.

Helen helps the girl onto the trestle, bottom high, cuffs fashioned, wrists and ankles, and a waist strap. Peter ensures the measurements and nods to Helen to activate the laptop. A nice smacking, the girl jumps, the red marks are laddered somewhat. We’ve said, there should be a machine where Staff can go out for coffee. Would have worked here.

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