Discipline in Russia #24 – Omon-Prostitutes – NETTLES

29 Sep

MF/2f; time: 57 minutes

Two ‘prostitutes,’ ‘Alena’ and ‘Maria,’ shuffle from foot to foot in the bright sunlight in an open field. They complain about their incomes and are looking for business. Just what do they expect, we wonder, in this wilderness? But this is a Russian film.

The girls are approached by ‘Alex,’ who we know from the credits is an OMON captain in plain clothes. He is doing his police work out here in the bush, and we will see later, is ever the opportunist. He bargains with the girls for sex, and wants to whip them also. The girls ask, “Until blood?” and when he says that is what he wants, they raise their price. Good negotiators, what? The deal is reached, he hands over the marked bills, and two OMON associates,’Ignaty’ (actor ‘Nikita’) and ‘Lieutenant Nadezda’ (‘Nadezda/Nadia Dozorova’) jump out of the bushes.

A van is called, the girls are manacled and loaded, and taken away, to another part of the forest, as A.A. Milne would say. The girls are marched into some shade, which will help the cameraman but create annoying shadows. The three OMON characters search the girls’ bags and find the drug ‘klafelin.’

Of course the girls themselves need to be searched. The girls are ordered to strip, which they do slowly and awkwardly. Ignaty helps himself to fondle both girls while the bag search is completed.

The two naked girls are marched deeper into the woods by the three fully dressed OMON operatives. Alena is the first to be tied spread-eagled to two birch trees. There must have been a lot of rope in the van, seen in the background. Alena gets the usual thorough usual Russian whipping from birch cuttings–the shadows obscure just how significant the results are.

Next, a bit out of format, Alena is made to kneel on all fours. Alex drops his pants and fucks her doggy-style, while she sucks off Ignaty, but we don’t see any of the essentials. So much for diligent police work.

Buxom, abundant, Slavic Maria is whipped next, in the same way, and she finds herself on her knees servicing the two OMON’s in the same way. Good for them!

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