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7 Oct

Bathtub’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) The couple knows the theatrical  value of a wet bottom, and this is one of the best. Veronica lies in the suds, her hair up, absolutely the only time we have seen such informality from her. Her nipples poke through the foam.

Daniels enters in just his shorts and T-shirt. Veronica quite willingly gets into a kneeling position, wet bottom shining. Daniels drops his shorts, has an erection, and steps into the tub. “Is  that  wet enough?” Nice. He gives her a gentle spanking while she tugs at his cock. He frigs her. Veronica maneuvers around and begins a blowjob. He takes her doggy-style and gets in some smacks. He seems to collapse. They caress.  Back in the tub, full boobs float to the surface.

‘Broken Camera’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) A very pretty Veronica/Elizabeth here. Is she younger? We have admired her throughout.She has broken a camera and will be strapped for it. No argument, over the kitchen table for a paddle on her jeans. She pulls the jeans down and then the white frilly panties. They hug. She checks her bottom.

Daniels’ diet’ (F/m; time:11 minute) ‘Coach’ or ‘Dr’ Daniels is on the receiving end in most of these self-contained episodes, although he does get his reward on occasion.

Veronica/Elizabeth  and Coach are welled dressed here, tie and jacket for him and a semi-formal dress for her. Veronica reads out his list of dieting commitments. He opens his shirt so that his belly can be given its periodic measurement. Even though he has dropped 1/8″ (Awesome!), his attitude is such that a caning is warranted.

“Pants down, shoes off….get your underwear down, think I’m going to cane over your underwear?” “We can hope.” As he assumes the position over a chair, his boxers at his thighs, Veronica recalls a quote from him in the past. “Anything 2″ below the sit-box is fair game.”

She begins caning, surprisingly hard, and not the way it often is in their films. He is yelping. “Oh please, you’ve taken 100.” Almost 30 strokes here, countable stripes, including one high line, which she apologizes for. “I know you don’t like them up there.”

He kneels and she rubs and hugs. There is sexy talk. Are they headed for the bedroom?

Daniels caned for whining‘ (F/m; time: 14 minutes) The scene is the kitchen of the Daniels/Burns house we assume, extending the tax deduction room by room. The couple is well-dressed again. Veronica proceeds to drop Daniels’ pants and check an uncomfortable penis restraint he is forced to wear, for violating the ‘whining and complaining’ house rule. “You can’t touch your cock. You can’t get hard.”

This morning, she is going to cane him and sends him outside to cut a switch. Over a kitchen chair, pants down, he has assumed the position. A long scolding, then a lengthy caning, first on his white shorts and then on the bare butt. Many strokes, done in bursts we couldn’t count. She is clearly having fun.

She hands him a “no whining” button to wear, for another week, along with the penile device. Only they will know it’s true meaning.

‘Doing laundry’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A silly example for this series.  Veronica laughs at Daniels’ silly shirt. Turns out,, she never unpacked his bag after their return from the ‘Shadowlane’ party, so this is all he has to wear. Her indignation at such criticism doesn’t last long. The spanking starts.

She will bend over for the paddle after some playful scuffling. He massages her shoulders. Skirt up, panties down, the camera missed  this. A brief paddling. They hug and he examines her bottom carefully.

‘Elizabeth interviews Betty’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Elizabeth sits and chats with Betty Blaze about their work at that other site (REALSPANKINGNETWORK). As she always did in profiles and interviews, she wants to expose Betty’s earliest inclinations for spanking. The girls are dressed conservatively. They review the various genres of spanking and CP sites out there.

Time for a spanking. Elizabeth cues ‘Kailee,’ who is operating the camera. Standard OTK, dress up, black undies. Burns does one of her patented routines, 60 seconds of fast and moderately hard handspanking. And as usual, she wants Betty to rank the experience. “Four-ish”  on a scale of 10, illustrating that Ms. Blaze is a warrior. Another sixty seconds on the bare bottom elicits a ‘seven,’ making Burns feel better. And she is impressed, having experienced girls who couldn’t take this.

Burns gets serviced’  (F/m; time: 9 minutes) Veronica, stylish in a silk robe, sits on their rustic log-bed. She calls for Daniels to come in, and immediately. Daniels notes, “You’re all gussied up.”

Veronica complains, not too aggressively, that she has felt neglected for the last two weeks, and that now might be a good time to fix that. Daniels plays along. “Want me to spank you?” She laughs. “No, you’ve done that…I’m going to spank you and spice things up.”

She takes him OTK on the bed, shorts down. Not a struggle. “A girl needs to get attention any way she can.” She directs him to kneel in front of her, which elicits laughter from him. A good spot, he knows. Veronica rubs his cock. Laughter, it seems real. “I think you’ve got a chubby!”

She lies back, he removes her panties, and begins an oral job. As per usual in this series, the details are omitted. After a bit, and it looks like she is enjoying herself, more OTK spanking. “I want to feel that hard cock right between my legs.” More oral, a tad more explicit, but still soft core. Off to bed they go.

‘Shower’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Veronica gets out of shower and wraps herself in a towel. Quite demure. Daniels joins, pulls up the towel, and begins a standing handspanking. It does the trick; Veronica drops and begins the blowjob. They kiss and off she goes.

