Bad Butt – NUWEST

28 Oct

F/m; time: 39 minutes

Here are 12 scenes of NUWEST’s male model ‘David’ being spanked by two girls, both familiar NW cast members. These are rough-cut scenes with directorial prompts. We don’t recognize any of them from other films. From the accruing marks made on David’s butt, we’d suspect this was made all at once. And lastly, so far we haven’t found any reference to this film in the NW literature.

1. A tall sexy brunette has half-naked David OTK, his legs pinned between hers. She rubs his bottom vigorously between “action” signals, to keep the redness going, or because she wants to.

2. Joanne Jameson spanks, sitting with a Cheshire-grin, awaiting the Action signal. This being David, we presume she is enjoying the sensation of an erection he surely has. Throughout the film, we were waiting for a spanker to reach under for a wank, but none did.

3. The brunette from above spanks again.

4. More Joanne.

5. The brunette uses a hand-mirror sized paddle.

6. Joanne uses a paddle. She is changing outfits. David is bare-ass.

7. The brunette paddles again. David is now fully naked.

8. Joanne.

9. The brunette uses a ruler.

10. Joanne uses a ruler. David’s butt and thighs are becoming more and more bruised, suggesting a continuous session. The setting does not change.

11. The brunette uses a hairbrush. She is wearing a low cut top, her boobs begging for sunlight.

12. And Joanne, more formally dressed, as if she is headed to a party after this, a very hard spanking conclusion. Who would have taken care of David?

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