Discipline Mid West Style – NUWEST

7 Oct

F/3m; time: 28 minutes

A bizare collection of NUWEST predilections, even by their standards. Three naked men are in the big empty studio; one is strapped down over the inverted ‘V’ bench, one is strapped in a kneeling position to a bench–for these two men we will never see their faces. The third is ‘David,’ who kneels erect, jewels on display, and this is the preferred position for him, for his punishment will have the usual effect on him.

Three girls, one playing the observing ‘doctor,’ one a guard, and the third has the whipping assignment. The old film is grainy and the action is filmed from such a distance we can’t recognize them. “We have three boys who need punishment here today.”

The whipping girl hangs her jacket on a wall hook, takes up a spanking implement, and will walk among the three men, giving them doses of the crop, cane, or strap. For David, she sits on a stool beside him and takes him OTK for a turn, then he slides off and she does another round with the other two men. He gradually develops his erection during these tactile moments, and it sags in between.

After almost 28 minutes, the two men strapped down are showing massive signs of the whippings and there is some blood.

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