Love Honor Obey – SHADOWLANE

5 Nov

year: 2000; time: 43 minutes; M/f

‘Dallas’ makes an historic guest appearance here, and may just have shown at least some of the SHADOWLANE management that you can actually spank a bit harder than you promised the director and get away with it. ‘Alexandra Panos’ is his submissive partner here.

Dallas complains about their phone bills. We’re back in the 1-900 phone sex era here. ‘Lydia’ has been steadily dialing a ‘psychic hotline.’ Dallas asks her if a hot spanking was predicted in her immediate future.

OTK she goes, Lydia is quite used to this. Skirt up, pantyhose down, white lace panties the center of attention, and they come down. A long conventional spanking, in keeping with SHADOWLANE’s avowed romantic theme.

FADE. Now Lydia has maxed out  with the credit cards and gets another spanking. Do we imagine this? She is surprised at how hard it is. 

FADE. ‘One Month Later’ more credit card trouble. This time the cane and the strap, in the bedroom. Lydia has stripped to bustier and panties in preparation, for the spanking and later. 

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