Teens In Trouble – XEROTICS

6 Nov

time: 1 hr 14 minutes; 6 episodes

Some of these episodes contain prominent CP actresses; some were untitled in the collection.

‘Cheerleader Discipline’ (8 minutes) Previously reviewed and associated with SOUND PUNISHMENT, featuring ‘Rosaleen Young’ and an older Niki Flynn.

‘Teenage Boot Camp’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) most of the film is taken up celebrating Ms Hannah Crawford’s boobs, as does the cover art of this XEROTICS collection. And for good cause.

Hannah wears a hoodie and chomps on gum. The male Xerotics disciplinarian (we have a massive edit coming when we find his name) is disturbed with her. “You’re scruffy. You don’t give a damn.” He explains what “CP” is–she doesn’t seem to understand. “Take that dress off. You won’t be needing it any more here.” And she slips her panties down, but the hoodie sweatshirt is long enough to cover.

OTK, bare bottom, she is largely tanned, only a trace she wore a bikini ever. The male is well aware of the “hoodie” image in England. For salty Hannah, this is going to be “teenage bare bottom boot camp.” Top off, bra off after az dramatic pause, boobs which have augmented her CP film career and probably more. Knockers! A few tattoos here and there, and she shaves, and frequently.

The OTK handspanking posture needs to be altered so she can rest her elbows on the bed, not because she is top-heavy, but because it facilitates a view of her hanging boobs. Big tawse.

Hands-on-head at the wall. She is slightly amused. More tawse, hands and knees on the bed, head low, knees wide, fully exposed.

‘Teenage Nude Discipline'(11 minutes) Hanna Crawford again, home from college in trouble, failing. The Xerotics guy will start her off with “a damn good thrashing.” OTK, slacks and panties down. She keeps her clothes on here.

(‘two girls’) Male actor ‘Agean’ and ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ will discipline two students. They spank them in several postures, unremarkable. The only diverting moment for us was when one of the spanked girls, now bare bottom, is sent to make tea while the second girl is spanked. “Sugar?” she asks.

(‘Flynn and Young’) (18 minutes) An episode with ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘Rosaleen Young,’ and maybe ‘Jean Bradley.’ The girls have been hired to do some housework, but the only thing they are efficient at is flashing their bottoms as they move about.

Rosaleen pockets some money she finds; Bradley discovers the theft and Roz. ends up getting a hairbrush on her jeans bent over a step ladder. For good measure, Niki gets caned over the ladder also.

Afer a FADE, Bradley canes both girls on their jeans.

(‘two girls’) A blond woman spanks two girls. Routine.

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