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Caned for Cash- Budapest Girls – KOOBOOENTERTAINMENT

27 Nov

3F/4f; year: 2006; time: 45 minutes

A film with the feel of MOOD Pictures. The ‘Caned For Cash’ series features girls willing to take canings for payment. The rules: increasing payment for complete sets of 10 cane strokes. Here, unlike some caning ‘competitions,’ where the girls vie against each other, there is no contest here other than the individual ability to accept pain. They get paid in lump sums for full sets of 10.

Four girls will submit to three dommes. The girls appear here in ‘Caned For Cash’ T-shirts and just panties. In the first round, each of the girls, two brunettes and two blondes, strip naked and are strapped down on a padded bench to take 10 strokes from each domme.

For the second round, the girls lie flat on a gurney-like table, a European posture. the cane being used is a thin whippy affair, which has been wrapping around the far flanks of the girls and playing some havoc there. This supine posture allows the caner to focus the cane tip on more limited areas.

Continuing; now the dommes call for volunteers to step forward. the girls come out hesitatingly, in no particular order. Some lie on the table, or kneel on all fours on it, or stand at the end and lean on it. Some girls take just 10 strokes, some 20 or 30 more.

Somewhere along the way, salve appears to have been applied to the girls’ bottoms. This film will appeal to those who like straight, hard caning, without any storyline.


25 Nov

We enjoyed Coach Daniels and Elizabeth (or Victoria or Veronica) Burns when they got to spank, individually or together, the large collection of beautiful young bottoms produced at REALSPANKINGS. There were many occasions where they spanked each other; then there is the now defunct website they later formed, THESPANKINGCOUPLE, where they take things to the next logical conclusion in a few episodes.

These RSN episodes are set in either a domestic context for their personas as a couple or within their personas as actors and disciplinarians at REALSPANKINGS, and a few in separate stories. Here are  over 45 intercepts from RSI/RSN. The producer generally did not title the episodes, so we added some cues. We will add more films.

1.’Burns Ruins Pants’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes; parts) Elizabeth has apparently ruined a pair of Daniel’s khakis and not told him about it. He confronts her in the garret-bedroom used in may RSN episodes. When Daniels shows her the damage, she tries the time-honored “I have no idea.” “I think you burnt it…I’m going to burn your bottom now.” OTK she goes, in black top and jeans. “No matter what I say, it’s my fault.”

Burns stands to drop her jeans herself–it is the best way to preserve her panties, little white ones, until Daniels tugs them down.

She is left kneeling in tears while Daniels goes to the laundry room. In the next episode, when he returns, he brings the iron.”Have you figured out what happened to my pants?” OTK for just a few seconds of paddling. Through sniffles, Elizabeth admits she wasn’t paying attention. After a solid spanking, she is left kneeling, a lengthy closeup of her bare bottom and that tramp stamp we have gotten so familiar with, “Honor Courage Commitment.” A Tom Clancy novel is visible on a bookshelf.

This spanking is repeated from the front. Those white panties were rolled down just to the point of covering her charms. Here you will see a tearful closeup only a few actresses could pull off.

‘Burns stops at the wrong bar’ (RSI; M/f; time: 22 minutes) A short episode repeated three times from different cameras. NUWEST did this often in their beginnings, and they were naughtier at it, but not as technically competent. They probably chose not to splice together three camera angles.

Coach Daniels is going to spank his wife Elizabeth Burns because she has done two things which gives him the excuse he needs to get at her pants. She stopped at a bar they both agreed to avoid, and she has been racing his car. Burns is in delightful, quite profane disagreement that these deviations merit a spanking, which has the effect of firing both of them up. She thinks, and we will concur, that all he wants is a shot at spanking her. “This is bull! I didn’t do anything.”

A little arm-wrestle, she hits him, they’re both winded. Burns drops her jeans, for a paddle. “Just take your lickin'” “This is unfair.” Black thong. Nice. We’ll see this scene, with a few additions, from several angles.

At the conclusion, Burns remains in position for 10 minutes and now fidgets, jeans back up, on the couch. Daniels returns with a long thin stiff paddle and the bent-over jeans-down is repeated. “Stick that ass out for me…maybe a little wood on here would help.” It stings more this time, and her bottom is red and bruised. This sequence is also repeated from the facial view, very big tears.

3.’Burns’ spanking test’ for RSN camera’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes)
Elizabeth sits in the interview position on the Queen Anne chair in front of the fireplace. It seems that somehow she missed being scheduled for a ‘spanking test.’ There are a number of delicious episodes of sensational RSN girls stripping naked to be test-spanked in this setting.

“Today, a surprise, for you, we’re going to have Mr. Daniels do it.” “Lucky me.” Daniels arrives, has her drop her jeans and panties. There are brief frontals here, rare for her.

Elizabeth goes bare-bottom over Daniels’ lap; Mistress Dee is directing the shot and ‘Cindy’ is operating the camera. Daniels, in his flower-print spanking shirt, follows cues and whales away, fast and moderate.

Elizabeth squeals as she always does. Dee orders “switch” and Daniels picks up a ‘teardrop’ paddle. After the spanking, Elizabeth is asked to bend over and display the results. Daniels: “My grandmother would call that a tomato bottom.” Dee asks her for a 1-to-10 rating. “It’s stingy, sore, and a little hot, I like that.”

Beside Ms. Burns submissive spanking skills, her acting and charms are on full display here.

4.Burns over the bannister’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Elizabeth has done something, and in her house spankings are quickly the remedy. She is bent over the balustrade, being paddled. She wears a black skirt and black long-sleeved top. Daniels paddles her skirt with a long thin fraternity model. Wonderful plausible grunts and tears. The next segment focuses on her bottom during the paddling.

Two additional segments show this same sequence from the facial side. She is crying from the beginning. Only LUPUS girls cry harder.

5.’Burns and the cushion’‘ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) A very sexy Elizabeth Burns, busty in a tight beaded T-shirt, bare midriff and jeans, cheerfully greets Daniels, himself resplendent in a Hawaiian shirt. One of these days we will see more of Ms. Burns.

She has neglected to pick up a fancy cushion needed for a realtor showing, giving Daniels his excuse to spank her even for this triviality. Bend-over for handspanking, he makes her drop her jeans AND her panties. Bottom closeup view; he uses a small version of the RSN floppy strap.

A second camera angle, from the side. Lots of interest in seeing that tight T-shirt come off someday.

When he is finished this short spanking, he pulls up her transparent white decorated panties. “You can have a nice warm bottom while you drive down there to get the cushion.”

6.Elizabeth makes RSN profile appearance‘ (M/f; year:2006; time:14 minutes) No storyline here. Elizabeth sits in the wing chair, being interviewed off-camera by Mistress Dee, in the same manner as for the introduction of many of the RSN girls. Elizabeth wears a black turtleneck.

She discusses childhood spankings, not many, but one very memorable strapping from her father. Ms. Burns is quite engaging here, especially entertaining because it is Dee’s practice to have the girl stand and strip. Elizabeth describes herself as a “FemDom,” but she does like a spanking now and then.

Dee has a “surprise” for her. In walks Daniels. “Hello, Elizabeth.” With a bit of theatrical gulp,”Hello, Mr. Daniels.” Dee asks her to stand and strip. As the top and jeans come off to expose minimal black undies, Daniels is impressed. “I see you have been working out.” She is just as appealing as any of the girls downstairs at the RSN studios, many of them must be 20 years younger than she.

This is as naked as we have found Ms. Burns so far. Daniels will spank Elizabeth OTK; Mistress Dee operates the camera and they converse.

She asks Dee if she should go over Daniels’ lap. A moderate and entertaining handspanking, front view, hair off her face, zoom on some distress. Dee asks her to bend over a hassock to display the results of Daniels’ work. He doesn’t forget the thighs.

7.’Fair play/just desserts for Elizabeth‘(M/f; time: 12 minutes) Some play time for Burns and Daniels, in their professional personas. It seems she has been playing spanking games with some RSI models, blindfolding them and having them identify the spanking implement, with penalties for missing. “I think turnabout would be fair play, you being the premiere TOP that you are.”

She laughs, knowing Daniels is always looking for any pretext to spank her.

Elizabeth will play along, but she warns Daniels she has it “on good authority” that the tables will be turned and that he will be spanked in this game. We have not seen Daniels spanked at RSN, but he does drop trou at THESPANKINGCOUPLE.

Elizabeth is busty in her beaded brown T-shirt; Daniels in one of his signature Hawaiian shirts. Elizabeth drops her jeans, puts on a blindfold, and climbs onto a bed, on hands and knees.

Daniels will let her taste, in order, the RSN big floppy strap, a wood paddle, the ‘brat whacker,’ a Spencer strap, a short thick strap, and the spatula. They banter and laugh through the test spankings and penalty strokes. Elizabeth does her signature squawking–especially with the wood paddle, which is “horrible.”

Her bottom is full-screen for most of the 12 minutes, with just a thong to protect. High praise for this sexy show.

8.‘Paddling before bed, no butter for popcorn’(M/f; time: 11 minutes; 3 parts) Now this would be one of the flimsiest excuses you could come up with if you wanted to spank someone at bedtime to get an erection. Elizabeth used all the butter and Daniels had to eat dry popcorn. They banter–Elizabeth fights a smile off her face; you could understand it, since this couple spends their daytimes spanking a plethora of young bottoms at REALSPANKINGSKINSTITUTE.

The rear view of a spanking with a leather paddle with handle is augmented by a side view to catch the red face and tears. Elizabeth wears a pink nightie and bends over a hassock in the sitting room.

Quickly, she bends over a hassock, he lifts the hem of her pink nightie, to display a little G-string. He paddles with a big thick strap. Most of this 4-minute segment is repeated from an oblique view so that we can enjoy her unhappy face.

9.’Elizabeth’s Doggy Addiction’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Another silly excuse to get your partner’s pants down. Go for it. Elizabeth is spending too much money on their dog, figurines, etc. Daniels chases her friend ‘Monica’ out of the room. He challenges her on-line shopping habits for miniature dogs and objects to a recent $700 purchase. She fights back–she doesn’t challenge the cost of HIS hobbies. “I’m going to paint your back porch red.” The scene is the RSN fireplace sitting room. There is a lot of dialogue in this story–do we hear traces of Minnesota or the Dakota’s in Elizabeth?

Elizabeth bends over for a fancy embossed leather razor strop. “How much did you spend for that implement?” “Drop your pants…need some help?” She drops her jeans and her white-lace-trimmed panties go with them. “Get those panties back up.” More strop and handspanking on the panties. Her thighs are nice and red.

A long addition view of this spanking from the side.

Daniels takes the panties down. This he must do himself. There is a lot of talk in this episode, and there really must be, otherwise Elizabeth’s bottom would have been fried.

Elizabeth is actually a little angry here. “You’re such an asshole. like $700 matters…look at your own self.” “For that, young lady, on the bare.” She does not react, because she knew her panties were going at some point anyway. She lets out a “fuck you” at one point and won’t retract it.
After her strapping, Elizabeth sits sobbing, no one we have seen better at this. She is left to rub and

10. Elizabeth discipline for studio cell phone ringing‘ (M/f; time:6 minutes) During a RSN shoot with other girls, Elizabeth let her cell phone ring, something absolutely forbidden of the cast, let alone Management.

Daniels will spank her for this, and Elizabeth doesn’t seem to object. She is wearing a brown V-neck top and designer jeans. He asks her what her least favorite spanking implement is, one of RSN’s paddles.

We get the rear view of a caning on her jeans, with good side views of her face. At the conclusion of the segment, she drops her jeans to show the marks, which are pleasing TO Daniels, and angry little collection of stripes on her far buttock. “You took that well.”

11.’Burns always Says  Yes’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth sits at a desk, in dark top and denim shorts; Coach Daniels arrives, in dark flowered shirt and jeans, and they discuss her constant need to say ‘yes’ to everyone, to be agreeable, then give to others and sacrifice her own welfare, a sort of therapeutic confession. Daniels stands there with a paddle, so the solution is clear.

“You’ve been spanked already today. You’ll be spanked again.” She bends over the desk and is instructed to say, “May I drop my pants?” There are no panties, just the lace of a G-string overlaying her tramp stamp. He begins with a small thick wood paddle, and Elizabeth gasps as she does. Sarcastically, “You know how much I love that paddle.”

She sniffles and admits she must learn to say ‘no.’ She sits painfully at the conclusion

12.’Burns forgets to lock up’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Elizabeth claims to be very sorry she left the house without locking up and setting the alarm. She is busty here in a tight flowered top and jeans. Daniels has on his blue dress shirt.

She stands to take her jeans down. “Do you want my panties up or down?” “Up. Thanks for asking.” They are little white bikini things. We’re not going to see much of her bottom here-this mostly the facial view. A separate side view camera helps.

As he paddles her on those panties, he reminds her of that willow tree down by the pump, where he will make her cut a switch for the next time this happens. They hug, she got the message.

13.’Burns and Daniels in the dungeon’ (M/f; time:7 minutes) Again, Elizabeth submissively waits for Daniels, in a black frilly top and black lace panties. The scene is the stark cellar punishment room so effectively used by REALSPANKING.

