Hidden Money – SPANKED-CUTIE

7 Oct

M/f; time: 40 minutes

We need to review more films from this abundant website, whose producers are clearly vintage spankos.

Blonde ‘Kirstin’ fusses around in a kitchen. She appears to be a maid working for a guy, a regular male disciplinarian we need to identify. In a bowl she finds cash in US Currency and pockets $20 and continues working.

The guy comes in the kitchen and soon discovers some of the money in the bowl is missing. When he challenges her, she denies, he threatens the police, and we begin the standard dance. He will search her, a real, complete search. “Take off your jumper.” When she does, he dives right into her bra and finds nothing. “Take your trousers down.” Black thong; he pulls the rear strap aside and fishes a $20 bill out of her anus.

So it will be: “A thrashing from me or the police.” Thong down–it covers nothing but home base, for a routine handspanking. Hands-on-head, he shows her his straps, which he assumes she has seen when cleaning. Over the table, floppy tawse (some are hard and stiff and much more painful). Loud wails.

Time for the cane over the table–he turns her head to face us. We counted almost 60 strokes–she went quiet, so there must be repeats. Tears. She wants a break to rub at 35. She flinches at his swooshes. Good facials, quivering.

The film concludes with a brief session of palm slaps.

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