Katie’s Climactic Whipping – NU-WEST

25 Sep

M/f; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes

Another sexually based whipping from Ed Lee, and one of his best. ‘Katie’ stands naked, in nothing but stiletto heels, strung up, legs spread wide over the lighted box platform which contains a camera. Stunning as always, she is. Her hair is longer here, not all of it.

The camera circles. Katie has a bikini tan; she wears full bottoms in the sun, because her buttocks are stark white against the tan of her thighs. Lee notes her tan and comments he will have to avoid her reddish thighs with his whip. Here is another example of her trim little figure. He is in his long ponytail phase, wears his paisley robe and holds the usual cocktail.

Lee pipes Mexican music into the loud speakers in the tiled room and begins with the whip. Katie dutifully gasps at the first stroke. Lee whips in bunches, frigs between her legs, and tweaks her nipples. The camera in the box between her legs shoots up and captures the whole thing, Katie squirms on his fingers.

Marks begin. At one point, Lee frigs with both hands. Katie isn’t going anywhere. Lee has a dildo and he puts a condom on it where she can watch him do it. After some teasing, he works the dildo in and gives her a thorough ride. It is impossible to imagine that she did not just forget the theater and let it happen.

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