Auntie Knows Best – CALSTAR

22 Oct

F/f; time: 28 minutes

An odd title–not too many aunts behave like this! And caution–an American CALSTSAR. Let’s call her the ‘niece’–she puts on a schoolgirl’s outfit in a messy room, where we see a few canes lying on the bed. So this already must be some fetish play.

In another room, another girl, the ‘aunt’ for their little game, calls impatiently for the girl to hurry up. The niece enters in her little store-bought outfit and the lesbian-tinged smacking begins. Up with the plaid kilt, ‘regulation’ panties.

As the aunt spanks from her sitting position, we can see, with her help, that she is not wearing panties. Niece’s panties down, thatch of hair, silly spanking.

More silly spanking not worth detailing–ruler, tawse, clothes coming off.

The niece is sent to her bedroom and lies bare-bottom over a backrest for some caning by the aunt. Mild caning, not even hard enough for marks to speak of, caressing. The girl peels off her top and goes to bed naked. Avoid.

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