25 Sep

We thought we would review just a few of these Russian films, random intercepts, just so our readers would know we have seen some. Not our taste, and not very clever, we thought. Crude, and lacking the accidental humor found in many of the Russian CP films. Formulaic, repetitive, predictable. But, we have said, there is not shortage of willing, good-looking girls in the Russias.

‘Asya 29 years old’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) Auburn hair, jacket, kilt, blouse. Her papers are examined. Her fate is sealed. A big container of birches can be seen.

Asya reluctantly undresses, a touch which enhances this otherwise formulaic process. Jacket, blouse, vest, (no bra), kilt, stopping as usual at white panties.

Touch toes, handspanking, groping, snaps with a thin stick. She drops her panties to her ankles, and is soon gagged with them. Martinet on a table.

Dog collar chain; hair comes down; more OTK. She climbs on a table for her masturbation demonstration. He helps her along with a dildo. Orgasm acted out. She kneels naked at the wall.

‘Elana 24 years old’ (19 minutes) Two girls enter with papers and present them to the disciplinarian, the usual guy behind a desk in tie and coat. A shorter blond girl has escorted brunette Elana and will join in on the fun.

As Elana begins to undress, the blond staff girl is all smiles. Skirt, blouse, bra dropped. The male puts a big dog collar on her. Bend over a table, the spanking begins. The blonde takes her panties down and they gag Elana with them. Both spank her.

Elana has to crawl with the dog collar and is urged along with spanking. More tormenting. The blonde gives Elana some oral attention and Elana masturbates.

‘Gina Gerson 21 years old’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) A frosted-hair blond schoolgirl in kilt, blouse, denim jacket. The male disciplinarian examines her records and inspects her, pointing out a collection of spanking implements.

Gina locks the door and begins to undress–jacket, tie, skirt, blouse (no bra), down to white boyshorts. A perfect adolescent body. Hands-on-head, she bends over the desk and he pulls down her panties, a task he always reserves. A tight little bottom, not the round CP film type. Handspanking and fingernails.

She steps out of her panties and kneels on the floor for a strap. He gags her with her panties. She crawls on the floor, a martinet handle replaces the panties in her mouth. She is cuffed; more OTK, a tawse, her hair becomes loose. She kneels on a table, head down, wrists cuffed behind her back.

Her hands are released so that she can masturbate in front of him–she does the theatrical orgasm. Kneel naked in the corner.

‘Nata 31 years old’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Same procedure–an older blonde enters the room and can’t help seeing the industrial chains hanging in the foreground. After he checks her papers and takes a look at her, she removes her eyeglasses and kneels on the couch. The spanking begins.

She strips down to a thong-he roughly handles her. Martinet in mouth, cuffs on. She is attached to the chain. He doesn’t just remove her thong, he almost rips it off. It becomes the gag. Legs spread, flogging.

Crawl on the floor, a dog chain leash is attached as a choker. Her hair comes loose–this director likes this.

She masturbates for him and uses a dildo, leading to her stage orgasm.

‘Tanya 19 Years Old’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) Blond Tanya, wearing a black pinafore and cream turtleneck she fills out very well, has reported to the principal disciplinarian in this series, who sits on a couch examining her records. Tanya glances occasionally at chains hanging from the ceiling.

Whatever hold he has on her (the film is in Russian with no subtitles), she begins to undress, trying to be seductive in the process, probably told to entertain him or she is off to the police. When she is naked, except for stockings, he spanks her OTK, roughly holding her still by a handful of hair which keeps her face clear.

She is cuffed and strung up to the industrial chains for a mild flogging. He takes salacious pictures with his cell phone. She isn’t about to object.

She splays herself on the couch and masturbates for him, then uses a big blue dildo, near her capacity, with some skill, and he helps her with it himself. Dress and leave.

Tjana 24 years old (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Tall brunette ‘Tjana’ is escorted to the disciplinarian by another girl. As in the other films, she is stripped and spanked with various implements in various humiliating poses. The disciplinarian spanks both girls before this one concludes.

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