5 Oct

MF/4f; time: 49 minutes

The filming of a live spanking party, done in a poorly lit converted conference room in what could be any hotel anywhere. Chairs are lined up, a bar setup is visible, and spectators are on the periphery, their faces censored when the shot catches them.

‘Coach Daniels,’ in tuxedo, and ‘Victoria Burns,’ in an evening gown, head the festivities. They will spank four girls for the small paying audience. In addition to the non-theatrical lighting, the sound in this room is poor, but these conditions  add to the slightly seedy quality the production might have intended.

Daniels and Burns each begin spanking a girl OTK immediately. The production qualities prevent us from identifying them. Amidst some squealing, there is a party atmosphere. This is a much more intense and illicit feeling than the silly party films George Harrison Marks made in the 1970’s. The girls switch laps.

Two more girls are urged forward, acting a bit reluctant. Here we can identify RSN’s ‘Kailee.’ They drop their jeans and are spanked, switching laps also. Miss Burns smacks kicking bare feet when they come her way.

The first two girls return, jeans down, and bend over for the strap. And the second two girls the same, for strap and paddles. Daniels smacks thighs and calves as well as bottom. The audience gets to see some flesh, a bit more than we do, before the evening ends in hugs.

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