Thrice Beaten – MOONGLOW

9 Oct

M/f; time: 55 minutes

Numerous brief episodes from the MOONGLOW archives, and not excerpted from other films as far as we can tell. Maybe these are cutting-room floor sequences. We will be more interested in the models and any unusual settings here than the action.

‘Seen Smoking’ An older ‘Elena’ gets “six of the best” over a chair for smoking.

‘Rude Words’ Elena is bent over a chair for writing naughty words on the blackboard. 6 on the pants.

‘Boys in the Woods’ Elena over a trestle for 8 strokes. She is able to visibly clench and relax her buttocks.

‘The Music Mad Cleaner’ MOONGLOW’s ‘Tom’ spanks a black girl, who is lazy and distracted by her headphones as she cleans.

‘But a Few Days Later’ Spankings often don’t take. The same girl is spanked for the same reason.

‘The Lazy Cleaner Spanked to Orgasm’ Another spanker gives the same girl probably what she came for.

‘Miss Woods Is Caned by the Senior Secretary’ Leia Ann Woods here, and it’s always our pleasure, Miss. The paneled MOONGLOW set; Ms. Woods’ bottom is bare for a mild caning.

‘The Senior Secretary is Caned’ The senior girl gets spanked by her boss. She wears knickers with the bottom cut out–that alone should be actionable. “We’ll have these down.” The cane surprises her.

‘New Arrival Aleesha is Initiated By Gillian’ model Aleesha.

‘Leia Ann Woods Meets Gillian’ Leia is naked here, rare for her.

‘Sophie Spanked Morning After Christmas’ Newspaper graphics; bald-headed guy does some spanking.

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