A spanking implement is selected from a large collection on a table. Burns’ wrists are tied behind her with Daniels’ necktie. She kneels on a padded board and bends forward over the padded spanking bench. Daniels has selected a thin straight stick with an indentation in it about the width of a set of buttocks. He calls it the “brat whacker,” which conceptually might not seem to apply to the sophisticated Ms. Burns, except when she is brought down a few pegs by having to grovel here in the basement like some of the younger RSI girls.

A few from the brat whacker, then more from a hairbrush raise an echoing squawk from her. Tears (as always from her), great facials of her crushed on the pad. The RSN floppy strap, then a straight-edge stick.

Daniels removes the necktie from her wrists and ties them to the bench with soft white rope. More is coming. “You’re not going anywhere, are you?”

In an additional 7-minute episode, the spanking is repeated from a better rear view. Daniels uses the brat whacker, a kitchen spoon, a hairbrush, and a ruler. He puts the cane loop/rug beater in her face because he knows she doesn’t like that.

When he uses the hairbrush, white dry skin flecks smoke off her bottom. Daniels is amused (Elizabeth not so much). “The hairbrush knocks the crispy stuff off your ass.”

She will spend an hour alone, tied over the trestle in the cellar.

14.’Burns and Daniels- she has guilt‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth Burns awaits Daniels. She narrates: she has asked for a spanking to expunge some guilt. She won’t discuss the personal reasons.

Daniels arrives, knows his role, and Burns is soon over his lap. The set is simply a Queen Anne chair with a white sheet backdrop. “This is not a warm-up pattycake.” A hard, fast spanking on her jeans. She stands to drop her jeans. Tears, and the usual excellent facials of her suffering. When he announces that he is finished, Elizabeth thinks just a bit more is needed. Daniels obliges .

15.’Elizabeth Forgets to Lock House'(M/f; time:4 minutes) Elizabeth failed to lock the house, so a spanking is underway here. She is bent over, hands on two stools, being paddled. This is the side view; she wears a black top and a just-adequate denim skirt. Daniels wears one of his floral shirts. Typically had paddling for this couple; she drops her skirt, authentic tears.

“Do you want my panties down?” “No, I want your panties up…keep that willow tree in mind. A switch on your bare thighs will be a lot worse.” The session ends with a hug.

16.’Elizabeth Gossips‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Poor girl, she can’t catch a break. Elizabeth is getting a spanking for gossiping. She is down to a white silk slip and Daniels has on his blue shirt. She waits for him in the submissive RSN kneeling position, hands folded behind her back.

He arrives with a small paddle; this is the rear view. Slip up, white panties bunched. He grabs her hair and scolds as he paddles. Panties stay on. Closeups. She is reminded, “the cane next time.”

The scene is repeated from a side view, where Elizabeth’s suffering can be exhibited.

17.’Elizabeth Makes Bad Coffee‘ (M/f; time:5 minutes) Elizabeth brings Daniels a cup of uptown coffee, which he hates. He wants standard old-fashioned Joe. Since she knows better, she is going to get a spanking, now. Elizabeth wears a black top, a flared flower-print skirt, and black heels. If she was trolling for a spanking and whatever follows, she is not dressed for it.

Daniels wrestles her OTK, not an effort, skirt up, white panties. After a brief but effective spanking, she kneels submissively on her haunches in front of him. He makes her taste the coffee and turn so HE can see her bottom.

18.’Elizabeth Applies For A Job‘ (M/f; time: 11 minutes; several segments) Daniels speaks to Elizabeth as she sits at a desk. He plays an employer interviewing a new hire. She wears a two piece suit. She seems to have been accepted for a job with him, and he has some pretty tough standards. She is 10 minutes late for her start.

He explains that corporal punishment is used in this office. Does she know what that it? “Do you mean ‘spanking’?” “We’ll see if you’re truly committed…when’s the last time you were spanked?…get over.” Looks like a good spanking is part of Daniels’ screening process. “This 10 minute thing doesn’t work…you’re going to be spanked.” “Right now?” Works for us.

Elizabeth looks at the camera, rare for her, with a glance of disgust and for reassurance, as if to say: “Is this guy for real?” Daniels is in shirt and tie, Elizabeth in top and skirt. OTK easily, when Daniels flips up the skirt and sees the minimal G-string, “I see you came prepared for a nice spanking.” After a brief smacking, he leads her off to her new work cubicle. We wonder what you would have had to have done to earn a spanking even before your first day at your desk.

19.’Elizabeth Runs Out of Gas‘ (M/f; time:14 minutes) Elizabeth can’t seem to keep gas in her fancy car, despite the electronic warnings. Is she one of those ‘Jersey girls’ who don’t pump gas? Daniels is disturbed by her carelessness and decides on a spanking. She wears a black blouse and jeans and he is informal in a flannel shirt.

OTK spanking on her jeans, then she drops them–she usually does, to display a black G-string. More spanking OTK, interesting groans from Ms. Burns, who, with tears, is very good at suffering. She kneels on the floor, sniffling, and shows him her red bottom. This scene is repeated from the facial side.

20. Elizabeth forgets to blow out the candles‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth forgot to blow out the candles in the bathroom before bed last night, after her bath, a spanking offense. She wears her white silk nightie and Daniels is in a blue shirt, trying to leave for work. She lies on a single bed waiting for him. Daniels has her stand and straddle the corner of the bed for the doubled bed. Nightie up, just a G-string covers her tramp stamp tattoo. Bottom closeup, rather mild strapping for this couple.

A side view of Elizabeth bent over getting this strapping, her face literally dripping tears. We repeat, there are few criers to equal her.

21.’Elizabeth leaves messy kitchen’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Daniels wears a tie and coat and catches Elizabeth sitting in their wing chair, reading ‘erotica.’ She wears a long-sleeve brown turtleneck. The kitchen is a mess; she is claiming she needs a break.

Daniels grabs her OTK without much resistance and begins spanming her on her designer jeans, the facial/frontal view here. As he whales, “Am I getting through?”

Elizabeth stands and drops her jeans; white panties. She is allowed to compose herself before heading for the kitchen.

22.’Elizabeth Has an Attitude‘ (M/f; year: 2007;time:12 minutes) Elizabeth is kneeling, waiting in the penitent spanking position for Daniels. She wears a flower print blouse and jeans.

Daniel arrives, in shirt and tie. He looks at her belt–“It’s thicker,” he will use that, so she takes it off. “Assume to position.” Hands-on-hassock, we have the rear view of Elizabeth receiving the belt on her jeans. “Nothing like a little ass whipping to modify that uppity attitude.”

“Stand up, drop those pants….ooh, that’s nice.” He likes the marks. Zoom. Hold on her red bottom while Daniels goes to get facial tissue for her. The little thong covering her tramp stamp didn’t help much here.

The whipping is repeated from the side view. Ms. Burns is in tears early and all the way.

23.’Burns-more gossiping ‘ (M/f; time:3 minutes) Elizabeth is being spanked, in a white nightie, for yet again spreading gossip to her friends. A lot of punishment before bed in this house. Side views of facials of this session. Tears, closeups.

“Never again, or it’s the cane!…take a few moments to compose.”

24.’Burns doesn’t do the laundry‘(M/f; time:19 minutes) Elizabeth is very busty in a white top here; she is exhausted today. “I hope I didn’t do anything wrong today.” Daniels enters and Elizabeth knows there is trouble coming. She has not been doing the laundry or picking up the dry cleaning, a little boycott for having to be responsible for minor car maintenance. “T think you should spank me for it…get it out of your system.” “Drop your pants.” In a rare moment, we have the briefest frontal view.

Daniels is faux-mad and asks her: “What would you do if you were me?” “I’d paddle your ass,” she says, a tad playfully. They discuss her transgressions and just much paddling has been earned.

25 Burns forgets the password‘ (M/f; time:xxx) Elizabeth has lost a password, she kneels on a couch, her hands behind her back in the RSN position. She wears a black turtleneck. Daniels paddles her on her jeans, the jeans come down, a red thong, her bottom is almost as red.

26.’Elizabeth and Mistress Dee at RSN‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Another interview with Mistress Dee; Elizabeth sits full-screen on the wing chair- a lot of pretty bottoms have perched here. She has agreed to a “school strokes” spanking session today.

“Luckily for you, Mr. Daniels is here.” Elizabeth rolls her eyes. Dee: “I’m going to have you stand up. You have already been spanked 3 times today. Pull down your pants and panties and show us the “before bottom.” There is some redness. “Nice.”

Daniels appears–Elizabeth makes that face at him again. “No tissue in your pockets?” “No, I will need that for later.” She bends over and Daniels begins caning her on her jeans. The second stroke seems to resonate with a special gasp. “That seemed like a good one,” observes Daniels. “Oh, yeah,” gasps Elizabeth.

Elizabeth gets about 10 strokes in this session. Daniels leaves and she sits gingerly, now needing that tissue. Dee wants a rating on the 1-to-10 scale. “10.” “Stand up and show us your bottom” The denim jeans diffused the stripes pretty much–a few can be seen. She pulls up her white-lace panties and jeans.

27.’Burns doesn’t lock closet‘(M/f; 9 minutes) Burns doesn’t dispute a paddling she earns from Daniels for failing to lock the valuables closet while contractors are in the house. She admits she remembers she would be paddled. Acceptance of fate enhances the fantasy.

Hands on stools, she is paddled on her denim shorts. “Drop your pants.” Just a G-string sort of thing remains. Wails and sniffles. The paddling is presented from several angles

28. ‘Elizabeth overcooks broccoli‘ (M/f; time:8 minutes) Another example of how quickly you can get into trouble in this household. Daniels thinks Elizabeth turned the broccoli to mush on purpose. “Did you do it on purpose to get attention…what’s a meal without the broccoli being right?” Even though the meal was otherwise perfect, she will be spanked for the broccoli.

Elizabeth is kneeling in front of him, wearing a short leather skirt. She has reported with the long floppy RSN strap. She stands and bends over. Daniels begins with a few strokes on the skirt; Elizabeth gasps, but it is clear the skirt is too much protection. He flips it up, she is wearing just a G-string. Sniffles already.

After the strapping she must kneel for 15 minutes.

29. ‘Elizabeth busts budget and flirts‘ (M/f; time:21 minutes)Elizabeth wears a pink Chinese jacket here. She has busted the household budget and been caught flirting with Daniels’ friends. Elizabeth waits for her spanking. She is in the RSN kneeling position, arms at the small of her back, pants down, sniffling. Daniels returns with a cane this time.

She has been flirting with ‘Sergeant Rodek,’ a teammate of Daniels “on the base.” Her weak and tearful denials and excuses won’t fly. “Bend over and get that ass out, you’re going to get 12.”

Moderate caning, but the bruises already on Elizabeth’s buttocks are aggravated quickly. Significant cane marks, on the far buttock and thigh. 

30. ‘Elizabeth forgets oil change’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Burns has a fancy car. She blows through an oil change. She thought oil changes were a ‘guy thing,’ a ‘man job.’ She wears a little white jacket here and is largely amused. “I’ll be right back,” says Daniels. “I’m sure you will.” She is getting a spanking. He returns with the big paddle/strap.

Their little dispute notwithstanding, “It doesn’t matter. You’re going to spank me anyway.” She bends over the desk. We will have the rear and facial views of the paddle cracking on her jeans. Sarcastically, “You clearly know how to spank to your heart’s content.”

“Pull your pants down.” Unusual full white panties for Elizabeth. Scolding. Panties down. “Count these.” They hug to conclude. She checks her bottom and wipes tears.

31. ‘Spanking at bedtime‘ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Elizabeth wears a brightly colored nightie. Apparently she has an appointment tonight, because she lies across a stack of pillows on a hassock. “You knew you were going to get it tonight.”

Her bottom is already red. She gets the paddle and bruises very quickly. “Stay for 20 minutes then come to bed.”

32. ‘Plumbing emergency-stubborn‘ (M/f; year: 2006;time:9 minutes) Daniels reminds Elizabeth of her stubborn insistence on where a store was when they had to go out in a snowstorm. He reserved his punishment right until now.

He takes her OTK and likes what he sees. “You’ve been working out. Your bottom is looking good. He insists on a “Thank you, sir” from her. She stands, he positions her immediately in front of him and unfastens her jeans himself. He notes that her purple G-string will not offer much protection. Front and rear views of a spanking.

She must kneel in the RSN position for 15 minutes.

33. ‘Late to bed‘ (M/f; year:2006; time: 4 minutes) Elizabeth is late coming to bed, and Daniels is angry about it. “I’ll be right up.” He has heard this before. “Seven years in the infantry and my hearing is not that bad.” He will spank her right now. She is wearing the white silk nightie she has been spanked in before. Nightie up, full white panties. Rear and fontal camera angles. She kneels up on a chair to display the results.

34. ‘Speeding‘ (M/f; M/f; year: 2006; time:9 minutes) Elizabeth was caught speeding 32 miles over the limit in her new car. That will cost her 32 strokes of the paddle.

Daniels starts with a paddle on her jeans, but “this is not doing squat…drop those pants.” She is wearing just her G-string. When she objects, he threatens to start over. The scene is repeated from the side and facials.

