Afternoon Detention – ROUE

5 Oct


A schoolgirl film with the feel of early and very naughty ROUE; this one made in the early 2000’s, homage to the wicked little ageplay films in the CP film library, when the girls looked like they piled their school books in the dressing room and the ageplay men might have invested in the production just to play a part.

A headmaster-type paces in an empty classroom, which is dimly lit with a subtle theatrical stage feel. He swooshes his cane. We hear footsteps on the stairs and in the hall, then sees shadows through the frosted glass. Nice start. There are sheepish knocks. ‘Cook’ and ‘Simpson’ enter. The two very authentic-looking schoolgirls are coming from PT, wearing red T-shirts, white skirts, knee socks, and sneakers. The reluctant girls know what this is about.

The Head begins to hassle Cook, and she can’t escape. “Take your skirt off.” She hesitates just a second, then displays full blue knickers. “Take your knickers off, right off.” This is a little more difficult for her. She pulls down her panties and displays a full bush–maybe this film is older than we thought.

The Head takes Cook OTK–she doesn’t struggle much. After a brief spanking, it is Simpson’s turn, and she presents the same fuzzy front. When the spanking portion concludes, both girls stand half-naked in the empty classroom, reflexively covering themselves.

“The stool, Cook, the cane stool.” She has been here before, which explains her knowledge and compliance. The only way out of this bear’s den is to play along. She drags a heavy antique one-seat chest/seat center stage. Cook assumes the position and lies over it, legs out straight, the only way to keep her bottom flat and fully available on this low bench. He circles her with his cane–25 strokes are shown. Not really hard, but she bawls tears. In her struggles, she slides off the seat several times.

Simpson will not be caned here. He takes her by the hand and they walk off to his private study. “Oh, no, please, sir.”

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