New Girls – MOONGLOW

10 Nov

2M/2f; time:45 minutes

Standard fare from MOONGLOW, although we have always thought the spankings in these early British films were harder than their successors and of many other British producers.

Brunette ‘Naomi,’ with a ponytail hairstyle suggesting the early 1980’s if not before that, reports to one of the regular ageplay MOONGLOW disciplinarians frequenting many of the films in this era. She wears a little white PT outfit. She was seen with another girl entering an office where some money was reported missing. “I’m going to spank you on your bottom.” “You can’t do that.”

He takes her OTK, little skirt up, white panties. After a short spanking, she drops her panties herself and bends over the desk for more. Another memorable MOONGLOW bottom. She steps out of the panties puddled at her feet and gets the sole from the man, rather hard.

FADE. The guy paces with his cane in the faux-brick lined room used frequently by MOONGLOW. Naomi knows tentatively at a door, where a sign reads “Detention Room-Punishments in Progress.” Naomi’s hair is down here. Hands-on-head, she giggles a bit at the dialogue but gets control of herself. Tie off, she starts to unbutton her blouse but stops, a long scolding. She drops her panties under her skirt, bend-over, the guy gets a rub of her bottom.

A brief caning over a bar stool sort of bench, skirt off, she twists under the cane and probably accidently flashes very full bush. Talk-cane-talk. The frisk position at the wall for more of the cane.

The second “new girl” is ‘Christine,’ identified as ‘Julia’ on MOONGLOW’s website. In an exterior scene, we see Christine on a shoe-sized cell phone. She is having a gentle disagreement with a guy, who takes her into a camper recreational-vehicle, gives her a short spanking, then drives away with her. We are treated to one of those windshield filming scenes so much fun in CP movies, where the girl is being driven somewhere for a little special attention.

The film concludes with a long segment of Christine being spanked on a bed, wearing just panties, then nothing. Various positions, handspanking, crop, cane.

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