35. “Scared at Night‘ (M/f; year: 2005; time:12 minutes) Elizabeth has frightened Daniels when he was trying to sleep. [sirens on soundtrack] Here, she is wearing a black top and jeans. He asks her to remember what he told her. “You said you were going to spank my bottom red for scaring you.” The scene is the little attic bedroom RSN used. Elizabeth bends over the bed for the paddle on her jeans.

She drops her jeans and panties, but he wants the panties back up. “I take your panties down.” Which he does. “Oh, yeah,” he observes when he sees the red. The scene is repeated from the side view.

36. ‘Burns excuses students early” (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Daniels is angry at Elizabeth for releasing her class early. After all, the Institute is a reform school. “That’s not the way it works around here, Miss Burns.”

The way it does work, though, is that every little infraction is spankable. Elizabeth bends over her desk, and Daniels gets the very big paddle he knows is in its drawer. He begins a hard paddling on the skirt of her light blue suit. Gasps and tears immediately. Ms. Burns can always be counted on for these. Skirt up, white panties, which will stay on for this segment, but we can see the bruises.

37. ‘Burns overzealous‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Students have complained to Daniels that Ms. Burns has been overzealous in her application of corporal punishment. Daniels confronts her. “Really?” she mocks. She thinks that’s the point of the Institute. But Daniels took the initiative of checking the girls’  bottoms, of course.

He will give Burns herself a refresher course, with a leather paddle. Burns is wearing her black turtleneck. This paddling is filmed from several angles. From the facial side, we see the usual almost instant tears.

38. ‘Elizabeth spanks students too hard‘ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Daniels has noticed the state of some of the girls’ bottoms at the Institute, ‘Riley’ an example. Elizabeth is spanking too hard. He will illustrate how it should be done, how he wants it done.

Elizabeth bends and grabs the door frame in this rear view. Daniels paddles her skirt. She cries and gasps as usual. “Raise your skirt and lower your pants, please.” Closeup. “That is a properly paddled bottom.” That’s what he wants.

39. ‘Elizabeth and grocery list‘ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) We’ve said, you can get spanked for anything in this house. If it is at bedtime, that is more understandable. Here, Daniels will paddle Elizabeth for failing to put a grocery item on the shopping list.

We watch the side view of her paddling. She wears a pink nightie, which is no help at all. Facials, tears, as usual.

40. ‘Elizabeth in undies‘ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) She kneels on the floor in front of Daniels, wearing only black lace panties and bra. Arms behind her back. She is going to be spanked for something and seems resigned to it. OTK she goes, gasps and tears almost immediately.

After this colorful and entertaining spanking, Elizabeth rises. “Don’t you want to see my butt?” You can see almost all there is to see. They hug.

41. ‘Daniels spanks because he can‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth stands in front of Daniels, she wears a breezy flower-print dress. “I’m going to give you this spanking because I can, and because I want to.” Standard OTK spanking, white lace panties down. Ms. Burns always begins crying early. Daniels lets her up, but decides he wants more and continues. Elizabeth must display a completely red bottom at the conclusion. The spanking is viewed from the rear and face. “I feel better. Do you feel better?”

42. ‘Burns spanked for inappropriate attire‘ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Daniels jumps Burns for  wearing a see-through blouse, which it definitely is not. “Inappropriate faculty attire” for the Institute, he finds it. Just another excuse to get at her pants.

OTK she goes. He has the paddle she recently used on ‘Monica.’ “Doe you know what this feels like?” “Yes.” Print skirt up, paddle on panties, then on the bare. Elizabeth is quickly in tears, as usual. The spanking is filmed from front and rear views. She seems to be genuinely sobbing. “Do you think that was unfair?” “Doesn’t matter what I think.”

43. ‘ Burns busts the budget‘ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) We have enjoyed the pretexts Coach Daniels uses to get Elizabeth’s pants down. He’s got a case here–she overspent the monthly budget by $650.

The couple is older here; lots of “Yes, sirs” and “No, sirs” to no avail, Elizabeth is guilty. “Get over my knee. We’re going to talk about it.” Skirt up, white panties, handspanking, on the bare, tears immediately. A small hardwood paddle seems to make the most impression. The sequence is shown from frontal and rear views.

44. ‘Burns’ license plates expire‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Elizabeth’s car offenses have caused many of her spankings–gas, oil, speeding, etc. Now her tags expire. She is indignant with Daniels. “Why are you making it your problem?” “I’m going to tan that tight little ass of yours.” And Burns sums it up: “It’s always something.”

She lies flat on the bed, jeans down, nothing but a lace thong. The usual gasps, tears, and grunts as he spanks. “It doesn’t matter what I say.” Elizabeth is very hot here, in a tight brown T-shirt. Action filmed from two vantages.

45. ‘Burns’ birthday Spanking’ ‘ (M/f’; time: 13 minutes) A cute story. Daniels in his role as dean or head of RealSpanking Institute and Elizabeth as staff member. She reports to him in his office. He has discovered that today is her birthday and she is trying to hide it. There is the policy, of course, of spanking the girls at RSI on their birthdays, students and staff.

Elizabeth  is slightly amused by this dialogue. She is “well aware of the game plan” re:birthdays at the Institute and admits she has serviced Monica and Clare, among others, on their birthdays. Without dispute she bends over the desk; Daniels wants to know how kmany strokes–some laughter over not mentioning her age.

Daniels begins spanking on her skirt, not too hard, but Burns begins her patented squawk. Skirt up, “nice modest white panties.” He whacks on her panties and then on the bare. “You love dishing it out, don’t you?” Brief spanking, a lot of talk. The sequence is repeated from side/face.

46. Daniels settles a score’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes)  Daniels is angry that Veronica told him to “Fuck off” during the filming of a spanking scene at RSN. Veronica is bent over the stairway wall in their house. She wears her black striped slacks. Daniels begins with a heavy strap. She shouts out at each stroke.

”Take your pants down.” They mumble things we can’t hear. A few strokes on her black lace panties. “I hear it hurts worse on the lace.” Daniels pulls them down and continues on the bare. He shows her a wood paddle. “What do we call this?” “The bee sting.” Veronica buckles under this paddle.

They cuddle and make up after the spanking. Ms. Burns cries as she always does as she dresses. 

47. ‘Elizabeth coddling students’ (M/f; time: xxx) Another little story about the couple within their personas as working disciplinarians at RSI. Daniels is unhappy with Burns because she has been commiserating with some of the girls who were spanked very hard by Daniels. “I was just empathizing with her. I know how hard you spank…..from personal experience.” Both are dressed in conservative business attire. Lest Ms. Burns diminish the import here, Daniels flexes a cane.

It was a “mistake” to show sympathy for a student. Mistakes have “consequences.” Elizabeth bends over, and goofs up a bit by raising her skirt before being told. But Daniels steps in. “Let me help you with that.,” and he pulls down her panties. He begins caning her. The initial camera angle from the side catches both her face and the cane strokes. 10 moderate strokes. Ms. Burns was one of the most entertaining sufferers we ever saw. Caning repeated, closeup bottom. This is a wonderful series. Have we caught them all? 
48. ‘Elizabeth spanked Cindy Baker’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Institute office scenario. Daniels has learned ‘Miss Burns’ has spanked staffer Cindy Baker for doing students’ duties and enabling them. So Daniels will spank Elizabeth. No argument, no dispute. This is the way the Institute flows.

Elizabeth goes over the desk. She wears a black skirt and one of her floral print blouses. When Daniels has trouble racking up her tight skirt, she helps. Handspanking, strap, big paddle. The telltale non-symetrical white circle bruises. And she is always the crier.

Spanking Shame – Collection #7

21 Nov

A collection of naughty films from this now-defunct website; when we bought them, all that we could find, we omitted to record the titles.

1. (Brunette, black socks) (M/f; time: 58 minutes) Full monte for this young lady. ‘Doctor Tom’ meets a small mulatto girl in his medical office. He wears his white lab coat, which usually means trouble for the patient reporting to him.

After some conversation (in French), she quite willingly removes her blouse and bra. Tom helps himself to her small nifty boobs. Shoes off, skirt off, down to full white panties. The usual fondling, handling, squeezing, twirling.

The girl drops her panties and steps on a scale. Bend-over, legs wide, the doctor pries and gropes, smacking her bottom as often as possible.

Time for gyno table; she lies flat, naked except for black socks, and Tom begins to work between her legs–we see the first sign that she might not be enjoying this as much as we thought. But that will change. A long frig, then feet in the stirrups. Out comes shaving cream, a long pubic shave. Some bastinado while her soles are available.

Bend over the table for some light spanking. He hands her a dildo and a condom, which she puts on with skill. Over the table again, Tom fucks her thoroughly with the dildo, which she immediately reacts to.

Tom opens his pants and displays an erection literally pointing to the rafters. How does he do it? Condom on, he fucks her doggy style, she pumps in response as the film concludes.

2. (Brunette in red kilt)(M/f; time: 52 minutes) A long and slow humiliation of a delightful young brunette who does a nice job of acquiescing to Doctor Tom’s wandering hands.

In the usual manner, the girl enters the medical lab and curiously examines the equipment. She wears a black top, kilt, and white socks. Her long dark hair is well down her back. Tom enters and likes what he sees.

He checks her out as he always does, and must have convinced her (in French, because she unbuttons and pulls open her blouse). She doesn’t need to wear a bra. Tom massages her boobs, without resistance. He takes off her socks and plays with her toes, a little fetish we don’t remember from Doctor Tom.

After conversation, she removes her kilt, which takes a minute. She is now just in white cotton bikini panties. For some reason, she covers herself, sort of hopeless, she must know. He bunches her pants to massage her buttocks, and she straighten then out again.

The sporatic spanking begins, and he is picking at the panties. OTK, this little girl has nice wide feminine hips. While she is OTK, he works the panties down, to display a perfect clear magnificent bottom.

He takes her temperature rectally, full screen. Afterward, she stands facing us, full frontal, rather relaxed. Tom takes her vital measurements and has her parade naked. Nice.

Bend over the gyno table for some mild bastinado. He gives her a hospital gown to put on, but then for some reason takes it off from her again. Onto the table for a pussy exam, and some attention to her clitoris.

3. (Girl in blue dress w/medical file)(M/f; time: 50 minutes) An average-looking dark blonde, a plausible patient, arrives in ‘Doctor Tom’s’ office and hands him her medical file. We assume she has been referred here by someone and probably has butterflies in her stomach. She should.

Tom begins handling her, turning her around, pulling her dress up, and using his stethoscope. She is mostly willing; no bra, adolescent body, blue bikini panties, she pulls back reflexively.

The camera pulls back, the full medical setup is revealed. She pulls her dress over her head and takes off her shoes, down to just panties. She lies back on the gyno table and Tom is right at it massaging her breasts. On her back, he works her panties down, a little Mohawk. Onto her stomach, a full feminine bottom and the reason she got hired

Tom tries to take her temperature rectally, perfectionist that he is, but she successfully resists and gets her panties back up. Ruler spanking, pants down again, long squirming spanking. On hands and knees, she decides to take the rectal thermometer rather than this incessant ruler.

Cut to an exercise pad, little gym shorts only. Jump rope, shorts down, hands on head. She tries a hula hoop, naked, but can’t do it. (They didn’t practice?) Too bad, one of the greatest of naked exercises if you are a pygophilist. Leg lifts from the floor, she really can do them. Handstands, Tom holds her erect, and pulls her panties UP. He has what can certainly be called a face-full. Spanking, frigging, handling, this girl will escape his big enchilada.

4. (Girl in Pink top, big shoes)(M/f; time: 55 minutes) Doctor Tom sits in civilian clothes interviewing a plain-looking thin brunette. The scene is the green couch set.

The girl stands and allows Tom to begin to pick at her kilt and stroke her legs and thighs. Red panties peek out. Back onto the couch, more conversation. Is he trying to convince her of something? OTK on the couch, panties down, he pries her buttocks apart.

A bit of a struggle on the couch as the girl rolls around on his lap, giving him full access to whatever he wants, legs spread, frigging, vagina investigation. More talk.

Back on her feet, her clothes gradually come off. More OTK, more prying examination. Various spanking positions, more frigging.

While the girl kneels on the couch, head low, Tom opens and drops his pants. He is hugely erect, as always. He proceeds to fuck the girl doggy-style, she very willing. The film concludes with a post-coital chat on the couch.

5.(Girl in Purple dress, boots) (M/f; time: 54 minutes) A very pretty dark blonde reports to Doctor Tom and he begins his usual inspection immediately. Dress up, pantyhose, stethoscope, bra off, Tom goes right for the boobs to massage them. The girl looks puzzled, as if she doesn’t know where this is going.

Dress over her head, boots off, he twirls her and rolls her pantyhose down himself. Hands on head, he squeezes her buttocks, anybody would. Panties down, she has a full growth of untouched pubic bush.

Panties off, a long OTK spanking. He is fascinated with her pubic hair and keeps playing with it, even as he measures her height.

