Cognoscente – FILMEXTREME

7 Oct

M/2f; time: 48 minutes

An odd story from a CP film producer with pretensions to have become the next LUPUS, except without the creative department. This may have been done in Spanish. There were no subtitles. We’ll take a stab at the storyline.

Men, appearing depressed, sit at table in a closed restaurant. We’ll guess–business is down and they need to spice it up. We recall a similar story in NETTLES’ ‘Russian Slaves’ series–the fetish club owners can then audition new girls, “fresh meat” the Russians so delicately summarized it.

The scene cuts here, and a girl, still dressed, is tied over a club table, gagged with a horse bit. One of the men pulls up her skirt, pulls down her panties, and mildly paddles her. (All the punishments in the FILMEXTREME series are tepid, but we don’t seek out brutality.) Other men watch. Is this an audition? An errant waitress in liquor storage?

FADE: Two men in chintzy tuxedos arrive, one with a violin case. We’ve seen too many CP films–the violin case reference relates to corny mobsters and tommy guns, but we know it means spanking implements. This guy may be a hired disciplinarian.

Two girls are called from the back and directed to drop their panties on the darkened stage. What is going on?

The men gamble at a table, two more girls are brought in, tied and blindfolded, then taken away and stripped naked by them. We see the girls being scrubbed in a shower by the men, once again, without the exquisite piquancy of a well-made CP film.

The girls are brought out into the club again, forcibly redressed in silly satin dresses, displayed, and spanked on stage. Maybe they are kidnapped girls being ‘auditioned.’

CUT: The girls are tied to chairs, the tuxedo guy enters with his case, and the girls are punished on-stage in various states of nudity before an audience, which claps in European unison because they want the cane. The film mercifully ends.

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