Lesbian Headmistress – FIONACOOPER

21 Oct

F/f; year: 2003; time: 7.5 hours and more

We visited a series of films made through British producer ‘Fiona Cooper,’ who we have associated mostly with pornographic girlie videos, some featuring British models who have done some nice work in CP. These sequences show some mild spanking, mixed with lengthy lesbian domination and submission, in keeping with the ‘girlie’ themes at FC. The ‘Headmistress,’ ‘Miss Katherine Centemay,’ will see a succession of girls in her office, the only setting. ‘Blow-by-blow’ descriptions, as it were, are not necessary. The following descriptions are from one film or another.

The segments are between 25 and 30 minutes each. The girls who report to the headmistress come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are all very pretty and plausible schoolgirls. We don’t see any CP  film model regulars.

The Head is a thin, darkish brunette, who, we see, is very much inclined to take her own clothes off if the chance arrives. The first schoolgirl knocks and enters. She’s been caught “in town.” All the girls know what is going to happen in this room.

The girl bends over the desk, skirt up, full white panties. For most of the film, we will see conventional undergarments on the girls. Also, plenty of pubic hair. In addition, the office furniture, together with hair styles, suggests production earlier than 2003.

The spanking is secondary–undressing in the feature. The girl willingly removes her jumper, tie, and blouse, and in white undies, is back over the desk. The Head spanks with a book, then begins with a cane. She helps the girl off with her bra and panties, full thatch of hair, important for the camera, suggesting a late 1980’s or early ’90’s era. More mild cane.

The Head is fascinated with her naked student and lets her fingers spin in the pubic fuzz. Kissing, caressing, nipple sucking. The girl is docile, maybe slightly interested, before she gathers her clothes and is dismissed.

A very tall student is next, about a foot taller than the Head, which won’t deter her. She is dressed in a tight latex skirt. “You look like a slut.” She gets the book, slipper and cane before the skirt is almost literally peeled down to display transparent pantyhose and no panties.

The girl gradually loses her clothes and needs no encouragement to kneel in front of the Head, helping her to strip also. The Head spreads her legs on the desk for an oral job from this girl—some brief closeups. More caning before dismissal.

The next little blonde into the office actually wears a boater to augment her kit. She goes through the same drill with the Head, losing her clothes. Palm slaps. This actress looks a bit more nervous, covering her nudity.

The Head’s kissing, fondling, and nuzzling seems to warm her up a bit. Naked for spanking and the cane. “Sorry, miss, I’ll do whatever you want.” That line is the theme of all these scenes.

Another schoolgirl, a tall dark blonde who would be a handful for the headmistress if there were a struggle. Her clothes come off, and this girl has the boobs for several girls, much to the pleasure of the Head, who accelerates getting naked herself. The usual spankings, some masturbating by both girls, and the schoolgirl into the diaper position for some close attention.

The next girl is not dressed as a schoolgirl; red panties down, some oral from the Head. She is the first shaved girl we have seen. The sex is more aggressive here.

Two schoolgirls report this time, and the Head handles them both.

Another blonde in a boater, delightful little beauty. She wears light green full panties, but just for the moment. Mild spankings, too bad this scene wasn’t longer.

The next student is seduced in the same way–this time the girl’s glasses are primary.

Another girl in a boater and normal dress, this one with melon boobs which will be the feature, and Katherine’s focus. Both girls get naked. The ‘student’ gets cream lotion on her bottom AND her boobs from the Head.

Katherine searches through the bag of her next visitor. She finds a small packet in the girl’s belt–cocaine? Over the desk for a spanking, offending thong discarded, she is given conventional panties.

When her bra comes off, our wait was worth it. The girls fondle and move from position to position; after the girl leaves, Katherine handles a very large dildo which will not be used here.

A doll-like little blonde, a real find by the casting department; Katherine takes some time getting her naked. Naughty fondling, mostly shaved, the first tattoos we have seen in this series. The usual workout.

Another very tall brunette, towering over headmistress Katherine. Same activity.

’Gloria’ puts on an old school uniform and returns to the Head for a tune up. A mild spanking with all the implements. Gloria gets naked, a lot of pussy attention.

The Head will spank a girl caught taking Polaroid shots in the dorm, setting an age to this series.  Typical spankings, a lot of Lesbian action. Clothes off, down to Bobby socks and heels.

‘Rose’ is an employee, in trouble at the school. “You will do anything to keep your job?” The Head will get her clothes off and likes her boobs.

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