Now he will shave her, and he uses an electric razor, having her stand in a plastic tray to catch the falling tufts of fuzz. We’ve seen a few erotic shavings. This is our first electric razor. Finally, she lies on a table, legs spread, and Tom finishes the details in her secret places, still with the electric razor. Might as well do a rectal temperature while things are so available in this posture. Can’t be too careful.

6. (Brunette in gym with Dr Tom)  M/f; time:31 minutes;  Dr. Tom at large in the gym setup with a pretty brunette in black top and capri pants under his spell. She is doing jumping exercises on a mat, encouraged by a well-placed crop, when Tom can reach the places he wants with it.

The girl does other bending and stretching, with Tom’s hand free to roam. She lies on a slanted exercise device, designed for leg lifts. She bends over the back of it, sort of half-standing sit-ups, and a great posture for the CP-minded observer. Surprised we haven’t seen this machine exploited before. Capri pants down, little sky-blue panties. Top off, black bra soon gone.

The machine is stowed, Tom turns his attention to the waistband of her panties. She resists. Nice. OTK again, the brunette loses the little faux struggle to keep her panties in place.

A the wall, out comes Tom’s estimable cock. He rubs, she rubs. Kneeling position for a screwing.

7.(Brunette, nude exercises)(M/f; time: 21 minutes) Tom meets a tall brunette in the sparse gym setup. She is wearing, at least for the moment, jeans, a black sweater, and white blouse. Tom is ready for action in sweats and a sleeveless top.

After a little discussion, the girl strips to red bra and black panties. Bra and socks off. She chuckles a few times as Tom prattles. He takes her OTK on a tall stool, panties down, her struggling is like swimming.

She is naked; Tom poses her as she stands. He rolls out an exercise pad and covers it with a towel. She lies on her back and raises her legs into the diaper position. Tom brushes off her dirty feet, a rare acknowledgement of the porno studio problem. Spanking, giggling, some gentle martinet. A good crack with that would have evaporated the humor. Tom admires her bottom, and he has good taste.

8. (Brunette dancing, furnished sitting room)(M/f; time:30 minutes) A different set for Spanking&Shame, two furnished rooms. A girl is dancing to music on a CD/stereo while ‘Tom’ works at a computer in an adjoining room. She is an average-looking brunette, looking quite at home and domestic in casual clothes and eyeglasses. Her pants have begun to split at the seam.

Tom is annoyed and takes her OTK, pointing out her pants. Down they come, blue panties. Down with the panties. Tom pries between her buttocks as he likes to do. A long and slow handspanking–he spreads her legs as far as he can.

She stands, top off. Tom takes handfuls of boobs, again his style. She is naked, but it is still erotic to watch her peel off her little white socks. She endures more spanking, strapping, and probing, in various positions.

9.’The Little Thief’ (M/f; time:27 minutes) A titled episode filmed on a new set. An attractive girl arrives for a housekeeping appointment, and late. One of the S&S discipline crew plays the part and has hired her. As she bops around the house with the vacuum cleaner, ‘Hoovering,’ as CALSTAR liked to call it, she pockets some cash she finds.

The guy notices the cash missing and probably set her up. He opens her blouse and finds the bills stuffed in her bra. He begins taking her clothes off. The dialogue is in French–we imagine he threatened to call her agency, so she caved. That’s the way it goes with housecleaners in CP films. Bra off, she struggles, trying to protect her kilt.

OTK, a long spanking. She stands and is made to kick away her panties and drop her kilt. Naked now, OTK, prying at those buttocks. They move to a bedroom; on all fours on the bed, more spanking, probing. Zoom. To conclude the punishment, she kneels erect on a hard little stool, face in a mirror. The guy lies on his bed, enjoying her discomfort. We can’t see his hands. Too bad he doesn’t have a ‘Fifty Shades’ rumpus room.

10.( Brunette in gym with Tom) (M/f; time: 27 minutes) Doctor Tom, here sporting a goatee and wearing glasses and a rally cap, confronts a small and thin brunette, one of the youngest girls we have seen in this huge series. She positions an exercise mat and gets on hands and knees. She doesn’t like Tom smacking her and flicking at her skirt. He gets her into a standing OTK position over one knee. She struggles the whole film, very entertaining. Skirt up, grey panties. She is a thin little thing, even with small hips, certainly not the CP model. She is back on the floor, doing leg lifts. To. Unveils one his huge erections, pulls off her striped stockings, and gets her to clench his cock with her bare feet. She gets it immediately.

Skirt off, top off, he takes off her bra, she resists all the way. OTK now in just panties, which come down,  she KICKS. She is so small Tom can control her like a rag doll. On his lap, he  rolls her over and gets her legs apart, spanking and frigging her pussy. And a finger in her anus—she seems to have calmed down.

11. (2 brunettes gum chewers searched)(M/2f; time: 31 minutes) One of the frequent SPANKINGSHAME regulars, working here in Doctor Tom’s studio. Two ordinary brunettes (by CP film standards) report. For us, the non-model characteristics of the girls in this series increase the eroticism of the torments they are forced to endure.

The guy begins to pick at the clothes first at a pencil-thin girl. Her friend seems amused, as if she isn’t next. The girl puts up quite a struggle as she is bent over a desk. Skirt up, normal white panties. OTK on a stool, the girl makes a significant effort to cover, but her panties come down. She then seems to submit (dialogue in French), takes her top off (no need for a bra), and allows her friend to remove her skirt. The guy does the white lace panties himself.

The guy twirls her naked, her friend still amused more than she should be. The girl takes off her stockings and bends over. The cavity search begins. Her friend brings over a goose neck lamp to shine in her labia, which the guy pries open. The friend actually helps.

The guy turns on the second brunette. For some reason, she willingly takes off her clothes but fights for a moment to retain her panties, in a losing effort. She is spanked over a stool, two naked girls in the shot now. Her vagina is also searched.

The guy finds two soft rubber dildos in one handbag. The girls laugh with embarrassment. Both girls kneel on an exercise mat, where the two bottoms will be spanked side by side. And the male actor pries, his particular specialty. It is only Dr. Tom who can get the 8 inch boner.  


English School – FIRMHAND

21 Nov

A long series, probably made in Great Britain by a company like NORTHERNSPANKING and distributed by FIRMHAND. American models Samantha Woodley and Niki Flynn, with popular disciplinarian Miss Hastings Gore. No frontal nudity at all, the girls keep their clothes on for the most part, except for those knickers, which go up and down for all 25 episodes.

(A)(F/2f; year: 2005; time:9 minutes) American girls ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘Samantha Woodley’ meet headmistress ‘Miss Hastings Gore’ in the familiar classroom. The girls are of a disrespectful demeanor, so far not impressed with the British system. They slouch, chat it up, and generally don’t acknowledge the pickle they are in.

After the prototype scolding, Hastings Gore gives them neat stacks of schoolgirls’ uniforms and leaves them in the classroom to change. There isn’t time, and it is not the pattern of this producer, to have a nude scene, which many other producers would have inserted here.

The girls put on blouses, skirts, ties, white panties, and knee socks. Hastings Gore returns and demands a few adjustments, ties tight, etc. She has Niki position a stool, which puzzles her. She drags Samantha OTK and she tries to look surprised about it.

Hastings Gore performs a fierce and fast OTK spanking on Samantha. “OK, OK,” screams Samantha. “It will be OK when I say it’s OK.” Niki has been made to move to stand where she can see the strike on Samantha’s bottom.

The film ends as she anxiously moves into position to be taken OTK herself. Harmless stuff by any standard, but three CP warriors of the future.

(B)(F/f; year: 2005; time:7 minutes) The series continues; early Niki Flynn; this film must have been made in Great Britain, on a set familiar from many other films, and distributed by FIRMHAND.

Ms. Flynn and Samantha Woodley are fully decked out as schoolgirls, white blouses, ties, pleated skirts, white knee socks. ‘Miss Hastings Gore’ is on duty as the headmistress. Ms. Flynn’s hair is longer here. Is this before her cropping in the LUPUS film, or long after?

The girls are in new in England and getting a sort of ‘welcome’ from the headmistress. Samantha was spanked in the first episode. Now it is Niki’s turn. She tells Hastings Gore she has never been spanked before. She goes OTK, full white panties; Hastings Gore always spanks hard, here practically full force, and sometimes with both hands. In these opening segments, the girls will keep their panties in place.

To conclude, the girls display their bottoms for the headmistress, bunching their panties.

(C)(F/2f; time:7 minutes) Niki and Sam are alone in the classroom, taking a look at the spanking implements there, a strap and a paddle. When Sam flourishes the paddle and whacks a desk with it, the thin wood splits and the paddle flies in two. Included in an out-take we see the girls collapse and double over in laughter when this happens.

Hastings Gore hears the commotion from next door and enters the classroom. The girls get the customary scolding, then both receive moderate doses of the palm slap with the large tawse. Both girls depict having a hard time with this. Surely it does hurt, their palms are not toughened like CP actress’ bottoms must become, and the posture of this punishment facilitates easy acting.

(D)(F/f; year: 2006; time: 8 minutes) Hastings Gore keeps scolding Woodley and Flynn. Samantha is punished here–over the desk, panties punched, the tawse.

Routine stuff, Hastings Gore t0uches the girls at any opportunity. FIRMHAND lists this film as featuring ‘Samantha Woodley.’ Niki Flynn is spectating.

(E)(F/2f; time: 7 minutes) The girls recover from their palm slaps; in this episode Niki is bent over a school desk, and the headmistress bunches her panties and uses the large tawse.

A reaction CAM repeat catches her face.

(F) (F/f; time: 2006) Hastings Gore continues to pace on the platform, teaching history. Lots of talk, lots of “Yes, Miss.” The American girls are learning obedience and both are sitting on bottoms which have developed war glows.

Samantha is spanked here, hands on head, skirt tucked up. Hastings Gore does the knickers, and uses a ruler. Samantha faces Niki, who tries to look shocked. 22 strokes of the ruler. Reaction CAM for facials. “We’re not sniggering any more, are we?”

(G)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Niki’s turn for the ruler. Hastings Gore fixes her skirt out of the way and pulls down her knickers. Hands-on-head, 20 strokes, the usual entertaining ruckus from Flynn.

Reaction CAM repeats; Niki sits tentatively, when she returns to her desk.

(H)(F/f; time:7 minutes)Hastings Gore catches the girls trying to break out of the place, taking their civilian clothes with them. She locks the doors and takes the girls back to the classroom.

Niki will be punished first, touch toes. Hastings Gore starts the cane on her white panties. They come down for a standard caning, albeit Niki didn’t like it very much.

(I)(F/f; time: 8 minutes) Hastings Gore calls Samantha out from behind her desk. “Is this necessary? We won’t try it again.” (escape) One sure way to be certain.

Hastings Gore packs up her skirt. Samantha touches toes. The caning begins on her white panties, before Hastings Gore sees to them. Here we have a charming look at why Ms. Woodley’s career as a CP model flourished–firm, round, ample buttocks, and powerful, athletic thighs. Niki hangs her head in fear as she watches.

Reaction CAM; someone pinned back Samantha’s hair along the way, a continuity gaff worthy of the Russians but it doesn’t dampen our enjoyment.

(J)(F/2f; time: 7 minutes) In a gym room, the girls are exercising, wearing sports bra and black shorts. Hasting Gore supervises. She shows the girls the vaulting horse, a piece of equipment with a lot of uses in these British CP films.

Hastings Gore is going to use it to spank the girls. Samantha Woodley goes first; she climbs up and slings herself over. She is suspended so that in fact she can’t move very much. Hastings Gore will use a long-handled paddle, first on her shorts. Six loud cracks, shorts down, for another six, but Hastings Gore ups it to 12 for arguing. A cute “Please, not on the bare,” as her shorts are peeled down. Reaction CAM–this camera is well positioned to catch beautiful faces.

(K)(F/2f; time:8 minutes) Niki Flynn’s turn to drape herself over the vaulting horse. She gets her paddling, 6 on shorts, and 13 more on the bare. Another great facial portrait from the Reaction CAM.

(L)(F/2f; time: 6 Minutes) Niki and Samantha are making Samantha’s bed, in a cold-looking, barren brick room. They are trying to dress, Niki can’t find her tie. Hastings Gore surprises them, holding a slipper behind her back.

Samantha gives Hastings Gore some lip, but it is Niki who will be spanked here. She retrieves a straight chair and bends right over, slipper on her white panties. Reaction CAM. She finds her tie, but the slippering is completed, even after she has put on her tie. Panties stayed in place in this segment.

(M)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) In the same cold brick bedroom, Samantha now gets the slipper, her white panties pulled down immediately. This actress really does have an extraordinary bottom, about which we have said too little.

Hastings Gore slippers very hard, so much so that Samantha collapses after some strokes. Reaction CAM. After Hastings Gore leaves, the girls console and do the lotion treatment. Gales of laughter when Samantha begins in Niki’s bottom: “It will take a lot of lotion!”

(N)(F/f; time: 7 minutes) The girls are in their pajamas, swigging booze from a little bottle. Niki wears traditional two-piece blue pj’s the kind that just have to come down. Samantha, the better endowed, wears a bare-shouldered, low-cut two piece ensemble.

