Spanking Confessional – SHADOWLANE

5 Nov

M/f; year: 2009; time: 54 minutes

Some titillation if you like clergy in collars with an eye for the ladies and the power to exploit them; otherwise, routine stuff from SHADOWLANE. ‘Bailey Sullivan’ as ‘Anna’ and ‘Alex Doyle’ as ‘Father Ryan.’ Again. you’ll shiver at the acting, but we’re here to watch a test on the elastic on those panties.

Anna is a dark brunette, a plausible plain schoolgirl, not a showgirl model. She has had a rash of guilt about something, and she has come to the Father for an absolution, and it is impossible that she doesn’t know his method.

After a little scolding and verbal testing to determine her resolve, Ryan takes Anna OTK. Skirt up quickly, black lace-trimmed panties, which he takes down himself, reserving the pleasure unto himself.

After this part of her spanking, she stands nose to his bookcase, showing some mild bruising.

FADE to another day, Anna has returned. Whatever was applied didn’t take. Same OTK–the bruises are still there–they are on a tight filming schedule. Over the table for a paddle.

Another session OTK. This time she is enticed to undress–top off, bra off, skirt off, Father gets a good look at her ladyship that we don’t see. Naked, a doubled belt over ythe desk.

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