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Saturday’s Detention – SPANKEDCUTIES

30 Oct

MF/2f; time: 30 minutes

‘Miss Simpson’ (CP enthusiast ‘Elizabeth Simpson’) is picking up after some students while she awaits the arrival of a Saturday detention student. The familiar male disciplinarian is disturbed that she is enabling bad habits.

Simpson awaits ‘O’Connor,’ for her third detention. The male reminds her this means corporal punishment, “three strikes.” He is going to hang around and ensure Simpson delivers the full dose.

O’Connor arrives, a diminutive flaming redhead who has made a few films. Simpson had intended and told her it would be just “lines,” but now she must be spanked. OTK, white panties, which the male wants lowered immediately for a “proper thrashing.” With some pleasure, he retrieves the panties from her ankles with the tip of his cane.

Simpson slippers O’Connor bent over a chair. Grab-ankles for the cane from Simpson, 6 strokes, and a few more when her apologies aren’t worded properly. Then another dose from Simpson–12 more, some blisters are appearing despite the mild strokes.

The male orders O’Connor to tuck up her skirt and long shirt and face him. He gets a frontal look at this redhead but we don’t, lest there be any doubt about what is going on here.

The male speaks to Simpson privately. This was coming. A little smile crosses Simpson’s face when she realizes she is actually going to be spanked. “Take your knickers down and I’ll show you how to discipline…funny, is it?” (His acting is)

Bend-over a chair for the cane on the bare. 10 strokes, moderate but embarrassing if you are Staff. He doesn’t like her apology. She will hold position bare-bottom for 30 minutes.

Harsh Medicine – MISSMARCHMONT

29 Oct

F/f; time: 21 minutes

‘Lucy Bailey’ plays a hospital supervising matron and ‘Nina Birch’ one of her nurses. Drugs are missing from Nina’s station. Lucy will search her, here and now, as only a nurse can.

On with the rubber gloves here at the hospital. Lucy puts a hand into Nina’s knickers, back and front, to the appropriate squeals, but there is no graphic detail. “That seems to be clear.” Into her bra, nothing. In her belt she finds a little pill packet.

Since this is a “serious matter,” and it can be handled in-house, Lucy proposes a “thrashing, without the aid of pain killers.” Lucy pulls up the hem of Nina’s uniform and begins smacking her knickers, then bunching them.

Panties down for a heavy strap, a little paddle the shape of a kitchen spoon, a doubled strap, and a short caning. All these implements at the ready in the matron’s office. The set space was too confined to depict real quality punishment.

Auto Erotic Spanking – SHADOWLANE

29 Oct

M/f; year: 2007; time: 35 minutes

SHADOWLANE’s ‘Butch Simms,’ surely with some chemical assistance, keeps it up film after film for director Eve Howard. What is on the cutting room floor?

Here he plays a sophisticated auto mechanic. ‘Mrs. Smith’ (actress ‘Rucca Page,’ a willing soul herself) picks up her car, is outraged at the $900 bill, and tears it up. “You unscrupulous grease monkey.” It doesn’t take much, Butch puts her over the fender of her car–no resistance. He gets her panties off and hangs them on some equipment overhead where she can see them. Smith acts aroused, but she won’t pay.

She masturbates on the fender, Butch begins oral. She obliges by giving him some head, never a problem for Butch on film. He carries her out of the garage to a bed, where the action begins. The acting may make you shiver, but the mechanics are perfect.

The normal SHADOWLANE sex scene follows, and then some. Blowjob, spanking, frigging, doggy-style. Rucca on top, hard work for both of them, old grey Butch is able to conclude with a money shot in her face.

Sarah Collins Schooldays

29 Oct

M/2f; time: 46 minutes

Two seasoned and courageous CP actresses in this film. ‘Nicky Montford’ sits at a table, fiddling and not doing her homework. A faceless male supervisor is frustrated with her and begins punishment with an OTK spanking. After a FADE, her homework has still not progressed. Bend-over a chair for the slipper. [throughout this film, there are traffic noises outside] There will be a series of very short spanking episodes.