The girls are caught, at least suspected, Hastings Gore hasn’t found the bottle yet. Niki is sent to get the hairbrush. Samantha is spanked first, OTK, handspanking, then the bristle side of the brush, then the flat side. Hastings Gore spanks very hard and fast, setting Samantha to squealing and struggling. [a bell tolls on the soundtrack]

(O)(F/f; time:6 minutes) It is Niki’s return for the hairbrush. As to why she is hanging around in Samantha’s room (other than the booze), “I’ts cold and lonely. It’s like a jail cell in here.” {It’s the British studio, where many films were made.)

Niki drops her pj bottoms and Hastings Gore notes her unauthorized pale blue bikini knickers, which turn out to offer no protection from the hand, hairbrush bristles, and flat side. The antique straight chair squeaks as Hastings Gore whales away.

(P)(F/f; time: 7 minutes) Hastings Gore finds the little liquor bottle the girls emptied; Samantha Woodley admits she got it from Hastings Gore’s desk. That will just add to the zing on her bottom. HG checks both girls’ breaths. [that bell tolls on the soundtrack]

Niki will be spanked in this episode. She bends over the bed for the slipper and pulls her PJ bottoms down herself. “We’ll have the pants down.” A very hard slippering, the usual entertaining Niki-squawks. “Don’t wake everyone up.”

(Q)(time:5 minutes) Samantha’s turn for the slipper for the liquor heist. A long hard slippering. Reaction CAM. The two girls then drop their pants and stand hands-on-head at the wall for more punishment.

(R)(time:8 minutes) The girls, now in prototype white blouses and red kilts, a different school uniform from the start of the series, get into a tussle about something and throw each other around the set.

Hastings Gore, carrying her cane, interrupts. The usual scolding. Samantha will be caned first, bends over, panties down, a model to admire for sure. Caning by Hastings Gore.

Outtakes here, longer than usual, of the fight. The girls break down in laughter. The fantasy mood of these films might be damaged by these outtakes, but we are OK with them.

(S)(time:8 minutes) Niki has been cheating and bullying at school; Samantha does not like being exploited by her. After the usual scolding by Hastings Gore, Nike bends over for a solid caning. Low shots highlight firm athletic legs and the theatrical bottom which we have seen so many times.

(T) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Miss Hastings Gore paces the platform, teaching and scolding her two captive American bottoms. Niki has bee caught cheating. This time it won’t be spanking or paddling, but “straight to caning.”

Niki steps out from behind her desk, bends over, and HG pulls the white panties down. Samantha secures her by holding her wrists. Standard caning for this series. Nothing new by the time we reach this 20th episode.

HG tears up her exam and gives her a “mark of zero,” which will probably cost her her pants on some other occasion.

(U)(F/f; time:5 minutes) Here, Niki will cane Samantha herself because she gave it up and took a whipping herself for Samantha’s cheating. “How many am I getting,” Samantha wants to know, now that a friend is doing the caning. “It has to be twelve.” Samantha bends over the vaulting horse, legs spread. There are hugs at the conclusion.

(W)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) Now Samantha is in more trouble, caught shoplifting. Hastings Gore confronts her. “I need to show you that you are not likely to do it again…I’m going to give you 12 good ones.”

Samantha stands on the step of what they call the “punishment chair,” a sort of dunce seat, and she leans forward on it, so, you know, there is her bottom. Part of the humiliation, Samantha has to pull her own knickers down. She gets the strap and has to count out loud.

We get through the series with no boobs or frontal flashes.

(V)(F/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha Woodley sits on the vaulting horse, waiting. Niki herself is going to cane Samantha. She has been taking the rap for Samantha too often. “It is my bottom on the line.”

Samantha grudgingly acknowledges she deserves some punishment. “How many?” “It has to be twelve.” Niki cites her rigorous training as a prefect. 12 moderate strokes, then hugs.

(W)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) For the shoplifting Hastings Gore will continue with the punishment, now Samantha Woodley. “12 good ones,” HG takes some pleasure in announcing.

There is a tall chair in the room with a step, referred to as the “punishment chair.” Samantha stands on the step and leans over the chair. HG asks Niki to pull down her panties, which fall all the way to her shoes. A standard strapping, with warnings that the next implement will be worse.

(X)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) The girls are arguing about money. Niki has found a way to blackmail Samantha once a week. Hastings Gore interrupts the tiff and Samantha tells her what has been going on. The dialogue and subsequent scolding take up fully half of this segment.

Samantha is sent to retrieve the punishment chair again, and this time Niki’s bottom will adorn it. She steps up on the step and bends over. Hastings Gore-panties down. The caning begins, Samantha takes some delight in watching Niki struggle and she deliberately messes up the count. HG swings very hard, as always.

(XA)(time: 9 minutes) A throwback to the beginning of the series. The two American girls Niki and Samantha stand in front of Hastings Gore in the classroom, wearing inappropriate jeans and black tops, acting very salty ‘American,’ and not yet inculcated into the British schoolgirl way.

Hastings Gore explains some of the methods of corporal punishment, including the use of a ‘cane.’ “You mean a walking stick?’ says Niki. HG shows them a big thick fraternity paddle and announces that each girl will receive a taste of it. “10 each.” HG has to keep checking her notes on the school records to get the names right.

Woodley first, “Bend right over with your legs apart.” HG begins cracking with the paddle, and Samantha does a nice job of appearing surprised at the sting.

(Z)(time: 8 minutes) Niki’s turn for the introductory paddle. She struggles, having difficulty holding position. She is very good at this. After HG has left the girls alone, they pull their pants down to check the results, gentle reddening so far.


20 Nov

‘Cheerleader Enema’ (M/f; time: 32 minutes) Andre Chance teases ‘Missy,’ dressed as a cheerleader in a little blue and white outfit. He pulls her top up and plays with her nipples, attaching clamps with bells or weighted chain.

Handspanking, her wrists bound behind her. Her arms will be bound for the entire film. Andre has some trouble getting her knee-length boots off. A girl likes to do that herself. Onto her stomach, handspanking, strap, hairbrush; she is slightly reluctant about this, which adds to the fun. Some blue bulb enemas from Andre, Missy struggles here also.

Andre positions the enema trolley and fills the red bag as Missy eyes the proceedings. Andre will use one of those arrowhead nozzles, which he offers to Missy to suck to lubricate. She is not too keen on doing this either.

Another gentle wrestling match on the bed to get her into position. In the OTK posture Andre inserts the nozzle and spanks her at the same time. He allows her to sit on his lap facing him and try to expel into a plastic tray, but once again there are probably too many crew in the room, so Andre takes her to the toilet.

‘Doctored Doctor’ (M/2f; time: 65 minutes) Wizard Andre Chance is a little off his feed here. With ‘Leona’ and ‘Krystal,’ this is a long and clinical gyno film, lacking in the humor and naughtiness he can generate.

Krystal is an Asian girl who reports to his office, complaining of stomach pains. Krystal plays a nurse in scanty uniform, who will assist in a long examination process we won’t bore you with. Both girls are naked by the conclusion, but this is tepid stuff compared the mayhem the Wizard has created in other films.

‘Enema Spa For Vicki Part 2’ (M/f; time: 58 minutes) Brunette ‘Vicki’ walks back onto the set, completely naked, full pubic fuzz on display. She has been to the bathroom. Andre rubs her bare belly and asks how she is feeling. Quite subdued, we’re sure.

‘Now we’re going to do your second enema.” Second time around with Andre is always a trip, because he has gauged the girl’s capabilities. Vicki lies on her stomach on a towel on the set bed. Andre shows Vicki the inflatable retention nozzle he will use, which looks like fun for him, but not for her. There is an inflatable plastic balloon to be inserted just inside her anus, and another just outside–double-cushions against any indiscretion.

Vicki looks a little sedated to us; Andre suggests she might want to masturbate herself to distract from the discomfort coming from the nozzle. Andre lubes her anus, then carefully inserts the nozzle and the collapsed balloon, full screen. He inflates the balloons and Vicki stiffens a bit at the sensation. Vicki has a small dildo she seems to be benefiting from. The bed is slanted so her bottom is highest, facilitating the fluid flow.

While she pumps away with a dildo (and keeps the hair off her face as she turns her head from side to side), Andre inserts an oral thermometer in her pussy.

When the enema is complete, he deflates the balloons and pulls the nozzle out, oh so carefully. He inserts and expands a plastic anal speculum, then positions her to expel through its opening into a clear plastic tray, but she can’t produce.

Andre inserts another, thinner nozzle through the speculum gap. Maybe a little more fluid would help. He prepares another full bag on the trolley in case he needs it.

Vicki does expel a little; onto her back, into the diaper position, Vicki keeps masturbating. Andre inserts a carved stick of butter in her anus, she gets another enema in this posture, and then is taken OTK for a naked spanking. No scampering to the loo in this video.

‘French Maid’s Milk Enema’ (M/f; time:54 minutes) Model ‘Alyssa,’ apparently accustomed to the little humiliations dished out by Wizard ‘Andre Chance’ in his films, plays a French maid, cavorting around the studio, wearing a Halloween style maid’s outfit, but she better not go trick-or-treating, because the outfit comes with no pants.

Latin jazz on the loud speaker as she mops. She flashes glances to the camera. She takes her thong off and somehow has the compulsion to pee on the floor. Andre arrives and begins to torment her, using her mop handle where it will do the most good.

Enema time; Andre has Alyssa lubricate a large, lovely-looking nozzle of a blue enema squeeze bottle with her mouth. This first enema will be water–Alyssa gasps appropriately as he inserts it, slowly, full-screen. She gets two more bulbs, in various revealing postures. She is allowed to scamper off to the toilet for the usual scene.

Andre shows her the Sybian machine, which delights her. She climbs on and does her thing while Andre oils her body, rubbing her boobs as she bounces to her own orgasms. She collapses after this first session.

Alyssa climbs back on and Andre strings her cuffed wrists over her head to a ceiling chain. She rides the bronco without hands. Naughty.

Now for the milk enema. Andre pours a half gallon into a clear plastic enema bag hanging on its trolley. Alyssa starts taking the release standing, then over Andre’s lap. The bag empties in the foreground. Looks real enough for the fantasy, and Alyssa has been here before. We watch the last fluid bubble down the tube, homeward bound. Alyssa releases into a clear plastic tray and they she runs off to the john.

‘Hogtie Double Enema and Spanking for Jessie and Schoolgirl Melanie’ (M/2f; time: 58 minutes) Wizard Andre Chance gets it all done here, with two willing girls.

‘Jessie,’ a pretty blonde, enters the wizard set and greets Andre. He shows her a Sybian setup waiting for her, with its controls and dildos in place. Jessie strips naked, stripper/showgirl style. She has a stunning body, with a few too many tattoos for our taste, enough that she appears to be still wearing some clothes. But, no.

She climbs onto the Sybian dildo and more or less performs for us as Andre operates the controls–vibration and rotation. Andre tries and is largely unsuccessful in inserting the anal portion of the double dildo. It is just not stiff enough. He torments her with a crop. After a thorough session-it is difficult to determine if or how many orgasms she might have had, but why count?

Jessie collapses for a rest, then climbs on for another ride. Andre handcuffs her. He massages her perfect boobs, which looks like fun.

FADE. ‘Melanie’ appears, in schoolgirl kit. She is blindfolded and handcuffed to the studio bed. Jessie wrestles with Melanie and gets her clothes off. Silly spanking, frigging with moistened fingers. Andre joins and holds Melanie still so Jessie can have her way.

With complicated chains and cuffs, Melanie is hogtied on her back, legs in the air. Jessie gives some oral. The girls writhe, the screen filled with pink skin. Andre circles and snaps with a crop.

Andre chains a willing Jessie on her stomach to the other end of the bed, attaches dog collars to both girls, hooks them together, slaps them with a cane and a crop, plays with both with a dildo. The girls, faces close together, lick and kiss each other.

Andre prepares two enema bags on a trolley. Both bottoms are easily available. Suppositories first, slowly in closeup, then the nozzles. Both girls turn docile immediately.

After bit of squirming, shots of the bags emptying, and the appropriate sexy moaning, the girls are released (which takes some work with the chains). Andre strokes their bellies before the girls run for the toilet. A long scene of them relieving themselves, tasteful enough.

‘Ivy-Advanced Enemas’ (M/f; time: 1:11) Brunette Ivy wanders into the studio and inspects the weird equipment. Andre Chance, the ‘Wizard,’ joins her, and after some fondling and encouragement, Ivy begins a blowjob. Now, we’d have to say, this isn’t Andre’s strong suit, but it is his production, and his demonic imagination generates some wild stuff.

Ivy lies on the pallet, and the Wizard sets his fucking machine, a mechanical dildo covered with a condom, to work immediately. She continues the bj while the machine pumps. Good overhead shots–Ivy has a lot of pubic hair, when was this film made? No one seems to be able to orgasm.

Wizard gets her clothes off while the machine whirs and fucks her boobs and feet all the while. Ivy is getting the what-for, to be sure, one of his most willing models.

Now for the enema, first she waits in a rotating chair, then into the frisk position at the wall, the Wizard gets a finger in her anus, then literally screws in the blue nozzle, not so gently. She sits on his lap while the water flows, aroused, as he rubs her pussy.

