Getting to the Bottom of It -Amelia Jane Rutherford – FIRMHAND

15 Oct

Another multiple part series with the estimable Ms. Rutherford and actor Earl Grey. They play a married couple; he discovers a spanking magazine in her bureau drawer (we have always thought she must have many drawers), and this will give them the chance to expose and explore each other’s fantasies.

{A) (M/f; year: 2015; time: 11 minutes) Earl Grey shows his wife Amelia the spanking magazine he has discovered. She blushes quite convincingly and tries to brush it off. “I explored that idea and put it aside.” Grey is not convinced and wonders how much more porn he will find if he looks, “even videos?”

He gently but firmly pulls her into an OTK position. Her struggle is just symbolic. Jeans down, he begins spanking on her white hip huggers. Her bottom soars. Do we see an few faint bruises? Panties down, she chokes out an admission she is enjoying this.

She asks, “Maybe we can experiment….what are your fantasies?” Who will tell their fantasies first? She admits one of her own—“schoolgirls.” He pretends to be surprised, and we are set for the series.

(B)(M/f; time: 2015; time: 10 minutes) Another spanking fantasy created by Amelia Jane Rutherford and Earl Grey for their own titillation; Amelia wears a sexy and sophisticated schoolgirl’s uniform–ponytails, a red pleated skirt, grey sweater and knee socks. Naughty stuff, and we’re ready to get at that bottom of hers.

Grey acts as her ‘teacher’ here; she was caught in the off-limits gym at lunch, and the spanking will be now. Bend-over, touch-toes, this 6’2″ actress has no peer in this posture. Grey spanks on full white panties, authentic schoolgirl stuff.

Since she was in the gym, he will avail himself of a ping pong paddle. “We’ll have these down.” Then, OTK for the ‘slipper,’ the usual eye-popping lapful. The shoe they are using falls apart, they laugh together, but keep rolling. Hands-on-head on display to close.

(C) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Amelia is cuddling in bed with her husband Earl Grey. As usual, she is elegantly attired in as little as possible, here lavender panties showing the gentle foothills of her bottom, and a pink and lavender top. They discuss the spanking fantasies they are developing in this series, this time one of his.

He wants to create an environment where he is a politician who has to spank a sloppy assistant. We have to say that these fantasies are mild and playful–we would push the envelope a bit.

The scene cuts to an office, Grey in shirt and necktie and Amelia in sophisticated office attire. She has misplaced and failed to answer letters from constituents, which qualifies her for a spanking on the spot. He has a tawse immediately at hand. “Mr. Grey, please!” Please what?

Hands on the sofa, she doesn’t need to be reminded twice to stick her bottom out, and between camera shots, she gets her long blond hair off her face on our side. She gets the strap on her print skirt, then pulls it up herself to show more heart-fluttering panties, here black lace transparent. He pulls them down. There are some bruises from an earlier encounter.

(D) (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Amelia and Earl Grey cuddle in bed again, discussing their next spanking fantasy. Amelia happens to have a cane at hand and suggests some ‘schoolgirl’ role play. Grey is game, who wouldn’t be, when the idea comes from the lips of the likes of Ms Rutherford?

The scene cuts to the role play. Amelia wears one of the most fastidious schoolgirl outfits you will see–a plaited short pinafore with shoulder loops, a nice blouse, white socks, maryjanes, and two spectacular long pigtails. The little fantasy–she begs not to be caned. “I’m going to thrash your bottom.” “You’re not going to cane me?”

Amelia gets into the ‘thrust’ position, a lot of young lady at 6′ plus. Lots of banter. “Three sets of six.” She twitches nicely as Grey swooshes, and squeals at the strokes. Great closeups upskirt, and the obligatory “Oh, no!” when Grey’s fingers go under the elastic of her white knickers.

(E) (M/f; year: 2015; time:9 minutes) ‘Spanking the maid’ is another time-honored English tradition. Amelia is scrubbing the bathtub; Earl Grey enters; in this fantasy, his wife ‘Camilla’ is unhappy with her promptness and cleaning and wants her spanked.

After the suitable protest, Amelia bends over the tub, Grey pulls down her pantyhose and begins a handspanking. On demand, she hands back a long-handled bath brush. She produces the expected sharp little cry at the first smack.

At this point, he peels down her little black lace panties. “Why do I have to be undressed…this is really crazy.” He allows her time to rub, continues to handspank and switch back to the brush. They do not break character here–we were expecting a hug.

(F) (M/f; year: 2015; time:9 minutes) Amelia and Grey cuddle in bed and discuss their next fantasy portrayal. Amelia would like to be treated as a lazy student by a professor.

Cut to a kitchen scene. Grey plays a professor accepting Amelia as a student who has received a grant. However, the essay she brought with her seems like the work of a “fifteen year-old,” so Grey will resort immediately to his most effective form of discipline.

There in the kitchen, Grey takes her OTK. She displays the anticipated shock that this is in fact the form of discipline he had in mind. “What?….Professor!” At his elbow, in a drawer, he has a large round leather paddle. Up comes the little black dress, flowered panties are soon down. After a brief and colorful paddling, Amelia’s bottom is fully red, filling most of the screen in usual fashion. When the discipline concludes, she must stand bare-bottom, on display.

