Discipline in Russia #39 -Family of Count Rasumovsky – NETTLES

24 Sep

2M/f; time: 60 minutes

Count and Countess Rasumovsky (actors ‘Nikita’ and ‘Nadezda Dozorova,’ respectively), wearing buffoon-like 18th century aristocratic cartoon clothing certainly NOT out of a ‘Dr. Zhivago’ costume trunk, discuss their daughter ‘Olga,’ who stays out late and played with boys at a recent ball. The scene is the high-ceiling’d ex-ballroom we have seen in many NETTLES films.

Olga is summoned, a diminutive brunette still in her nightie–gymslip and bloomers. After a scolding which doesn’t seem to penetrate, the Count will try something else. “Take off your pants…lift your shirt.” He fondles her bare bottom before he begins ceremonial glancing slaps guaranteed not to impress.

She is sent to get some salt from the kitchen, through the mansion without her bloomers, so the staff can see. She must kneel on the salt, in the corner, for two hours. Closeups of her bare bottom, and–the Russians like this, her bare feet.

“Next Day”: Olga, still in her undies, is caught masturbating as she reads the Marquis de Sade. If she is fascinated by pain, the Count has an idea. He calls in ‘Father Gavril’ (actor Gerry Geroshvilli), who he knowss will test her pain threshold. Father will take Olga to his “closed monastery.”

The monastery is the same set, and using the same punishment rack we have seen in a number of films. Olga is led here, looking sufficiently helpless and contrite that this might be fun. “I’ll hang you and you’ll remain in this position for today…tomorrow the rod and the whip.”

Olga is made to strip naked–she is not going to argue with the Father if she wants to go home any time soon. (Condensed) Olga is tied, hanging suspended, in a bunched position, sideways on the frame, using complicated versions of Japanese bondage, shinju and karada, about the only complex undertakings NETTLES can ever seem to manage. Everything is exposed, to put it mildly. Father flogs her every part with a martinet–soon there is a random pattern of criss-crossing pink stripes.

After a cut, naked Olga is spread-eagled in the frame, for a frontal flogging.

Another cut, she is tied kneeling to vertical bars on the punishment table, for the cane. She screams after every stroke, just about as loud as we think we have ever heard on a CP film. Does the word ‘catterwawl’ work? Sixty cane strokes are counted in the subtitles, and this is just Olga’s first day.

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