Ivy runs naked to the toilet and the Wizard follows. Back to the chair for another enema, into the diaper position, Wizard lubes her with a stick of butter. Rectal temperature, speculum, she is allowed to evacuate into a bucket. Ivy is doing it all.

Body oil, then a wonderful retention enema, with the double bulbs pumped up. More evacuation, then another blowjob, and it looks like he made it this time.

‘Kinky Sex Therapy For Uptight Girl With Schoolgirl Sex Toy’ (M/2f; time: 59 minutes) In this story, Wizard Andre Chance is able to roll out a major portion of his arsenal. ‘Ariana,’ a lovely thin brunette, and quite innocent at the start, arrives for an appointment with Andre. She wants to break down some inhibitions to spice up her sex life. We guess the Wizard’s reformatory takes on some outside business off-hours.

Ariana wears simple teenage dress. Andre suggests that tonight she must challenge her shyness and begin by doing a strip tease, and slowly. Vest off, top off (Andre slows her down). bra built in , skirt off, down to a little thong–bikini tan, juvenile figure. Again, Andre orchestrates the theatrical removal of her thong. Slowly.

He has her lie on her back, now naked. Ariana covers with a knee. He blindfolds her, and asks her to pick a favorite fantasy while he begins a careful full-body fondling. When he probes her between her legs, she is far along enough to instinctively open up, permitting him to finger-fuck and get a digit in her anus.

Oral temperature reading, then anal. He lubes her vagina and anus from a little bottle. Is that a ginger root he partially inserts? First Andre, then Ariana massage her whole body with baby oil. Fondling, frigging. OTK spanking. Ariana leaves the room naked, somewhat transformed . More to come.

FADE to the second part of the film. ‘Raven,’ dressed as a naughty schoolgirl–top, bare midriff, kilt, wrists handcuffed strung up to a ceiling chain. As she struggles a bit, pulled tight, an armpit show, condom-covered penises on a fucking machine can be seen to the side.

Ariana creeps in, wrapped only in a towel, fascinated. She is going to have this sex toy. Andre shows her briefly how to tease, grope, and frig under Raven’s kilt. Raven is looking a little nervous, “Why are you here? Scared of girls?” “Maybe a little, you just validated my fears. Please, no using the word ‘validated’ when you’re naked in a porn movie. The dialogue has fascinating amateur teenage rhythms.

Andre show her how to spank, using a strap with “SLUT” embossed on it. “You have to hit her hard enough to make an imprint.” There is some nipple clamping instruction. Teasing and whipping. Andre hands Ariana a battery charged dildo and she drops to the floor and inserts it slowly, as if she isn’t sure how it works.

Raven’s panties have disappeared, her blouse is opened and pinned back to expose her chest. Andre whips her front and back, up and down, while Ariana works the dildo. He shows Ariana how to use the strap, on both bottom and boobs.

The he shows her the “ultimate spanking device,” the cane. Andre zings Raven and makes her struggle at the end of the chain, but Ariana is not so good with the cane and this might not be the place to learn.

‘Melanie – banana , hogtie, and enemas’ (M/f; time:50 minutes)Melanie meanders in the studio–Andre confronts her with her file–she breaking a lot of school rules.

He has her kneel on a bed and lie forward onto a wedge pillow. “Spanking is only the beginning…a warmup.” She wears the naughty school uniform, a little plaid skirt, top with bare midriff, and white panties. Andre starts with a flapper paddle and mild caning. The word ‘slut’ has been imprinted on her skirt with another paddle. Top, skirt, and panties come off.

He uses the double cuff to pin her wrists behind her back then whips her with a leather belt. He works in a butt plug–good closeups and facials. She is struggling as she is being prepared for the enema. Ankles are handcuffed together.

Andre works in the Jennings mouth gag and spreads it. Wide-eyed Melanie knows not to struggle now. Enema trolley in place, Melanie is helpless, bent forward, gagged, wrists pinned, ankles cuffed, bottom elevated.

Andre holds the nozzle to her face then inserts it. She squirms delightfully. Out comes the nozzle; he inserts a short plastic pipe for her to evacuate.

Andre releases Melanie just enough to allow her to reverse on the wedge so he can hoist her ankles with a chain into the diaper position. The Jennings gag is gone–he stuffs a banana in her mouth, then into a pussy and anus. Her wrists are hooked to her ankles so that now she is in a reversed hogtie stance.

Another enema in this position, with a bigger nozzle. It is worked in slowly, in and out, in a perfect closeup, until her sphincter muscle closes around it. She gasps through this–one of the best presentations we can recall. she takes another bag of water and evacuates into a tub. Some mild caning to conclude.

Moxxie’ (M/f; time: 52 minutes) Brunette, pigtailed Moxxie portrays a reluctant player here. Nevertheless, she is going to give it all up with Andre and be taken to his usual extremes. She is wearing a strange little outfit, a sort of French Maid, or waitress or cocktail stripper’s dress. Andre promises her some “good old-fashioned corporal punishment.”

Andre begins with a long spanking session; Moxxie has to crawl across the floor doggy style to retrieve spanking implements for him. In the frisk position at a wall, he flogs her and attaches weights to her nipples as she leans.

Next comes a suppository, followed by a butt plug. Mild caning, and Andre spanks her pussy. He flogs her front and back and gags her with her thong. She takes the rest of her clothes off, is flogged some more. As she lies on a bed he fastens her with a thumb lock and a spreader bar at her ankles.

She is moaning and crying as Andre sets up the enema equipment. He releases her thumbs and works her into a straight jacket, time consuming, just for the fun of it. She is completely helpless. The enema begins.

He helps her to the toilet and when the straight jacket is removed, she runs off. The graphic tells us that this is the last the Wizard Production ever saw or heard from her. The message says she didn’t like the enema, but she did pretty well.

‘Taylor and Katie'(2F; time: 55 minutes) A simple exercise this time–the water bills must be too high at the Wizard studios. Little frosted-haired ‘Taylor’ is escorted onto the set by ‘Katie.’ “Where are we?” “This is where I work,” answers Katie. It is the “punishment room for girls gone bad.”

Taylor is mystified by the visible gear and a little skittish about the prominent bed, as Katie begins to caress and seduce her. “What’s going on here…I’m nervous.” She is lucky the Wizard is not on the scene–she’d have real cause for concern. “I’m not supposed to be here…reform school…what do you do here?”

To start matters, Katie gets her OTK. Little sexy tussle; Katie give her a lollypop from the supply cabinet–we thought it might contain a sedative. Katie begins with buttons and hooks. “You’re taking off my clothes!”

Lesbian wrestling; Katie finally gets her bra off and panties down. All this is filmed from above.

Some whipping, spanking, cropping, all rather mild. Both girls now naked. Yardstick, crop, cane, spoon, doubled belt. Ice cubes for hot asses. Shower scene for the two girls. Taylor is lucky the Wizard is off tonight.

Caning Hour – NUWEST

20 Nov

2F/m; time: 57 minutes

An odd collection of short segments, producer ‘Ed Lee’ will be caned by a succession of girls in various settings. Some of the ladies are recognized as NW staffers, others we don’t know. Maybe Lee put out a call, anyone in disagreement with NUWEST stop by and have a crack at him. But, send your prettiest girl.

The first five canings come from girls we can’t identify. Lee wears foundation undies in each, and here and often in other films, blood spots develop from his usual weak places. ‘Katie’ observes in one of these, but she doesn’t join in.

A five-minute segment with ‘Vanna Cantrell’ and another girl. The girls switch around and Lee changes his shorts several times.

A five minute segment at the wind-swept trailer on what we refer to as ‘Table Mountain.’ Another male, a muscular guy, quite naked, is tied spread-eagle to the trailer railing, where Lee has whipped a few squealing females himself. Two women whip–there are marks all over his back, butt, and thighs. One girl tweaks his cock–don’t know what she found. Was there some coloring on the canes? Onee cane actually frays and has to be replaced. The girls loved that.

Jodi Cline takes off her top and whips Lee. This is hard work.

As sexy redhead (we wish we knew who) canes Lee hard and with excellent theater.

The last 25 minutes of the film features Vanna in the big studio, whipping and caning Lee over a chair. He is dressed in women’s clothes. He scuttles back and forth for corner time, the only way tp reserve his butt, which takes a fierce beating.

Steve Meets Chelsea – NUWEST FD-074

20 Nov

f/m; year: 1992; time: 28 minutes

An unusual marketing ploy from NUWEST, a male model gets an anal work over from a female. Brunette ‘Chelsea’ summons ‘Steve,’ who falls on his knees before her in the faux sitting room set on the NW sound stage.

Steve is ordered to strip, which he does while still on his knees, pausing hopefully at his jockey shorts. “Those too.” Chelsea sits and has Steve kiss her knees and thighs. OTK, he is now naked, for a short. loud handspanking. Hands on the chair, Chelsea circles him with a strap. He must kiss her feet and put on some frilly ladies’ panties. No dialogue from him, other than just “yes” and “no, ma’am.” Chelsea has him suck on a strap-on dildo she will be using later. “You look pretty in those panties.”

“Take your cock out. Can you get it hard?” “I’ll try, ma’am.” She straps what she can reach while he masturbates. She wants him to dance while he masturbates. He has achieved somewhat of an erection, after some hard work. It would surely help if Chelsea assisted.

More dildo lubricating, then, “Take your panties off, faggot!” We think we heard that line correctly. She sets a dildo on the floor and Steve is to sit and impale himself, but it doesn’t go well, so he lies on his back and tries to insert it with his hand.

“Get on the floor. Amuse me.” She means a hand-job. She strokes his thighs and does massage his balls briefly while he wanks furiously, which creates a different kind of gasp.

FADE to a bedroom set. Chelsea is wearing a thin strap-on, its destination clear. First, she spanks him again, then has him suck the dildo while she grabs his hair. While Chelsea sits on the bed, Steve impales himself on the strap-on, slowly, still with some difficulty. She fucks him doggy style, also with mechanical complications. He rides her again on the bed, and now they have got it working. One last thrusting from her, more or less missionary style.

Amelia Rutherford Collection Haughty Ballerina – FIRMHAND

17 Nov

A series in 2006 or 2008 where Amelia plays an arrogant prima donna ballerina in a dance company. Some of these segments are available as ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford Collection.’ Amelia discussed the making of this series and her career to date in a FIRMHAND interview, which we have reviewed elsewhere.

Two different actors play her director. In this dance company, the men will regularly spank her for any number of transgressions.

(A)(M/f; 12 minutes) Amelia is called to see the director of her dance company. He is very upset with her; she has been acting like an prima donna and disturbing everyone in the operation. Despite her protestations that she is in fact the best dancer and star, the director is going to take some action.

The set is a two level modern room, with a spiral staircase ideal for long-legged models. We see this set in a number of series.

“I am going to spank you.” Despite her attempt to appear pompous, she doesn’t protest much. She lets herself be taken OTK on a large sectional couch. He pulls her black sweat pants down, and there seem to be no panties in this instance, unusual for Ms. Rutherford, who acts much like a knickers model in most of her films.

A playful spanking, which becomes harder. Noisy shouting echoing in this high ceiling’d room.
A facial ‘reaction CAM’ repeats much of the action, and we pick up some dialogue that was muffled. “It hurts. I won’t be able to dance….I can’t hear you, the spanking is too loud.”

When the director is finished–after all, this bottom is expensive property, Ameliua bounds off, teen-age style, “Can I go now? Didn’t hurt anyway!”

(B) (M/f; 10 minutes) Amelia is summoned by the director again, and she shows up in a do-rag, two piece bare midriff warmup suit, and backpack. Zoom-cute facials. The director is unhappy with her dress, not up the standard of the prestigious dance company.

Again, her protestations that her star power entitles her notwithstanding, “I’m going to deal with you the same way I did last time.” She kneels up on the couch, and he pulls down her sweats. Again, no panties. Could it be she knows what is going to happen when she is summoned?
Closeup of the handspanking. Shouting. Some bruising down her right flank–we’ve seen too many CP films of Amelia, this bruise will be aggravated and hang around a while.

REACTION CAM repeats. “Stop hitting in the same fucking place.” Pants up, she stomps away, always fun.

(C)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia is perched on a small stool. “Hello, Mr. Wellington.” The aptly named dance company director. She wears a tiny skirt and T-shirt top. She has been having an affair with a company choreographer, which she calls “dating.”

This is upsetting the company again. “We’ll deal with you in another way.” Hands-on-table; “Does it always have to be spanking?” White panties down–the bruise is still there, otherwise a clear bottom.

Wellington uses a strap, low angle closeups, facials, her usual entertaining squawks. Panties up, promises made, off she goes, up the spiral staircase, the camera scrambling to follow upskirt.

(D)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Dance director Mr. Wellington catches Amelia stuffing her face at the kitchen counter, binge eating. Spanking is the norm now (will Wellington be rewarded by the finale?).

She is easily urged over the kitchen island counter; Wellington tosses up her skirt and pulls her panties down. He starts in very hard with a large tawse. She screams. “It hurts like a knife!”

