Maria’s Playroom – NUWEST NWV-127

5 Nov

F/f; time: 18 minutes

A blonde waits in the typically barren studio. A stern-looking brunette ‘Maria’ arrives; she has an accent which augments her severe demeanor. She takes a look at the little blonde–this is going to be fun.

The girl stands, Maria hikes up her dress and strokes her panties. Down with the panties and, typically early NUWEST, there remain pantyhose. “Stand up…get undressed..all.”

The girl doesn’t hesitate–shoes, panties, pantyhose, dress, bra. A lovely full pubic bush. The naked blonde is now steered into an adjoining room–NUWEST’s faux dungeon setting–painted black and a cartoon steel door pasted on the wall. But we know, bottoms get whupped on this stage. The girl is quickly cuffed and strung up–a conventional act we have seen many times, but its urgency here adds to the tension.

While the girl waits, Maria herself strips to bra, panties, garter belt, stockings. Maria proceeds to whip her; the girl has wisps of hair in her armpits.

FADE; the blonde has been held over, now she is bent over a chair and given a very hard ruler spanking on her pantaloons. To conclude, Maria puts her hands in the waistband of the garment for a feel and a rub.

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