LEDA Ladies x-rated – NUWEST FD-259

28 Oct

A long film from NUWEST, containing too many short scenes to catalogue. NW has mixed spanking and hardcore sex here. Mr. Ed Lee gets to perform the ultimate part himself in some cases; we presume the persoanl equipment is attached to others in some of the scenes. And we don’t get to see some of these favorite NUWEST girls, Katie and Joanne, actually getting fucked often. We’ll outline the longest segments.

In the San Marcos garage/storeroom, a muscular blond male, quite naked, and being a good guy about it, is strung up, getting a whipping from his girlfriend, ‘Karen’ we think, one of the NW cast. He has been inattentive, maybe a cheat, and she wants performance! “I’m trying to get attention from you.” She talks dirty to him, describing in detail what he had better be willing to do to/for her. “Joe, it’s a shame I’ve had to whip you for wii20 minutes…you act like you’re not interested in me any more…will you do what I like, lick my pussy….do me doggy-style and make me cum?”

FADE; the couple is fucking on a couch, and having a bit of postioning trouble. NW is not terribly experienced at pornographic staging. Missionary, blowjob, doggy-style, sixty-nine, sitting on top–they kept trying, and we didn’t have a difficult time imagining what it might have been like. Our diagnosis–the bed is too soft or the guy is not hard enough.

A few short scenes with a completely naked, fuzzy Julia Jameson showing us her oral skills, giving a strung-up guy, with panties covering his head, a jolly blowjob and handjob; she whips his erect penis with a doubled belt. “Ah, your penis has gone all down!” She sucks him back to erection. He may or may not cum, but he is a lucky guy. Julia gives us a big smile.

Lee getting whipped, and doing some fucking.

And a longer scene with ‘Joanne Jameson’ and Ed Lee: she is giving him a hard OTK spanking and playing the Domme. “What are you going to do when I’m through spanking you?” “Go upstairs, ma’am.” Joanne is fully clothed. Lee is naked. She marches him up the familiar NW set stairs by the ear, her bottom nicely active in a knit dress. FADE: Joanne is riding him on top and then being fucked doggy-style. “Better fuck me better than that or I’ll go get my hairbrush and spank your ass. You know I Will.”

There follow a few entertaining, squishy, flesh-slapping fucking scenes, no faces. We’d like to think it is Joanne–the color of the dress is the same. Good stuff.

Then a series of spanking and sexual scenes, Lee and Joanne appear in some.

And then a short scene which has become one of our favorites in all the NU-WEST  catalogue. An older ‘Katie’ is observing ‘Alex’ spanking Ed Lee as hard as she can.

The scene cuts to a bedroom, when Katie kneels, telling us how much she enjoyed watching Alex doing her spanking, while she carefully unbuttons and wiggles out of tight denim shorts and pulls down white panties, all full screen, and at least a tie for the best shot of Katie we have ever seen.

Lee takes position behind her for a doggy fuck. “We’re going to do this once a week. I want you to bring me off…start by licking my asshole.” He enters her. “Harder than that…you’re slowing down…harder!”

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