29 Oct

M/f; time: 40 minutes (four episodes together)

A favorite of ours from REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE. Little blondish ‘Jennifer’ is brought by Mistress Dee to webmaster Michael Masterson’s office for special punishment. Filmed in a narrow hallway, Jennifer is ordered to strip naked, put her clothes in a neat pile “right there,” and sit is a Queen Anne chair and wait. Jennifer fidgets naked for a full three minutes of film, a waste of time for some viewers, but tension-building for us.

The door opens and Masterson drags little Jennifer into the room. Her nudity increases her submissive helplessness and she appears even smaller than she is. She is made to kneel erect in front of the fireplace.

She must stand, feet on a taped demarcation line, bend forward, grasp the fireplace with arms spread wide and legs wide. The first session consists of a tawse and leather strap.

After the strap comes the huge fraternity paddle. She kneels again and Masterson circles his handiwork with a flash camera. Hands-on-knees for crop. More photos, more cropping. Hands-on-chair for a sort of yardstick.

More photos, then a cane session. White lines appear on red marks. Three different paddles, more flash photography. Her bottom is trashed; even though Masterson has not been spanking overly hard, this long session has aggregated. She kneels on the hard brick hearth as the concluding punishment.

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