13 Oct

F/f; time: 13 minutes

Councilwoman ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ has detected that about $10,000 is missing from accounts and traces it back to employee ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’s’ books, and connects it with a European vacation she took last year. Nice start, to have Ms. Rutherford backed into a corner. It should always be nose-first.

Amelia of course denies, so Chelsea will spank it out of her. OTK; Amelia wears a white skirt and silk flower-print blouse. After some spanking, Chelsea pulls up the skirt and discovers white lace bikini panties. “Well, a little purchase from Paris?” “No, I got them from Target.”

“I have my target right here.” Amelia’s bottom is a bit more bruised here than usual. She is a hard-working girl. Pfeiffer takes those panties down and off. Amelia wants them back. As the spanking continues, Amelia’s denials begin to waver. “Are you thinking?” asks Chelsea.
Now Amelia remembers maybe ‘borrowing’ the money.

FADE. Amelia sits on her haunches,nude, one of those positions she prefers. The sight of her buttocks flattened against her calves makes the scene. “I have a plan,” says Chelsea and proceeds to fasten Amelia’s wrists with handcuffs, to her slight surprise. Up on a chair, next comes a dog collar and leash. She ties the leash to the chair.

Chelsea will pay back the money. “You’re going to work it off….let’s get started.” Amelia looks a little puzzled. There is a sequel.

F/f; year: 2014; time: 17 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford continues in a role at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s website, where she plays the part of an employee who has been embezzling some government money, and Chelsea decides this would be s good time to have some fun with that 37″ bottom.

Amelia sits on her haunches, naked, with a dog collar around her neck, and handcuffed. Chelsea slaps slowly with a flogger; that big bruise on Amelia’s right buttock, fading, is still there. Toes curl. Even in 2014, the video operators still have a problem mixing the audio from one camera to another.

A soft flogger; a thin paddle. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll get the money for you.” Chelsea makes her crawl on the floor on a leash. “Crawl to Mommy.” Chelsea has her sit and beg like a dog, then hands-on-chair for the strap. Amelia shows more of her jewels in this bend-over than she usually does. Not that we were in doubt. but a little reminder never hurts.

We imagine the girls chuckled over this role-play; professionally. we’d wager Amelia could lead Pandora around by any leash she chose.

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