Mildred’s Playroom – NUWEST

3 Nov

F/f; time: year: 1984; time: 27 minutes

Ancient graphics from NU-WEST. ‘Mildred,’ who looks as much like a man as a dominatrix, promises to be a resilient disciplinarian. She narrates for us–she has the ability to spot girls who secretly want to be disciplined. She has little tests which never fail her in detecting them.

She will show us with ‘Camille,’ a blonde who sits waiting for her in the empty cavernous studio. Mildred has donned a sort of BDSM outfit; she peels down Camille’s dress to a puddle on the floor. Camille wears the usual NU-WEST  foundation garments–conservative white bra, full white panties. Wrists cuffed, she is strung up to a rope from the ceiling.

And a touch here not all that common at NU-WEST, a large ball gag is stuffed into her mouth. A strapping begins on her white panties. She twists and spins, putting all of her weight on her wrists at times. Mildred waits until her bottom rotates into range or takes a step or two for a better angle. A studio speaker blares music, muffling Camille’s cries. Panties down, pantyhose remain. Pantyhose down, an absolutely full, untouched pubic bush. which the camera zooms to on several occasions.

FADE. Camille is now tied over a padded spanking horse, still gagged, her face turned to us. She now wears a garter belt and stockings, no panties. Handspanking.

FADE. Camille is totally naked now, tied erect to an ‘A’ frame, legs spread and ankles tied, bent forward a bit. We don’t recall seeing these last two pieces of equipment before or since. Hair loose. Still gagged, bottom red from previous scenes. More strapping.

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