Breaking and Entering – CHRISTINAPRODUCTIONS

7 Oct

F/2f; year: 2004; time: 27 minutes

‘Christina’ and a girlfriend sneak into an indoor lap pool, the one with the faux-Mediterranean wall mural we have seen many times. The sight of water is good in a CP film–it assures us of wet bottoms.

The girls frolic in the water in their blue bikinis. They are caught in this trespass by a blond matron, the property owner. There is lengthy verbal interplay; the girls accept the concept of corporal punishment to avoid the police. And of course the woman has a strap just off-stage.

The two girls are strapped on their wet suit bottoms. Squeals and cracks echo in this high-ceiling’d room. Second round for the girls, with the suits pulled down, bare bottoms.

Over to the mural wall, the girls have to hand over their wet bras and are now naked. Now for the cane. Christina is caned first, a dozen strokes, and then 6 more while on tiptoe. Her girlfriend gets 15 strokes. Both bottoms are developing mottled bruising patterns from the palm, strap, and cane. These colorations are really the only interesting variation in this conventional spanking film.

Christina bends for 15 more strokes, 12 more for the second girl, then they run off naked,

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