Ashley Pratt is a Brat – SHADOWLANE

7 Oct

M/f; year: 2009; time: 40 minutes

CP actors ‘Tom Byron’ and ‘Kailee’ in a simple romp, with an opportunity for both to go such a bit further than a typical CP film. Kailee plays a rather sophisticated student reporting for detention at the Braemar School. She wears a rather formal blue dress, not the usual and often silly schoolgirl stuff.

Tom plays a teacher. He is very disturbed by her continual bad performance and behavior. After some scolding, he offers her a deal–she can trade five days of detention for a spanking on her bare bottom. After some rumination, she signs a printed waiver. Apparently this arrangement is on a pre-printed form.

Tom sets up a chair and begins an OTK spanking on her dress, gasps immediately. Skirt up, panties down, there is that often-filmed great bottom. After this brief start, Kailee is put at a desk to write some lines. [We see the tail of the studio cat passing among the actors and crew.]

FADE: A week later. Kailee is back in detention. The bare bottom thing didn’t stick. Tom has reports that Kailee has been bullying younger students. This time she will get the paddle, bottom bared over a desk, the paddle produces bruises quickly. Thong down, the strap. Her bottom is well speckled and bruised.

Tom switches to a small cane. “This is what we call ‘six of the best.'” She counts them out. He gets a small box, and as she watches in curiosity, takes out a butt plug! “That’s ridiculous.”
“It’s amazing what the human anus can accommodate..take that top off.” Tom Byron has some experience with this in his adult film career. Bra off, skirt off, her panties are already at her knees. She is naked and he wants her to twirl for him, which she doesn’t want to do. “I am going to put this plug up your asshole…spread your cheeks…who is in control now?” “You are, sir.” She must stand holding her cheeks open in submission while he makes some preparations.

But first, back OTK for more spanking, the hardest yet. He lubes her anus and the plug and works it in, out, in. “Oh, God!” He holds the plug in place and continues the spanking.

When she is allowed to get up, after a sensual removal of the plug and good facials, she has to wipe herself. She dresses and will write apologies to the students she offended. As the credits roll, we hear some dialogue about further offenses she has committed.

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