Discipline in Russia #37 Pt 1 Story of Masha Stolbina – NETTLES

6 Nov

M/f; time: 42 minutes

‘Masha Stolbina’ reports to teacher ‘Nadezda’ (none other than ‘Nadezda Dozorova’). She has failed an exam, her father will kill her if he finds out. He will “take off my pants and whip me.” Nadezda perks up at the suggestion of this CP and gives Masha another exam, which she also fails at–Russian History!

Nadezda will report all this to Masha’s father, tomorrow. She sits in contemplation and admits to herself that she gets off seeing girls whipped. “I may even come.”

Nadezda visits the father, ‘Igor’ (actor ‘Nikita’). The scene is the same large ballroom set. He is furious when he hears about Masha, he is a single father struggling to bring her up. He will discipline her himself. Nadezda asks to watch.

Masha is summoned and is frightened to see Nadezda, knowing what is going to happen, and there are no appeals in Russia. She drops her bloomers and is spanked OTK by Igor. Nadezda fights to maintain self-control.

Apres spanking, Nadezda and Igor have tea, 50% vodka. Nadezda admits she is aware that Masha has been posing for nude pictures for magazines distributed to soldiers. She just happens to know a retired KGB officer who lives in a rural area and accepts girls for discipline. He uses “devices from the Stalin days. No one can stand his torture.” Girls turn into angels after one week with him.

Masha will be sent there, it is not expensive, Nadezda again wants to attend, and Igor cleverly gets her to chip in on the cost in return for her getting her rocks off. They make this a secret agreement.

FADE. Another scene in the big “ballroom”set. The KGB officer, ‘Dmitry’ (actor ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’) stands in front of the ‘H’ frame scaffold we have seen used in many NETTLES films. Nadezda delivers Masha.

She is ordered to undress, which takes a few minutes, and is very entertaining, as usual with these bountiful Russian actresses. Hands-on-head for her, Dmitry can’t resist playing with her boobs.

FADE. Masha is hanging naked, spider-like, tied in a complicated BDSM rope and knot pattern. She will hang like this for a day or so, to start with. Dmitry circles and flogs her with a martinet.

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