Another FADE, Nicky’s punishment is accelerating. Same teacher, over the chair again for the cane on her panties. More, “Knickers down,” 7 strokes and welts are now appearing.

More spanking and caning scenes too brief and numerous to summarize. Nicky is caught searching around in the teacher’s office and even into his briefcase. Nicky is spanked and caned in various postures, in different schoolgirl outfits.

The second part of the film features thin brunette ‘Sarah Collins.’ The same brief spanking and caning scenes; Sarah is caught doing various actionable things–eating at her desk, smoking outside, rummaging through the teacher’s papers.

At one point Ms. Collins does stretching exercises in gym clothes. She can really do them,not always the case in exercise depictions in CP films.


29 Oct

M/f; time: 40 minutes (four episodes together)

A favorite of ours from REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE. Little blondish ‘Jennifer’ is brought by Mistress Dee to webmaster Michael Masterson’s office for special punishment. Filmed in a narrow hallway, Jennifer is ordered to strip naked, put her clothes in a neat pile “right there,” and sit is a Queen Anne chair and wait. Jennifer fidgets naked for a full three minutes of film, a waste of time for some viewers, but tension-building for us.

The door opens and Masterson drags little Jennifer into the room. Her nudity increases her submissive helplessness and she appears even smaller than she is. She is made to kneel erect in front of the fireplace.

She must stand, feet on a taped demarcation line, bend forward, grasp the fireplace with arms spread wide and legs wide. The first session consists of a tawse and leather strap.

After the strap comes the huge fraternity paddle. She kneels again and Masterson circles his handiwork with a flash camera. Hands-on-knees for crop. More photos, more cropping. Hands-on-chair for a sort of yardstick.

More photos, then a cane session. White lines appear on red marks. Three different paddles, more flash photography. Her bottom is trashed; even though Masterson has not been spanking overly hard, this long session has aggregated. She kneels on the hard brick hearth as the concluding punishment.


29 Oct

‘Kailee’s Huge Mistake’ (M/f; year: 2006; time:15 minutes)

‘Kailee’ has arrived at Dallas’ studios. Her sister Lily is seen briefly in the background, having just gotten a spanking.  Kailee  looks a little reluctant about going through a spanking here, surely having heard from other models that Dallas is the hardest spanker in the trade. As she sits, Dallas places the padded bench in front of her.

Kailee quickly strips off her jeans and panties and lies on the bench. Dallas rattles an armload of spanking implements he is going to use. Panties off.  First, he gels her bottom, which rises majestically off the bench. He explains the gel “makes it sting more. Iisn’t that right, Amelia Jane.” He presumes Ms Rutherford will see this video. He starts with a handspanking; when he switches to a large strap, Kailee’s cries are different. Her bottom is fully red already, with some blotchy bruises.

Dallas oils again and continues with an even larger strap. The muscles in Kailee’s legs are prominent in this position. Another strap. Dallas brandishes it in front of Kailee’s face, but she won’t look at it. Long facials.

She has been struggling, so Dallas wraps a strap around her wrists and has Lily pull it tight, tether-like, to encourage her to remain still. More strapping, down her thighs to almost her knees. This is the worst yet. Significant marks and bruises signal this session is over. Kailee to the corner. This would be one of the more severe spankings we have seen, and maybe  Ms. Robinson was surprised too.


LeAnne, Foul Mouth, Sore Bottom – SPANKHERFORREAL.COM

28 Oct

M/f; Year: 2013; time: 8 minutes.

A simple webcast-style film which does not advance the CP film art at all. LeAnne, puttering around a workshop, is charged by a faceless guy for a foul mouth and terrible behavior.

“Get your pants down.” He finishes by doing her white panties. The constricted camera angles in this workspace were probably intended, but ill-advised. They go to an adjoining room and LeAnne kneels on an adjustable office chair which has been tilted to maximize the spanking angle. Panties down again for more spanking, nothing more to describe.