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15 Oct


A long and delightful production. Upon review, this is our favorite work of hers. And we might add, it might be the more severe spanking she ever filmed, and right at the beginning.

‘The Initial Interview’ (M/f; time: 23 minutes) One of the first appearances at GBS for the little brunette actress ‘Abi Whittaker,’ who will make many films here, at FIRMHAND, and elsewhere. The graphics report her age as 22; she is one of those girls that can appear 14 by just changing hair or clothes. And her trim little body, and often little-girl panties, probably allow her to continue the ‘schoolgirl’ thing as the years go by. A sequential punishment at GBS from Tom, in parts. She will describe herself in future interviews as having a “bionic butt.”

Abi sits nervously on a couch, being interviewed by Headmaster Tom off-screen. She wears a yellow top and brown skirt. In a sequence which takes up most of the film, she describes guilt she has experienced over her short years. Closeups of a cunning cute face, blue eyes, and brown hair over her face. She found the GBS site on-line, talked to some models, and thinks a spanking will be cleansing.

After more than 15 minutes, “Stand up, please…undress please.” “All the way?” “All the way.” Top off, no bra, she pauses with hands on her skirt. “Right now!” Black panties down, one of the most erotic undressing scenes we can recall from RSN.

RSN-style, she is sent to a corner naked to stand and wait. Camera holds on her nude little body. Wonderful. The sessions will follow.

‘The Thin Rattan Cane’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Abi has been naked in the corner for two hours, the first of her 24-hour sentence. Tom walks in with his cane and swooshes it, eliciting flinches. “What is it?” “A cane, sir.”

Bend-over, hands on the white couch, the caning begins, mostly full rear and some low shots up between her legs. After each stroke she has to utter an apology for an affront to her neighbor, ‘Andy,’ a name Tom has to force out of her with the cane. He calls Andy, who is permitted to hear the caning in progress, and Abi is put on the phone to apologize. Caning complete, Abi is put naked, and now striped, back in the corner. She is given one hour to write an apology line 50 times. An error will cause the whole caning sequence to be repeated.

Hard and long OTK‘ Tom returns, takes her note-writing from her, and takes her roughly by the arm into the next room. But first she puts on a little purple nightie top, which stops just at the waist, so that any movement exposes her, having the effect of making her look more naked than she is. Zoom on her red bottom as she moves.

Tom sets up for an OTK spanking, sets a timer on his watch, and gives it to her to watch, hour-glass style. A hard handspanking follows; Abi is allowed to ask for rest pauses, which she does. She is sent to the bathroom for a hairbrush, which clearly hurts a lot more.

This session closes with Abi kneeling erect on a rattan bench.

24 belt strokes in the lunge position‘ (M/f; 14 minutes) Abi has been left kneeling erect naked on the bench for two hours, a cute little body which demands attention. Tom returns and reminds her of how the 24-hour punishment procedure will proceed–various kinds of spankings separated by corner time. Got to preserve that little bottom.

In the corner, her buttocks peeking from below the little lingerie top. Hands on head, always. Abi confesses some inappropriate behavior at church, the reason for her volunteering for this session. Tom drags her into the adjoining room by the elbow, a supervisory gesture essential to the eroticism.

He wants her in the ‘lunge’ position on the floor, which he explains. She gets down into the posture, but “fully nude, please,” so she kneels and pulls off her top.

Tom lays on 24 strokes of the strap, counted backward by Abi. Part of the strapping is repeated from two oblique camera angles. Very nice. Rose red buttocks in closeup.

The Wooden Paddle‘ (M/f; 11 minutes) Abi is stark naked, in the ‘lunge’ position, on the floor, finishing up some punishment in this days-long ordeal. Her bottom is well-marked. She is allowed to get up, put on her jeans and purple top.

24 Strokes in the Lunge Position‘ (M/f; time: 14 minutes): One of the longer GBS  segments, mostly naked humiliation, some corporal punishment. An aubur/brunette American girl kneels erect, in a shorty top and bare bottom, on a very uncomfortable rattan stool. This pose alone would form a tableau satisfactory to many.

The GBS master is her tormentor, and gets her to admit she masturbated Sundays while bored in the church pew and she explains in some detail her method.

She is taken to an adjoining room, permitting a glimpse of her carefully tended mohawk. She strips off her top and is “fully nude,” nifty, cute, trim, and supple. Onto  the floor, the master directs her into the “lunge ” position. “Making a bridge,” it was called in our day in our part of the world. Not nice, bottom high, not a speck of dignity, and everything hanging out. We are in an empty well-lit industrial room. Voices and footsteps echo.

The master removes his black leather belt, and lays on 24 strokes, which she counts down the ringing cracks of the belt backwards, with increasing difficulty. Perfect lighting, sound, closeups as sxhe recovers between strokes. This position is used as mild torture in initiation and hazing ceremonies. She must remain, bottom blazing, for an hour. The camera holds her nudity full-screen for the last few minutes of the film.

In another room, for the next phase, the daunting Spencer paddle GBS likes. “Bend over.” Tom gives her a closeup look at the paddle.

Five echoing smacks on Abi’s jeans, then five more on the bare. We were impressed! It is not the scalding paddling found in LUPUS’ ‘Wild Party 1,’ but it’s up there.

The Leather Paddle‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Abi is called in from the next room, shuffling with her jeans and panties at the required position at her ankles. He explains–she has been caned, spanked OTK; gotten the hairbrush. leather belt, and wood paddle, and now  comes the leather strap/paddle. During this lecture she stands, hands-on-head, a chance to study her little Mohawk.

She pulls her jeans back up and lies on the end of the couch, wiggling into the diaper position against an arm. Tom paddles what buttock he can access. Wise move to permit her heans back on here–this is a sharp paddling.

