Ariel’s Sponsored Caning – DREAMSOFSPANKING

7 Oct

F/f; time: 28 minutes

This would appear to be a film made by Ariel Anderson/Amelia Jane Rutherford with her spanking pal ‘Pandora Blake’ in support of opposition to recent changes in British law regarding distribution of some types of pornography. The girls’ point is that spanking and caning have been singled out. So depiction of the British Vice is a vice if distributed.

The girls spend most of this film chatting about their fascination with CP and their opposition to the legislation, including Amelia’s husband ‘Hywell Phillips,’ who operates the camera and is in on the conversation.

We get to the playful aspects of the film, and the only salient reason anyone would watch this polemic, regardless of your position on the law. Ariel is going to take a caning. She shows Pandora her collection of canes and her preferences among them. One whippy little thing tends to make her “angry and hostile.” Our preference? That would be exactly what we want.

We may care about this, but we want her clothes to start coming off, which she begins to do, because she knows this too. She discusses her personas, ‘Amelia’ and ‘Ariel,’ but here, “I think I’m going to wear no clothes…the real me.”

She wears a matching tan outfit of blouse, sweater, and skirt. When the skirt comes off, we missed the panties, if any. Quite naked, and remember, 6’1″ with 38″ hips. Hands on the bed, bottom high, very high for the cane. A very slow 25 strokes–Ariel makes a big deal about each one of them. Laddered stripes, maybe a few skin pops, and a muttered “fuck” along the way. A few twists gives her the chance to flash her Mohawk for us.

At the conclusion of the caning she sits naked and assures us that CP constitutes aspects of both her sex and romantic life. They enjoy CP as responsible grownups and everyone should have such right.

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