Harsh Medicine – MISSMARCHMONT

29 Oct

F/f; time: 21 minutes

‘Lucy Bailey’ plays a hospital supervising matron and ‘Nina Birch’ one of her nurses. Drugs are missing from Nina’s station. Lucy will search her, here and now, as only a nurse can.

On with the rubber gloves here at the hospital. Lucy puts a hand into Nina’s knickers, back and front, to the appropriate squeals, but there is no graphic detail. “That seems to be clear.” Into her bra, nothing. In her belt she finds a little pill packet.

Since this is a “serious matter,” and it can be handled in-house, Lucy proposes a “thrashing, without the aid of pain killers.” Lucy pulls up the hem of Nina’s uniform and begins smacking her knickers, then bunching them.

Panties down for a heavy strap, a little paddle the shape of a kitchen spoon, a doubled strap, and a short caning. All these implements at the ready in the matron’s office. The set space was too confined to depict real quality punishment.

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