Nw Abi has to take her pants down, actually ‘up,’ since she is on her back with her legs traight up in the air. A few more zingers, which make her choke. “The last one will be…?” “The worst, Sir.”

She is taken to the living room and put on the floor for more torment.

Pure Humiliation‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Abi has been forced to sit on the floor, jeans and panties at her ankles, and raise her legs in leg-lifts and hold that pose as punishment, which over time would be worse than just about any spanking. When headmaster Tom is out of the room, she rests her legs and masturbates.

Tom catches her and she admits it. What is a girl to do–there has to be some relief from this punishment. Tom show her his cane-that is coming next. Cut to a shower scene, Abi is naked, deadly cute, never better, and Tom turns the water on her. She keeps her hair dry (because it is beautiful, light brown, flowing, and there are more scenes to shoot). He uses a hand sprayer on her adolescent body. She jumps at the temperature.

She returns to the living room, but must take off her jeans, not having been given permission to put them on. Being without pants is policy around here. Hands-and-knees for Tom’s belt, very hard–this will leave some marks.

Tom shows her a tray of dried peas to kneel on for one hour. “Why?” she wonders, but soon figures it out. This kind of pain is mixed through the punishments. He shows her his cane and promises “real tears” next.

The Cane and Real Tears‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) The segment opens with Abi naked on the bed but for the lacy purple top, kneeling up, her bottom thoroughly marked from this continuing ordeal, her face buried in the pillows. Tom arrives and shows her the cane. “I know I deserve it,” she knows it is best to state.

Tom lays on 9 strokes of the cane, to augment the varied marks from the sessions. Tom tells her, he has been spanking her in different ways, “but not one tear…I will make your cry.” This particular punishment is for having been caught masturbating when she was supposed to be doing the punishment leg-lifts.

She sits on the bed, now in fact crying. Next will be an eight-hour corner time, no breaks, eat and use the bathroom now, a camera will observe her. After the eight hours will come a long OTK handspanking, the most severe yet.

more films

Hold Her! Abi and Beverly’ (M/2f; 19 minutes): A naughty little exercise, another sterling example of GBS’ ability to tweak the fetish. Actresses Abi and Beverly must stand before the master with no pants on, hands at their sides. Sweet little downy fuzz. The girls accept humiliation calmly.

Punishment will occur in a bedroom. Beverly assumes the diaper position and Abi must hold her for 2 hours before the master begins,very unpleasant. He  arrives, takes off his belt, then positions a pillow under Beverly’s hips, necessary because the soft bed absorbs much of her bottom in this posture. He lays on 15 quite harsh strokes with his doubled belt. Beverly wails, Abi counts aloud. Major bruises for a GBS production.

The girls switch positions. Abi’s smaller bottom required a more plumped pillow to present enough flesh on the target. 15 for her.

The master requires the girls to lie bottoms-up side-by-side, the camera examines the variety of marks, some shots up their legs from the foot of the bed. Bare feet wiggle. Lots of bare feet at GBS.

‘My PantyhoseGIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL; F/f; time: 4 minutes) Abi is getting sexier at GBS. Here, she has borrowed someone’s fishnet pantyhose. The other girl wonders if Abi is embarrassed by all the bare skin exposed. “Why should I be embarrassed? I’ve been bare-assed since I’ve been here.”

Abi’s friend puts her into the ‘Lunge’ position, which Abi knows is “very painful.” It tightens the skin. She gets a strapping on the subject pantyhose. They risk tearing them.

Abi kneels on a chair for more brief spanking. Her girlfriend promises not to report her if she puts the pantyhose back.

New Resident Beverly‘ (M/2f; 22 minutes):GBS regular ‘Abi Whittaker’ introduces new girl ‘Beverly’ to Headmaster Tom. Another pulsating actress–pageboy brunette, burning blue eyes, and other credentials to be displayed. The girls chat with Tom-you can sense Abi has told Beverly this is the guy who does the spanking. Tom spreads his implements out on a table, to Beverly’s shock. “This is a joke, right?…this (she points to the straps and paddles)…is not in my plan.” She looks at Abi, “So he spanks you…like he’s your dad, like you’re four?”

Abi gives a brief lecture on the salutary effects of getting a good spanking. No  dice. “This is freaky stuff…that guy, uses these?” Tom takes Abi OTK first to illustrate, but Beverly thinks she likes being spanked, a conclusion you should draw for yourself after viweing other Abi episodes. Tom shows Beverly the results. “What?”   “…a red bottom.”

Beverly: “I’m out of here.” But Tom points out she has surrendered her cell phone, wallet, and passport. Lock-down. She finally goes OTK, just handspanking on her jeans to start, and she works to keep her hair from covering her face.

When she stands, Abi lowers Beverly’s jeans herself; back OTK, blue bikini panties. She must thank Abi. She squawks, but she will keep her dignity for the moment. “This is just the beginning, ” she hears.

Not Mine‘ (M/f): Brunette Beverly knocks on the master’s door. To enter, you have to be naked from the waist down, so she quickly peels off her slacks and thong. She shows the master a vibrator she claims to have found in Abi’s bag.

Abi, another tall and stunning bunette, is summoned; Beverly listens to her being spanked, despite her protestations of innocence.

Abi challenges Beverly, who admits it was a trick; the girls go to the master, pants off again in the hall first, a nice little requirement. So Beverly will now get a spanking, and Abi persuades that she be allowed to do it. Over a table, 20 with a huge floppy leather paddle, on her jeans.

Beverly must apologize and ask permission to bare her bottom for the final 5. Face to the wall, she must stand hands-on-head for THREE HOURS. If she moves, the paddling is repeated.

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