Punishment of Penny – OOHTEEKAY

20 Oct

F/2f; time: 51 minutes

Two schoolgirls run through the countryside in gym clothes. Later, one girl is seen taking another girl’s money, the reason for which is never resolved.

The two girls, brunette ‘Penny Thompson’ and blonde ‘Mandy Jones,’ are seen frolicking in the shower, fully clothed for some reason in yellow pleated skirts and blue blouses. School authority ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ breaks up this hilarity and hands them towels to dry off. Miraculously, they seem to be completely dry and well-kempt. This would have been a better time to have them remove all the uncomfortable wet clothes.

Miss GL goes and gets a slipper, to deal with them right here in the shower room. But she doesn’t do much. After an excessively long scolding and hands-on-head, she spanks both girls OTK on their blue knickers.

Another inexplicable scene–while we watch, both girls change into full schoolgirl kits, blazers, ties, etc., without showing us anything. The girls are spanked again, and Mandy is give two textbooks to hold at arms-length, which she doesn’t do correctly and in fact stops when GL is out of sight.

More spanking for gum chewing; GL produces her canes. Penny is caned on blue knickers and on the bare, not worth detailing. Too much talk, not enough spanking.

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