Discipline in Russia #36 pt 2-Kidnapping in Moscow – NETTLES

5 Nov

M/2f; time: 31 minutes

A fast start from Part 1, which we will add shortly. Brunette ‘Ika’ is totally naked, being caned over the arm of a couch by ‘Andruska’ (Gerry Geroshvilli), while ‘George’ watches. The scene appears to be the darkened empty nigh club we have seen before.

60 strokes are counted in the subtitles. Stripes and welts develop, looking authentic enough in the various angles and profiles which develop from this long 15-minute caning. The actress flails and waves her arms in angry reflexive pain gestures we have seen enough times to recognize authenticity. She is required to keep eye contact with George, who is admiring Andruska’s caning technique.

Ika’s bottom ends up marked and swollen Czech-style. She is made to kneel erect.

The second errant prostitute is ushered in, ‘Anya,’ and is alarmed to see the condition of Ika’s buttocks. This brunette is also naked. She is bent over the same couch and told to fix on George (who is keeping his hands where we can see them).

Andruska will use the strap on Anya, a razor like strop type with a handle like a big paint brush. 60 strokes are shown, and she is howling from the beginning.

At the conclusion, the two whipped girls kneel side by side, their marked bottoms quite different, reflecting the cane and the strap. Zoom in. The two girls are made to crawl away on all fours.

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