‘Veronica forgets to pay the rent’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Veronica reports to Daniels that she forgot to pay the rent. He already knew. “I was going to strap your behind tonight,” but now she gets a compromise for having confessed, just a spanking. OTK, ,skirt up, black pantyhose down. Routine stuff.

Veronica oversleeps‘ (M/f; time:7 minutes) Veronica has overslept, causing her and Daniels to miss an appointment. He waits for her in his robe. This is a chance for him to spank her- he is too often on the receiving end in this series.

He grabs Veronica OTK, and she makes that little grunt/squeal we always thought one of the most realistic responses to a spanking ambush. Robe up, panties down, an impressive handspanking–Daniels works his knee between her legs.

They stop, she kneels in front of him, he wants that bottom on display (for our benefit). She is probing around, find what she needs, and soon a blowjob begins. This is better than a spanking for her. As usual the camera work is courteous and discrete. She does a fairly graphic job with the lollypop analogy and Daniels has done his part.

Some snide remark from her infuriates Daniels, so the spanking recommences. “You know it’s serious when I interrupt a blowjob.” They cuddle to close.

‘Daniels offends again’ (F/m; time: 5 minutes) Daniels sits in his home-office, wearing a Hawaiian shirt he has already deducted as an expense. Veronica enters, wearing a stylish white suit, and carrying a strap Daniels cannot miss seeing.

What he has done we did not hear, but it must qualify for domestic intervention, because soon he is bending over and putting his hands on the chair. There is some discussion about what his offense actually merits, Veronica prevails and it will be 30 strokes of the strap. Daniels shows potentially dangerous sarcastic relief when he is allowed to retain his jeans.

After the strapping, he drops his jeans to display the results, and Veronica is quite amused and satisfied. “I made a little bit of an impression.”

‘Veronica Strapped’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Another brief self-contained episode in the Burns/Daniels residence with the rustic log furniture. Colorado mountains. This time Veronica is on the receiving end.

She reports to Daniels, who is brandishing a leather strap. “Do you know what I have a hankering for?” “You have a strap in your hand.” Ms. Burns is her usual natty self, in a denim skirt and black leotard top. She lies over the bed and the strapping begins on her skirt. Her typical grunting and hollering, distinctive and unusual in the CP trade, but we suspect quite realistic. The couple has a contract–there is no arguing when one calls for a spanking of the other.

Veronica stands to take off her skirt. Daniels points to the panties. “Panties?” She demands that he ask, “Panties please.” Quick frontal glimpse as the deed is accomplished.

Back over the bed. “The last time this strap was used you had me hanging by the rafters naked.” (See following review.) Daniels is good with the strap, moving about to vary the angles. She is left with a red bottom and in tears.

‘Daniels Strung Up’ (F/m; 15 minutes) Coach Daniels enters a room to confront Veronica, who has set up a rope to a ceiling joist (of the rustic log design). “That’s interesting,” observes coach. “I have a discipline session planned for you.” Veronica is delicious in a tight brown turtleneck.

“Take your clothes off.” Daniels tries to stall, but Veronica persists. They have that agreement. She is proud of these arrangements as she fastens on wrist cuffs and hauls up the naked Daniels. Good boy, he has begun a little erection. “I thought you’d appreciate it. This is your kind of spanking.” She laughs at his little pleadings and reminds him how he turns on the intensity when a model (at REALSPANKINGS) would beg for a little leniency.

While strung up, he gets the strap and paddle and achieves a full erection. They hug at the conclusion, Veronica gives attention to his predicament, and they are clearly headed for bed.

These short films are lots of fun, playful dialogue, sexy maneuvering, comfortably realistic. Only mildly scripted, we bet.

‘Daniels paddled’ (F/m; time: 10 minutes) Veronica is upset with Daniels over his management of a sloppy handyman. A touch of life in the High Desert–the handyman killed the bull snake they kept around to control the mice population.

Daniels is kneeling on the floor, bare-ass, taking this scolding. Veronica is going to paddle him, 5 strokes from three paddles. 15 infractions by the handyman. One for the snake.

“I want you to count.” She paddles very hard, without warmup, taking his breath away, and actually ours. He rocks and struggles to retain position.

At the conclusion of the spanking, Veronica sits on the bed, spreads her legs and presents a shaved pussy, the most graphic moment for her we’ve seen. Daniels does an oral job which we see from a distance. Veronica locks her legs around his head and  is able to keep the dialogue up for a while before she lets it go.

‘Daniels in trouble’ (F/m; time: 7 minutes) Coach has done something, we couldn’t quite hear. He has given Veronica a dozen red roses. She says that 20 might have come close to solving the problem, but “only a paddling will make me feel better.”

He drops his pants and she pokes his budding erection. “You’re getting excited.” He is clever enough to tell her it is her beauty. Over pillows on the bed, she sits on his back, straddling him. “Your favorite paddle.” Veronica is very sexy as she whales away. Will we every see all of her? A close examination of his butt then they hug.

‘Too Much Chocolate’ (M/f; year: 2007; time: 7 minutes) Veronica confesses to Daniels that stress has caused her not to exercise and to eat poorly, including her nemesis, too much chocolate. They have a lot of spanking agreements, this is one of them.

OTK. Veronica is very buxom in a brown top, camou mini skirt, and we quickly see, full white panties. A routine handspanking. She stands to drop her panties and flash some fuzz. Daniels has her set a timer as she is spanked. Corner time, bare bottom.

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