19 Oct

F/f; time:21 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer has invited prominent CP stars to visit, and sometimes the theme involves a school she runs, where she disciplines the teachers. ‘Kailee’ is the hot teacher here, caught selling test answers on the Internet. These matters are handled in-house.

Without any discussion, Chelsea drags her OTK. “This is highly inappropriate.” Skirt up, black panties. Her notable feminine bottom on the screen again. Chelsea pulls the panties down. “What are you doing?” Bottom closeups, overheads, facials, very nice.

FADE. ‘Kailee Earns Her Probation.’ Chelsea will promote her at the school if she takes a more formal spanking. Kailee feigns incredulity in teenage rhythms. “Spank me as in ‘spank me?'” OTK again, skirt up, Chelsea admires Kailee’s panties, with little decorative slits down the butt crack. “Ooh, did you know what was in store for you today?” After some spanking she pulls back the panties to see what is happening. Red. “Oops.”

Panties down. Sexy talk from Ms. Pfeiffer, fondling and cooing. “That will be all for now.”

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