Wellington steps back so that he can take full swings. The tawse is big enough to hurt like hell. Amelia surges and struggles to hold her position. Begging, apologizing. “Please don’t. Please don’t.” She storms off again, teeny.

(E)(M/f; time:9 minutes) Amelia blows into a photo studio late, having completely missed a shoot for the dance company. She wears a flashy turquoise dress. Because she is the principal dancer, they should have held the shoot for her.

Hands-on-stool, dress thrown up, pink thong, bottom fully bare. Wellington begins spanking with a yardstick. Snaps. “I don’t like it. I want the strap again. That’s better.” Low shots up-leg.

An oblique face-CAM repeats, using the left side, to avoid that bruise? A closeup rub–we can surmise now that these spanking filmings are not that far apart.

(F)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is upset with Director Wellington, who has assigned her a dance with a black costume. “I want to be Odette.” (Swan Lake) She wears little denim cutoff shorts and a bare midriff sweatshirt. “It’s not fair. I am the principal.”

Wellington has a look he gets on his face which she can now recognize. “Can we not discuss this verbally like adults? Don’t tell me you have found something else to hit me with.”

In fact he has. “What is that?” “This, Amelia, is a board.” A good British description for what is called a fraternity paddle in the genre. Amelia bends over the railing on the walkway which looks down on the first floor of this set, a pose we’re familiar with from its many uses at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL.

He paddles her on the shorts; doesn’t have to hit hard. Momentum does the work. She collapses on the floor after 10. Reaction CAM from below, nice.

“All right. All right! I just wanted a nice tu-tu.”

(G)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia is practicing at the mirror in the studio, wearing a tu-tu! Wellington enters, that look on his face. “Oh, no, now what?”

She does some toe positions for him–she can actually do it–and is quick to remind him HE can’t do it. Well, he’s going to spank her again, for something. He wants her to lean against the mirror, in what we call the ‘frisk’ position. “Bend. Spread your legs.”

He raises her tu-tu, bunches her panties, and begins spanking with a heavy long-handled bath brush. “A bath brush? That’s humiliating!” The crinkly stiff tu-tu is a problem and won’t stay up. As he cracks her bottom, loud and hard, he has to hold her skirt up with his other hand. The bath brush is a nasty thing.

(H)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is stretching in her ballet gear in front of a mirror. “I’m warming up,” she tells Wellington. He is not satisfied with her exercises or preparation and wants to see some moves.

Amelia lifts her tu-tu to display form-fitting white satin panties. Wellington teases her with a cane. He wants her up on toe, “en pointe,” and he is going to cane her, 13 snaps, some land on her panties and some put stripes on her upper thighs. She seems to loom in the room–we wonder how tall she is en pointe. Maybe 6’6″?

(I) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Another confrontation in the main room, on the couch. Amelia appears in gray sweat pants and an athletic halter. She is in trouble again. This time, she has not tolerance to argue with Wellington, she just plops down and presents her bottom to him. “This OK?”

“This time, Amelia, take your pants down.” She doesn’t hesitate. He begins with a heavy tawse. “Hitch up your panties.” “You love this, it has nothing to do with my behavior.” Amelia bunches her white lace panties to present much more buttock.

She rolls over onto her back and seems quite willing to pull herself into the diaper position, plenty of thigh available for the tawse, and lots of red bottom and accrued bruises. She doesn’t like to see the tawse coming. “I don’t want to watch it happening.”

(J)(M/f; time:4 minutes) Wellington leads Amelia back into the living room again, by hand. He is carrying a paddle. Amelia has had an argument with a male cast member and disrupted the company. Wellington doesn’t care what happened, he is going right for her bottom.

Amelia wears black hot pants, knee boots, a white blouse, and rally cap. She is directed to grab her ankles. After a few rousing cracks from the paddle, “Take your shorts down…drop your panties.” She grabs her ankles again and he completes the spanking. He is good at doing it and Amelia has become quite erotic about taking it. She is allowed to put up her shorts and leave. She wants Wellington to paddle the guy she fought with.

(K)(M/f; year:2007; time: 8 minutes) Amelia sashays down the spiral steps, in a pink slip, pink heels, and pink rally cap. “Did you want to see me Mr. Wellington…about the new production?” A paddle lies on the couch in the foreground.

It transpires Amelia has been having new problems in the dance company, and she knows by now that Wellington is into spanking. She bends over, blue knickers, and he goes to work with a huge wood paddle. She almost doubles over from the shock and is soon blubbering. “I didn’t mean to scare them.”

“Amelia, I want you to take your panties down.” The paddle causes her to collapse on the floor. Afterward, she must stand at the wall, skirt up.

(L)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) This time Amelia goes UP the spiral staircase, wearing a nifty cheerleader’s outfit, the camera trailing behind where it should be. In her quarters, she strips naked, checks the condition of her bottom, and takes a shower.

The shower scene is truncated; as she is toweling off, Wellington barges in, eliciting a scream from her. He accuses her of moonlighting, and now that he sees it, he is also appalled by the condition of her quarters.

“Let go of that towel.” “But I’m not wearing any clothes…please, not the cane.” She touches toes, a full nudity scene coming in this series. He canes quite hard. “At last, I am getting through to you.” She collapses naked on the floor, then proceeds to tidy, which should only be done naked.

(M)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Despite the title, this seems to be a continuation of the ‘Diva Discipline’ series, with actor ‘Sandy Cameron.’ Plot confusion is irrelevant, we are here for Ms. Rutherford. We might guess that the plot ideas for ‘Diva Discipline’ were so abundant FIRMHAND tacked them on here.

Amelia does her usual grand entrance down the spiral steps, bringing a large martinet given to her by the film company Prop Manager. “I don’t know why.” She has objected to a nude scene written into the film, exploiting her. No way Cameron will change the plan, but he will close the set for her.

But since he can’t be there: “You will be naked. Take your clothes off.” Amelia pops off her flashy yellow dress, and as typical, is only wearing a little thong. “I’m not taking off my G-string.” “Take it off!” Bend over the couch, she flashes her Mohawk.

He flogs her with the large martinet, not a “fake whip” from the prop room, he assures her, which she quickly confirms. the Prop Manager has sent it along to be used to encourage some attitude adjustment from her.

Back up the stairs she goes, naked. “Take it back to the Prop Manager.”

(N)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Film producer ‘Cameron’ again, Amelia is working out in a gym. Consistent with her ‘diva’ mentality, she has pissed off her personal trainer.

Cameron is going to spank her with a plastic ruler. “You are impossible to deal with, come here, girl.” She is made to bend over the upstairs railing we have seen for the ruler on her sweat pants and then on the bare.

(O)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) In a mirrored studio, Amelia is posing in sexy underwear, taking illicit photos for her “fans,” with a martinet for a prop. These must be ‘selfie’s’ before the term existed.

Cameron interrupts. What is she doing in his studio? This stuff she is doing demeans the Company. Since she was using the big martinet as a prop, why not? he’ll use it. She’ll take a whipping from him or be fired. “Please, can I take a whipping?”

She kneels on a soft hasso0ck and bends forward. “How many?” A girl has a right to know. “Fifty.” “I’ll die!” The flogger/martinet does nice things. Its huge lashes cover her whole bottom, producing a complete, rosy glow.

(P)(M/f’; time: 8 minutes) Cameron catches Amelia sleeping on the couch. “I can’t lie on my back because my bottom hurts.” She isn’t permitted to be here. Cameron is going to paddle her. Amelia is wearing  jeans and a white halter top with a bare midriff.

Cameron gets a huge paddle, what FIRMHAND calls a ‘board.’ “What is that?It looks like a cricket bat.” She has to touch toes, and they know enough about this paddle that she widens her stance for balance. Cameron lays 10 strokes on her jeans, and Amelia jumps and hollers appropriately. At the conclusion she pulls down her jeans and white panties for a view of the damage–not much but red, but we thank her for the look.

(Q)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia has gotten into an argument with another actress and disrupted the dance company once again. Director Cameron has learned can Amelia be instructed quickly with spanking, not to mention she might actually be enjoying it.

Amelia is bouncing about in an army cap, blouse, and skirt. Zooms on lovely, exuberant facials. Cameron handles his cane. To reinforce our suggestion that Amelia might now be addicted to the spankings, “After the paddle, do you think I am scared of that?”

She kneels on the open end of the sectional couch, leans over and puts her palms on the floor, elevating the Rutherford bottom. Cameron disposes of her white panties in one whisk. She gets 12 hard strokes, and fights through the first six trying not to show any emotion, but gives in. OK, she’ll apologize to the actress.

(R)(M/f; time:7 minutes) Amelia, in a dashing white flared dress, and her curly blond hair in this series, appears before Cameron at his computer desk in the balcony space. He is aware that Amelia has been having sex with one of the cast members with the usual disruptions.

He shows her his paddle. Not that. White dress thrown up, nifty blue striped panties down, he gives her a very thorough paddling bent over–it is a big fraternity paddle. She collapses after many of the strokes, and the low angle of the camera produces some rare pussy shots in this series.

(S)(M/f; time:9 minutes) The finale of the series. Amelia parades in a glamorous off the shoulder black evening gown, ready to go out for her movie Premier.

Her face falls when Cameron tells her he’d like to take this one last chance to give her caning. “I won’t be able to walk, please, Mr. Cameron.” “Well then, one more time,” says Cameron, almost rubbing his hands together.

Amelia wiggles into the diaper position on the couch for about a dozen from the cane. Her legs,straight up in the air, look 4 feet long. “If we ever meet again you will know how to behave.”

A tearful facial closeup apology. Cameron says he will work with her again. He’d be crazy not to. Closeup bottom rub as she walks off-set.

Just What She Deserves – STRICTLYENGLISH

16 Nov

2M/f; year: 2006; time: 45 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a student teacher, in a story serialized in STRICTLYENGLISH’s ‘Spanking Channel’ films, 1-4. Ms. Rutherford is always just one transgression short of getting spanked herself.

Amelia and Headmaster ‘Mr. Cameron’ (Sandy Cameron) enter a room. The actress ‘Emma Brown,’ as ‘Vanessa,’ stands in the corner with her panties down, hands on head. Amelia is taking some satisfaction that, for once (and for now), she is a maturing spectator, watching another student being punished.

Vanessa has returned to her old school to obtain a reference for her first teaching job. In this early film Ms. Brown still wears dark, frosted blond hair, but she has already gotten that buttocks tattoo. Her shiny blond makeover comes later. Cameron and Amelia decide that this is an excellent time to exact some revenge on Vanessa for some affronts she skated off on before she graduated. She is to endure the humiliation of putting on a school uniform and reported for punishment in the traditional style. She agrees, otherwise no reference.

Cameron has spanked her on put her in a corner. He will now will continue Vanessa’s punishment, takes her OTK for a small pin pong paddle, which she remembers. “Oh, no!” . Sweet Vanessa counts out 24 strokes Amelia had recommended. Cameron leaves her to Amelia. Teacher Mr. Richard Pringle enters, fascinated to see her bare bottom in the corner, and remembering what a lazy student Vanessa was, decides to continue her spanking. She is being spanked for cheating. 24 with a ruler, kicking and squealing, then she is sent back to the corner.

Cameron returns and takes a small strap from his desk. “Twenty-four strokes!” “Twenty-four?” Her panties are at her shoe tops by now. Pringle will spank Vanessa for a variety of things. Amelia is having the time of her life watching somebody else’s bottom the center of attention for once. She does not think Vanessa is contrite enough and will not write a reference for her until she has had a caning.

“Twelve strokes from each of us.” Cameron does the “first dozen,” “I want you to count them, Vanessa.” “Splendid marks, ” observes Amelia, nearly wetting herself in excitement. Pringle does his 12. “Don’t touch your bottom.” Mission accomplished; Vanessa has been trained; back to the corner; reference will be written. “Are you satisfied, Ms. Rutherford?” Wouldn’t you think another little Homecoming might be arranged for Vanessa at the next holiday?

Catherine Corbett at XEROTICS

13 Nov

Many short and entertaining films from this courageous little bottom, attached to an actress who knows what we like. Check back for additions.

‘Catherine Corbett-maid’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Catherine Corbett, looking as sexy as we have seen her. She appears here with ‘Peters.’ The volume level is so low that it is difficult to hear the dialogue. She has wild erotic hair and is willowy in short skirt and heels.

Catherine seems to be working as a maid for Peters. Her work is so poor that Peters threatens to fire her, which starts the prototype begging. “Oh no, please.”  She even offers to pay for the cleaning. “I’ll do anything. I’ll be thrashed.”

She is left a moment. When Peters returns, she takes off her jacket and goes OTK. She cries out after the second or third smack. She stands to ruck her dress up because it is too tight for  Peters to do it. Beige thong, which Peters pulls down, for his own typical  frontal view.

More OTK, Corbett spreads her legs obligingly. She’s got a mass of pubic hair between her legs, so this is an early 90’a film. He grabs her hair—- on her head, that is. Zoom on the handspanking.

‘Chemistry Lesson’ (2M/f; time: 22 minutes) This SOL logo might have meant ‘Spanking Out Loud’ at one time, and we thought it meant ‘Shit Out of Luck,’ which is pretty much what happens to the girls in these  films we have seen so far, in this case the actress Catherine Corbett, a brave lady who knows all the nuances of the CP genre. This film also appears in some old MOONGLOW  catalogues. It is of course SPANKINGONLINE.

