Physical Inspection – XEROTICS

19 Oct

M/f; time: 22 minutes

Another collectible if you share our fetish of watching naked girls on exercise equipment. A little blonde in schoolgirl kit is in an exercise room we see often in these XEROTICS distributions. The familiar XEROTICS disciplinarian is on her case.

The camera pans her perfect outfit–shirt, tie, pleated skirt, bobby sox. “Lift up your skirt.” Regulation knickers.

Skirt off, the girl climbs onto an exercise machine, a sitting bicycle which performs the action of a rowing machine, forward-backward, but of course puts her bottom within reach. As she begins to move back and forth, he smacks her knickers when he can. “Faster.” Tie off, shirt off, no bra, down to just panties, a plausible adolescent body. Bend-over, handspanking, jogging, back to us, “higher” he demands of her knees.

Back onto the rowing machine, he pulls her panties down–shaved. Rowing again, her bottom perched on the seat, always fun, and reminds us of many a bare bottom on a school desk seat .

More handspanking, and the cane which she straddles the machine seat, hands on head. Rowing again, restricting panties discarded. He teases with the cane.

To an exercise wall, the blonde stretches to grasp an exercise bar. He forces her to bend over and begin masturbating herself. He brings her a large vibrator for the job, with the rabbit attachment for her clitoris. The battery whirls–she seems to know what she is doing as he continues spanking. More masturbation on the couch. Enough for now, she is to report to his private quarters later.

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