Severe Caning – NUWEST

25 Sep

F/m; time: 45 minutes

An unusually long film for NUWEST, containing scenes of Ed Lee being roasted with a cane by two of his girls. In reality, it would have taken a year to make these sequences to allow Lee to recover, were it not for some cosmetic assistance. But we’re fine with the theater, because the girls are glorious, in their varying states of undress.

A very young, nubile, and prancy ‘Joanne Jameson’ enters the stage; and a comparatively young Ed Lee, still with short curly hair, is bent over a chair. Joanne circles with a cane. “This ass is mine tonight…strip your shorts off…give them to me…present yourself to me.” Joanne checks Lee’s bare butt and notes marks and dings which will present some trouble tonight.

Before she begins her work, Joanne herself strips naked, and as we have mentioned in other reviews, the camera will be as much interested in her as Lee. Long legs, little fuzz, stockings, heels, very nice. She begins the caning as SHE counts. At 17 strokes the blood begins, in the same places for him.

At 30 strokes, Lee falls to his knees and nuzzles her buttocks. “Put your tongue into it,” she demands. Detail was not possible for NW production in those days. More caning, strokes go from 31 to 85! “Plenty of blood, that’s what I like!” Do we believe her? Both Lee and Joanne are breathing hard after the final flurry.

The caning cuts to what looks like a rest break in the dressing room, filmed through the door, again a weak shot which would have been very entertaining were the view better.

A four-minute scene follows, another blonde caning Lee over a chair. She chickened out and only stripped to her undies, but this is still a very sexy voyeuristic early CP. There is some ad-lib and laughter.

The longest scene: Lee is bent over the chair again, this time dressed in women’s underwear, an occurrence which happened often enough to maybe mean something about him. Joanne on patrol again, and this time with no pants on. Plenty to watch as she stalks about.

Various scene changes and angles, Joanne places a horizontal wall mirror on the floor to try to capture Lee’s face, but it doesn’t work–reflects the studio lights and can’t be positioned accurately. This mirror technique is used skillfully later in CP film production, the best when floor-to-ceiling bedroom mirrors can reflect everything, not just a pretty face.

Joanne swooshes and paces; we catch glimpses of her nudity at every opportunity. Joanne seems a little excited, part of the theater. You wonder who will be around to calm her down when the shoot is concluded.

After more dressing room breaks, they are back on the floor for more. Pussy closeups and licking from Lee (any better?), Joanne rips him up with what they call the “final flurry,”

Some scenes are tagged in here, of camera identified as “four” and “five”; Joanne is completely naked, and when we figure out how to do screen captures, one will come from here.

We have read on a few informative blogs about the decline of NUWEST and the litigation after the death of Ed Lee. The bickering described among the actresses, protective of their physical assets, should not surprise us, but it does rankle our fantasies. We have suggested that Joanne and others probably got a lot of pleasure when Lee was the subject of the whupping.

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