David Visits Auntie Anne – NUWEST

1 Oct

2F/m; time: 28 minutes

At first glance, another clunky prehistoric video from the earliest NUWEST; but check it out! We are not F/m fans as a rule, but this film is so corny and naughty that your imagination is filled with potential plot deviations and sequel ideas.

‘Auntie Anne’ is of course Anne Bowman, who played the redoubtable matron even when young. She is a female boss here, seated in NW’s faux sitting room, just a few chairs and such. Her secretary is ‘Joanne Jameson,’ also young, thin, and lithe. Anne looks over some papers, then discusses some trouble she is having with her nephew ‘David,’ who was expelled from school for refusing a physical exam from a female nurse. Anne is going to punish him and asks Joanne to go purchase some little girl clothes for him. Joanne warms to the idea immediately.

David is summoned–this actor with the prodigious skills is very young here. The NUWEST website says he was “barely nineteen.” Well, maybe; they’ve said that of others, and it contributes to the eroticism. He’s not going to take his clothes off for any nurse! The acting will curl your hair, but the cast suggests a lot could be happening.

Anne Bowman at her most corny: “I want you to take your clothes off, because you are going to be disciplined…take those clothes off!” David demurs, but only for a moment. Sneakers, socks, jeans, T-shirt, a pause when it comes to his jockeys. But they come down, he stands before her, covering his jewels. “What is this, stand at attention, why are you covering yourself, hands at your sides.”

Boing! He’s got that erection, really a hard-on, and maybe 270 degrees, not just straight out. Toward the rafters! And no one has touched him. Look around the adult film business for something like this. Ms. Bowman tries to be casual but does sneak some peeks. She’s his aunt, after all. Joanne returns with more work, and she too tries to appear unconcerned about this naked boy in front of her with an erect penis.

Anne begins spanking David OTK. Scolding. Joanne returns with more documents, maybe she really didn’t have to. She takes her time. You can hear her eyeballs moving. The actors must have had some laughs doing this.

More spanking; Joanne announces the arrival of nurse-practitioner ‘Miss McKay,’ a spiffy looking young blonde in full uniform. The film resolution is so poor we cannot recognize her. Anne has hired her to complete the humiliation David refused at school. She can’t miss the naked boy in the corner.

She does his blood pressure, then he bends for a rectal temperature. Joanne walks in again on this, David bent over grabbing his ankles. There have been no closeups of anything in this film except some easy facials. Too bad. With everyone present, the nurse grabs his balls. “Cough!”

FADE: Joanne returns with David dressed in the adolescent clothes, in fact maybe the same little blue Little Orphan Annie dress we’ve seen on ‘Katie’ in other films. Joanne reports that David muttered “you two bitches,” as he was forced to put on the outfit. “Get the hairbrush for me!” (Is there a hairbrush in your office?)

FADE. Hairbrush spanking underway. David yelps. Joanne is given a chance to lay on a few running cracks. To the corner, bare butt.

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