Ms. Corbett  as ‘Jennings,’ stands in front of a male instructor in a realistic laboratory office setting. Jennings has failed her chemistry test again. The previous warning of expulsion from school can be amended, she is told, in that her guardians (who don’t want her back home, we’d guess) have granted the school complete freedom to proceed with corporal punishment. Jennings signs away her consent also. We will see shortly that her cute little goose is cooked. The instructor wears a white lab coat, perfect for his task.

The instructor makes Jennings hike up her school skirt, display her semi-transparent panties, and await the commencement of the activities. Tension and  antcipation play a major role in these SOL performances. The instructor returns with a cane–there will be no warming-up on the bottom in this exercise. Jennings bends over a table, skirt up, and takes five ringing strokes on her pants. She counts them out “thank you, sir”  style.

She is directed to take her skirt and panties off at this point, and put her panties in the “bin,” a wastepaper basket, a nice little bit of intimidation finality she handled well. Over the table again,shirt up, bottom bare, “legs apart,” for about 20 strokes, loud ringing cracks in this institutional room. Impressive, realistic and a tough time for Jennings. Because she loses count, can’t keep her legs open, and can’t stay in position, she gets five more, over the table again, flat, and reaching forward to grasp a chair, her bottom pinned down and her body squashed. No chance of wiggling now.

She retakes the chemistry test, seated bare bottom on a white runged straight chair which permits us a view of her cute red bottom, thanks to someone on the crew tucking her shirt up between shots. She carefully perches on the edge of the wood seat, artfully drawing attention to her tush. This time, she will be spanked with a paddle and cane, on the spot, for test mistakes.

She is allotted only 15 minutes, doesn’t finish, and gets some answers incorrect, so here we go again. “Take off your tie…and your shirt.” She is down to just bra. When Jennings is directed to kneel up on the table, she at first baulks at such a strange position but quickly figures it out. Good acting, in that Ms. Corbett has been in every position one can conjure. bottom high, head low, legs open, a charming salacious view of the courageous Ms. Corbett. First the strap–she counts out a half dozen on high, tight, wide-spread buttocks. Then a set with the cane. The instructor slips off her bra as she kneels.

Off the table, she stands nude, hands on head, cane resting between  her buttocks, well marked.

Scene change: she is now at home, confessing she failed the test, and she is going to be spanked all over again, for it is the British way that what happened at school is not enough. Bend-over a stool, panties down again, no marks show, which actually makes sense, in that no actress should take two sessions like this in close time proximity. Her faceless male guardian can’t resist a few handspanks before he lays on 20 cane strokes, then a pause for some fondling and more handspanks, followed by another 10 or so of the cane, and astonishingly, “the final six,” even harder.

SOL, an XEROTICS source,  is a pleasant discovery–brief films, effective spankings on the harsher side, excellent sound, lighting, sets, dialogue.  And surely experienced CP afficionados behind the cameras.

‘Corbett with Peters‘(M/f; time: 10 minutes) A sort of spanking demonstration without a storyline. Ms. Corbett addresses the camera in just white lace bra and panties. Lovely for us, we have always admired her acting under duress. Peters addresses  her from off camera. To begin, she bends over a table. A guy we don’t recognize steps out and gives her a moderate handspanking. She verbalizes only when the facial shots are shown.

Peters directs her to lie back on the table. “Lie on my back, sir?” Ms. Corbett feigns being coaxed into the diaper position. After one stroke of the strap, she howls and jumps up. This in essence is what we like about her. It happens again. After all, this diaper position flattens out the buttocks crease and exposes new territory.

Next comes a cane, again almost completely on the thighs. The cane sounds loud, but the marks are slow to come. Catherine jumps again, and we earn some tears here.

Dirty Schoolgirl Knickers‘ ( F/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Catherine’ is caught masturbating by a teacher. When she has to remove and hand over her knickers, there are telltale signs.

She will be spanked; standard stuff, except the next moment when she has to perch on all fours on the floor for scolding and spanking on bare bottom while she rattles off some ‘Hail, Mary’s.’

She kneels on the couch for the cane on the bare, 12 strokes plus one, and she knows, the last one is special. They hug.

‘Dr. Cameron’s Discipline’ (M/2f; time: 25 minutes) CP stalwarts ‘Catherine Corbett’ and ‘Pandora Blake,’ using their own names in this story, play two girls serving community service. They sit, waiting to see a doctor, in full chenille bathrobes. Do you share our excitement at seeing this kind of robe in a CP movie? You know the robe is coming off reasonably soon and that there will be little on underneath.

A new male doctor, (Thomas) Cameron, arrives; the girls were hoping to see another doctor, over whom they had some influence. Both girls claim to have injured their knees and want to be excused work. The doctor will examine them both at the same time. Corbett is the first to take off her robe. She wears nifty well-fit white bra and panties. There is that trim little figure she has maintained over the years. She lies on her back on an examining table, while the doctor exercises her knee. Her cries of pain are mistimed.

Pandora Blake is similarly examined. “You’re both lying to me.” The girls object and plead for a certificate to release them from service. Not only will there be no certificate, but he is going to give them a spanking. “A spanking? Oh, my God!”

To both girls, “Stand up and remove your robes.” Hands-on-head, Pandora is taken OTK first. He tells her “This is a warm up for what comes later.” “What comes later?” Hard spanking on her panties, then it is Catherine for the same.

Each girl will kneel on all fours on the table, have her panties taken down, for more spanking. The girls are then released, not all that tough today. We assume both actresses were making other films today.

I Am a Slut‘ ( 2M/f; time: 18 minutes) ‘Catherine’ introduces herself by name to the camera. She is wearing a white lab coat. She raises that coat, drops panties, and is paddled by the XEROTICS disciplinarian, in a standing position.

A long frontal, zoom, and hold, full untouched thatch, quite historical and refreshing. She laughs, quite out of character, quite enjoying her naughty display and our unusual fortune. The guy wants her to admit she is “not” a good girl; he will spank her until she admits it. They talk casually as the action proceeds.

The second guy on the shoot, behind the camera, would like to join, and switches with the first spanker. This short film seems to have been largely an ad lib affair.

‘naked in sports car’ (M/2f; time: 3 minutes) Catherine Corbett and Sarah Harvey Lewis are caught sitting naked in a red sports car at a car dealership. This might be part of a longer film, and we are not sure it is XEROTICS. A guy drags them out and will spank them over the trunk of the car. Corbett is deadly cute here. SHL too. The girls are marched off to enter the building. If their clothes are not inside, big trouble is coming.

Religious Nutters‘ (FM/2f; time: 24 minutes) Three British CP warriors, ‘Catherine Corbett,’ ‘Pandora Blake,’ and ‘Thomas Cameron,’ in one of the most entertaining films we have seen for any of these three. Pandora is slim and young here. The girls chat, they are part of a fundamental religious order. Pandora bemoans that she is not receiving enough attention from their pastor. Catherine agrees to step in and give Pandora the spanking she craves. “We don’t need  him every time.” But a caveat from Ms. Corbett: “I can’t promise you I won’t get turned on.”

OTK quickly, two obviously horny girls. Pandora’s panties down. “You have such a lovely bottom.” The spanking pauses and the girls strip naked from the waist down. This is more than ‘attention.’ When the spanking continues, unusual close ups between Catherine’s legs. “I can imagine how wet you’re getting down there. I’m feeling a bit gooey myself.”

An aside: Blake and Cameron have gone on to partner and make many films,  currently    at DREAMSOSPANKING. Catherine Corbett long  since disappeared, after 2000, and so we are delighted to have discovered and add another example of her acting and saucy little squirming bottom to our files. We’ve always imagined all these folks congregating (surely standing) at a CP bar in Glasgow, comparing their workdays.

The girls hear pastor Cameron entering and scramble to get their pants back on. Too late. Their feeble excuses for standing there partially dressed don’t fly. The pastor will proceed with a full scale spanking. Note there is plenty of time left on this tape.

The girls will bend over and their clothes will gradually come off. He won’t “spare the rod,” and claims Divine authority.  He begins with a strap, alternating between the girls. Pandora has already lost her panties, he soon takes Catherine’s. Clothes strewn about, an erotic touch. After alternating strapping, he has the girls drop bras.

He begins with the  cane, 12 strokes each, counted aloud by the other girl, some repeats to catch facial anguish. Pandora, who has been the most disrespectful, gets an extra dozen, and then yet another six. Cameron does seem to cane her harder.

Both bottoms are delightfully red, and on the lower half, because of the bend-over positions. The pastor hugs his two naked parishioners and must have had to remind himself to control his hands.

SG in Distress‘ ( M/f; time: 8 minutes) Ms. Corbett waits in a dank cellar room, a perfect setting for a nasty, maybe unofficial punishment. One of those places where you can holler all you want. CP producers have done some neat things with musty cellars, storerooms, and power rooms. She is dressed as a schoolgirl–gray sweater, skirt, and we’ll see the white regulation panties.

A dour woman, Miss Smith, familiar in the XEROTICS collection, enters with a cane. The woman pulls her panties down–the scolding must have been done upstairs, before she was sent to this punishment room.

Catherine drops her panties herself and grabs her ankles -12 fast strokes, angles, repeats.

“Halfway through, take your knickers and skirt off.” Almost 20 more strokes are shown. After six of them, “May I rub my cheeks?” Zoom hold on her bottom, puss peeking through. Before she is allowed to dress and return to class, she must hold this touch toes posture.

Caning Catherine Corbett’ (M/f:  time: 13 minutes) This video opens with Catherine peeing on a toilet, rather demurely, knees together, in prim schoolgirl kit of cardigan, tie, blouse, pleated skirt, and knee socks. She must be nervous, because she is going to be spanked.

She goes into a multi-stall shower room in an institutional bathroom, where she awaits her appointment. An erotic location for punishment, LUPUS-like.

A male pony-tailed XEROTICS regular enters with a cane. There is no debate. “Knickers off!” “Not on my bare bottom, please.” Catherine removes her panties, puts them on a shower water knob, and assumes the position. Skirt up. 36 snappy cane strokes, counted with “thank you, sir’s”.

“Stay here, on display.” Must be the ladies’ room, or, given the open shower stall, and even more exciting, is it the boys’ room?

Wet Knickers’ (F/f; time:10 minutes) Catherine and her smirky spankable little attitude. She is wearing the little sundress or housedress smock, yellow here, sexy as it can get, as if it could be ripped off when the time comes.

She is given a brief OTK on her black knickers and then sent to the bathroom to wet them in the sink. Put back on wet, the great little grimace. Dress off, white bra and panties only now. Spanking continues.

XEROTICS (2M/f; 6 minutes) An XEROTICS regular is spanking and whipping Ms. Corbett in this snippet, with a paddle, martinet, and kitchen spoon. She wears only a bra–her panties are already down. She is usually quite diligent about it–not much pubic hair; here, she has a full growth.

A second guy spanks her standing; they chatter and break, she turns and speaks to the cameraman. These are out-takes, illustrating her self-confidence, getting spanked with no pants on and making conversation with the crew.

SPANKINGONLINE (M/f; time: 12 minutes) This company has distributed several wonderful films through XEROTICS made by the redoubtable Ms. Corbett. This short film is almost completely a caning roasting for her, with few frills.

Her back is to us; she kicks off her jeans and panties and bends over, moves around, fidgets, waiting, waiting. Here we have a zoom frontal which holds still for one of the longest and collectible, nice unshaven herringbone fuzz design. Facials–Catherine looks waif-like and unkempt, very sexy, someone who should be spanked.

The scene is lit with a sort of theatrical stage glow. Cut: the male disciplinarian has arrived. Her pants are back up–he takes down the jeans and panties. Catherine kneels on a hassock and the caning begins. Grab ankles. Almost 30 strokes are shown–from the rear, oblique, facials, low shots, permitting repeats. Her pubic hair pokes through–this is an older film. Patented cries and gasps, sniffles. Give the girl the benefit–she is a hard worker.

As the caning progresses, Ms. Corbett occasionally can’t hold position. The “final six” are announced, seven of course. Zoom on stripes and wheals–really, one of the most brave and resilient ladies in the CP trade. We don’t need to see her scorched.

‘Woodwork Lesson’ (MF/f; time: 12 minutes) Ms. Corbett knows every move to be made in a CP film. John Osborne and Miss Smith are appalled at the untidy woodworking shop. Smith retrieves Catherine and marches her to the scene. Catherine can hang her head in shame like no other model.

Smith shows Catherine her strap, and Corbett reflexively covers her bottom during the scolding. Catherine bends over, her kilt is flipped up, and Smith straps her full white loose panties. Smith pulls the knickers down.

Heads on head, knickers at her ankles. Osborne collects them. He takes a cane from the wall. “We’ll start with 8 strokes.” Catherine bends over for 10, some repeats, rather mild, but Catherine sniffles through. Smith takes the cane and lays on 15 (shown), a little harder, white marks appear, and one or two wild low. She is left bare bottom and will have to report to the office to get, or earn, her knickers back.