Doctor Visits II – SPANKSINN

28 Oct

F/f; year: 2012; time: 33 minutes

‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ and ‘Sinn Sage,’ in a simple little romp made in the fashion of most of Chelsea’s other films, produced in about 12 film clips. Sinn lies on a bed in her shorty pajamas and Chelsea plays a doctor sitting beside her.

After some conversation, it is time for Sinn to have a temperature taken, the old fashioned way. Despite the erotic potential of such a scene, CP directors often mess up the blocking so that the view is constricted. NUWEST stumbled through and showed us how to do this first; SHADOWLANE was good at it. This is textbook. Sinn’s bottom is full-screen, Chelsea separates her cheeks, and inserts the thermometer slowly to the expected squeal. The only regret we have is that Chelsea used a modern device, rather than an older, longer one.

Next comes some OTK spanking on the bed, therapeutic and arousing for Sinn. Little blue panties down. Chelsea is more aggressive here than in many of her films–she pries Sinn’s buttocks and vagina open. In keeping with the clinical theme, Sinn goes for a pee down the hall and we join.

Back in bed for a heavy strap. The spankings are conventional. It should be noted that Sinn Sage is another of those models with the classic round, big, and perfect feminine bottom, which seems to soar on its own, especially when she is OTK or lying flat on the bed, a condition the director exploits. We’ve seen bottom rankings on some blogs-it would be difficult.

Chelsea uses a stiff strap, prying apart Sinn’s cheeks to get into crevices. Lots of puss.

The top of the nightie comes off, and Sinn preens naked on the bed. Chelsea plays with her boobs–don’t remember seeing her do this before. Flat on the bed–there is that tush. Strap, paddle, cane.

Another rectal reading. “Ah, yes, much less resistance this time.”

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