Whipping and Kissing – NUWEST

9 Oct

F/m; time: 27 minutes

The prodigious ‘David’ is strung up naked, in the center of an empty sound stage. ‘Karen’ circles him in one of her BDSM outfits, swooshing and snapping a whip, and as usual this is all David needs. His cock begins to rise.

Now David may not be the most well-hung guy to play these parts, but he can always spring up a literally pulsating erection even as we watch, something we know is arranged off-screen in many adult films. Karen’s fingers help also. Throughout the film, Karen will stop to nuzzle, massage his balls, caress his body, kiss, and hump him. As a result he can keep his usual 90-degree and sometimes 45-degree hard-on.

Karen lights a cigarette and blows smoke in his face, found erotic for some. She drops her black shorts where he can watch and continues to tease his cock. He keeps his wonderful erection right to the end. Karen almost on the verge of dropping to her knees for a blowjob, but it doesn’t happen.

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