(G) (M/f; 2015; time: 10 minutes) More cuddling discussion in bed; Amelia and Earl argue about their maid and her work; because Amelia complained so much, Earl gave the maid a spanking. Now he is angry with Amelia. After a brief OTK struggle on the bed, “Take your clothes off…your are going to get my belt on your buttocks (‘butt-ocks’).”

Amelia puts up a reasonably fierce objection, they are married, but after all… This being a 10 minute segment, she capitulates and strips down to just a panty/garter belt and white lace stockings. And with the usual theatrical glamour. You have to admire this actress for the consistently interesting foundation garments and panties she finds and models.

Grey takes off his belt and whips her swelling bottom on their bed. Her bottom is faintly red to begin–it must be their filming schedule.

Grey sends her to the bathroom to bring soap and water. The look on her face suggests she knows why. Frontals here. When she returns, he puts the bar in her mouth, for just a few seconds, with the predictable vocal result. More belting on the bed–overheads, obliques, and angles combine her beautiful 2015 face and swelling bottom.

She will apologize to the maid, and when alone, she smiles in fulfillment, then heads off to rejoin Grey for whatever else they can think of to do.

(H) (M/f; year: 2015; time: 10 minutes) Grey and Amelia cuddle in bed, discussing the next fantasy they are going to create. Where are his hands? She loves the feel of the paddle. She asks Grey if he remembers the paddling scene in ‘Dead Poets Society,’ which gave her chills.

FADE to a school scene. Amelia reports to the office, wearing jeans and a red top. She edits the school paper and some subversive material has been found in her locker. “Are you going to paddle me, sir?” Bend-over, hands on ankles, a big paddle, which FIRMHAND calls the ‘Texas School Paddle.’ “Jeans down, Amelia.” White lace panties. The teacher will paddle her until she gives up the names of her confederates. We know Amelia can hold out a while.

Nice paddling; high and low shots. She finally chokes out the names of two girls. Slo-mo repeats.

(J) (M/f; year: 2015; time:7 minutes) The theme gets naughtier. Amelia and Earl cuddle naked in bed, devising their next spanking scenario. Earl suggests they create a theme which can last the whole weekend. Amelia is intrigued (and we recommend they do a 90-minute feature to that effect!).

Cut to a story: Amelia is applying for a job with Grey. He is impressed that she could hack into his computer system, to show him her capabilities. He wants loyalty and dependability, which she assures him of, but he suggests a test.

He gets a huge fraternity paddle out of the closet, an item the FIRMHAND credits refer to as the “Board of Education.” Amelia does a nice acting job of trying not to be apprehensive when she sees the paddle. She is asked to bend at the mantel, hands flat on the wall. She looks back over her shoulder, sweetly nervous. “Any particular number of these, or do we just go on…forever?” She wears a short flaired white skirt and lavender spaghetti strap top.

Grey begins with the paddle. Loud crack, Amelia restrains her shock. He flips up her skirt; her bottom –THAT BOTTOM–is bare except for a thong which matches her top. “Very interesting selection,” he observes. About a dozen rocket cracks.

“Get your clothes off.” The scene fades and we return to their naked cuddle in bed.

(K) (M/f; year: 2015; time:15 Minutes) The Finale. “Amelia, I want you completely naked.” After a dramatic pause, “Very well.” She does a slow and sensuous strip, not burlesque, and after all these years since GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, the act remains fascinating and the highlight of the film. Shirt off, no bra, skirt down, a devastating little thong which comes down so slowly.

Earl Grey taps with his cane: “Over the chair.” Glorious naked. Still some bruises from another time. A slow caning begins. “If I do choose to employ you…” The interview seems to be continuing. Low shots and closeups of the caning. She screeches on each stroke. “Lots of little stripes to remember this afternoon with…six of the best, Amelia.” She has been flinching at his swooshes mixed in. The last stroke comes as advertised. She lurches and curses.

The caning is repeated from a ‘reaction CAM.’ “I think you’ve got the job.” Amelia signals she might be open to some attention of another kind, but first he must catch her. He chases her naked upstairs.

FADE. Cuddling in bed, they plot their next spanking serial. Amelia suggests they entangle another couple.

(Q)(M/f; time:7 minutes) Amelia and Earl Grey cuddle in bed again, pondering another spanking fantasy.

FADE. Amelia reports for a job interview and tells Grey she has successfully hacked into is business computer system. “I’m Amelia Jane Rutherford,” she says on introduction. He is impressed with her resourcefulness and knows of a sure way to test her resolve. “Do it!’ dares Amelia.

From a closet he gets what FIRMHAND refers to as the ‘board of education,’ a huge paddle. Amelia does not seem fazed by the sight of it and willingly takes up the frisk position in front of a gas fire. She does betray some apprehension, though. “Any particular number of these, or just forever?” A loud paddling begins on her short white skirt. She struggles to control he gasping.

Skirt up, a tiny white thong, a totally bare bottom. Grey is impressed. “If your attention to detail in your work is as good as your attention to detail in your underwear…”

“There is a second stage…get your clothes off. FADE and we cut back to the couple naked in bed.

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