Discipline in Russia #26 -Convent Correction For Depraved School Girls – NETTLES

25 Sep

M/3f; time: 57 minutes

Before we even begin, the mangled title translation tells us where we are headed for another wild ride from NETTLES.

Three schoolgirls appear before School Principal ‘Vladimir’ (actor ‘Nikita’). He scolds the girls for something and they giggle a bit. This is a rare NETTLES production without subtitles. We think we can decipher it. Whatever the girls have done, he can’t handle it, so they will be sent to a monastery.

The girls report to the monastery and are briefed by ‘Mother Stepanida’ (actress Nadezda Dozorova). Also present is a guy in a black Halloween pirate beard. It is Vladimir. Since he can’t get the girls’ pants off at his school, he has cut himself into the action here at the monastery.

The girls will be disciplined one at a time, as NETTLES likes to do. Auburn haired ‘Irina’ stands in front of the Mother and the Beard. Does she wonder about him? She is ordered to take her clothes off, which she does slowly, then covers up as she twists naked in front of the elders. Mother inspects her first, pulling her buttocks apart, looking for contraband. The Beard inspects her too, in his own way, sticking a finger in her pussy. He is looking for something also. She is sent off, quite naked.

‘Tatyana’s’ turn, a bright colored blonde with piercing blue eyes the camera will catch several times. She undresses also, and she is very entertaining–our favorite part of the film–those eyes. She gets probed and doesn’t seem to mind.

‘Ludmila’ is last, a blonde with her hair pinned up. She strips also, and keeps checking the camera to ensure she is doing this correctly. She gets her probing also.

The three naked girls are brought back and given monastery clothes–bloomers, gymslips, black maids’ dresses, satin aprons. They will be working as maids at the monastery?

Time for the punishment. A young male is summoned, ‘Stocker Gavril.’ A handsome bare-chested guy appears. He is going to be given the girls, one at a time, for their whippings. He has brought Irina with him. There is more conversation, and Irina fights a giggle at the dialogue. She strips off her outfit and is tied naked to a large interior pillar in this “ballroom,” while Mother and the Beard watch.

Stocker canes her, and he is very good at it. She is tied loosely enough that she surges and twists, creating some wild stripes. Stocker unties her and leads her away, she naked and he bare-chested. She is 1′ taller than he is, but he could handle her.

Ludmila is walked out, strips, and is then whipped at the pillar.

And Tatyana last; each girls’ stripe pattern and intensity are different, providing enough authenticity for us. We enjoyed watching Stocker delicately lead each naked girl off-stage, as if they has somewhere to go.

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